The 200th Post

If you know me at all you know I like to celebrate things. Monthaversaries, half birthdays, random holidays that you one else wants to acknowledge. Happy National Polar Bear Day by the way! Totally not lying, don't believe me? Look here.

Since I'm a sucker for celebrating milestones, there was no way I was gonna let 200 posts pass by without acknowledging it. And what better way to celebrate than to round up your and my favorite posts?? The posts below are my top performers, the ones I had most fun writing and the kind that made people wanna come back to see what I'd say next. Here's to two hundred!

My Personal Faves

Why You Should Never Call a Woman Crazy

20 Tips for College Freshmen

All the advice I wish someone had told me before I started my first year of college. Maybe even my second year too.

100 Things to Do Instead of Calling Your Ex Boyfriend

We're all guilty girl. Put the phone down, skim this list and find something to do other than check your newsfeed and stare at your messages.

20 Tips for College Seniors

Yes I mention resumes, but there's so much more you need to know during your last year of college!

Why I Could Never Date Christian Grey

Besides the obvious fact that my hair would not do well in the Pacific Northwest, there's a handful of reasons me and Mr.Grey would not last in the long term. Or maybe even the fifth date. 

Reader Favorites

10 Effective Ways to Help You Study Last Minute

It's basically a given you're not gonna study for finals until the week of, so let's stop pretending and instead talk about the ways you can still ace your exams with limited amounts of study time.

11 Things to do In Between Your College Classes

11 Perfect Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend's Parents

We want them to like us, but we have no idea what they like. A full proof list of gift giving ideas that they are guaranteed to love.

The Best 4 Places to Buy Cute, Affordable Work Clothes

20 Small Signs Your Relationship Is Getting Serious

Have you brushed your teeth in each other's presence? If yes, you gotta read this!

Oldies but Goodies

22 Things I Still Haven't Learned at 22

Raw truths I realized on my twenty second birthday. Cause everything can't be all about dancing in diners with your best friends. I'm looking at you Taylor.

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