20 Things to Toss Out Today: How to Declutter in Your Twenties

Not sure if you've noticed this recent trend, but I predict 2017 is the year everyone becomes a minimalist, or at least tries to. Maybe it's because of the new Netflix documentary, maybe we're all jealous of those girls on Instagram with picture perfect homes. It's 50/50 for me to be honest. 

I know myself well enough to admit to myself that I'll never be a minimalist, but I can commit to having less clutter in my home. Clutter is stuff that just gets in your way, annoys you when you have to sort through it, and in general just doesn't serve a purpose in a daily life. Even though so many people are motivated to have less and organize more in 2017, most resources on how to do that aren't really targeted towards millennials. 

What I mean is, so many of us don't have children's toys to toss out or bins full of family heirlooms. Hell, I don't even have space in my tiny apartment to save family heirlooms in! So what are us inspired twenty somethings supposed to do if we wanna do better but don't know where to start? I got you girl. 

I took a serious look around my apartment, plus a bunch of resources I've personally used, and created an inventory of things you can totally toss out to help you get one step closer to a clutter free home. If you have any ideas, please leave them in the comments below. Seriously, I'd love more ideas for stuff to get rid of in my own home.

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1. Hotel + travel size toiletries

We all think we're going to use them, then instead we stash them away for the next few years. Cut the clutter and toss them out.

2. Old magazines/newspapers

Think about it, when's the last time you actually picked up an old magazine or newspaper and reread it. Probably never. Pick a few favorites and recycle the rest.

3. Boxes for things you've bought 

Raise your hand if you have a collection of old boxes. *Raises both hands* There's no reason to keep all the boxes to your shoes and electronics, especially if the warranty has ended. If you must keep them, break them apart and stuff them underneath your bed, but that's only for expensive electronics with an existing warranty!

4. Old makeup and nail polish

We all like to pretend like makeup doesn't have an expiration date but we've all seen those Pinterest articles. Toss out anything you don't use, or anything that you can't remember when you bought it.

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5. Nonperishable food you never cook with

Am I the only one who plans to eat canned soup but never does? Dig through your cabinets for food that has been taking up space for too long, better you donate it while it's good than let it sit forever.

6. Worn towels and blankets

If you have enough towels for an entire family but live alone, pick your favorites and donate the rest. Animal shelters are always looking for these types of donations, new or used.

7. Extra buttons

You know all those buttons that come attached to our clothes? Yeah, you probably will lose it by the time you need it. Toss them out before you have a whole collection you can't sort through.

8. Plastic Bags

I'm not sure why we do it, but for whatever reason we like to keep bags we get at the mall. Getting rid of junk starts with the stuff you need the least, and I'm sure 90% of you won't have a real use for any of those bags.

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9. Pens and Pencils

During my last cleaning session, I found no less than 50 pens all around my apartment. I'm a single woman living in a studio apartment, there's no reason why I need to own 50 pens. Small stuff like this turns into big stuff, aka the dreaded junk drawer, so grab a few and toss the rest.

10. Journals and notebooks

Maybe this is a writer thing, but to go with all those pens are a collection of journals that I'll never be able to fill up. These I had trouble parting with, but my rule was to toss any that were more than 40% used or too worn out to wanna take out with me.

11. Destroyed pet toys

I'm not like a regular cat mom, I'm an overzealous cat mom. There is no toy my cat has does not have, tried or rejected. The problem is that I have way more toys than he can ever need, so I've pledged to stop buying any more and throw out those that are beginning to fall apart.

12. All of your ex boyfriends shit

I know you have it, you know you have it, so stop holding onto it and just throw it out. It's probably the easiest thing to get rid of, and will most likely clear up some space in your closet or underneath your bed.

13. Purses you never use

I've gotten better about this over the years, but there's still a bunch I could let go of. Take a loot at what you own and make a pile of what you've used over the past two months. Whatever doesn't make it into that pile, reconsider whether you really need it, or even like it.

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14. Free event tshirts

College me loved getting a free tshirt, even if all they had left was XXL in a color that washed me out. Current me has lost half her closet space to all those shirts, which is why they've gotta go. Grab a few of your faves and donate/toss the rest. Trust me, after a while you won't miss them.

15. College textbooks

If you don't need them anymore, get rid of them. Sell whatever you can to Amazon or other students, and donate whichever are left.

16. Pillows

You know that pillow you don't like using and always finds its way to the floor? Get rid of it. Life's too short to have crappy pillows! New motto for 2017?

17. Mugs

This bad habit I definitely picked up from my mom, because for a single twenty something there's no reason I need over a dozen mugs. Cut down how much you have, and if you're feeling motivated, downsize how much drinkware and plateware you have overall.

18. Hair products

It sucks to throw away product, even the stuff you don't really love. If you rather not toss it, give it to a friend or commit to not buying anymore until all your products are used up.

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19. Ticket stubs + pamphlets

As someone who is super sentimental, I have trouble throwing away ticket stubs and other items that represent memories. But unless you do something with them, they start to pile up until you eventually lose them. Do something with them, Pinterest has plenty of ideas, or toss them out.

20. Old electronics

For whatever reason I have trouble letting go of old electronics, don't believe me? I wrote a goodbye letter to my iPhone 4s, yet it's still sitting in my drawer. Toss or sell anything you don't use anymore, because I cant think of a rational reason we keep it anyways.

Now I wanna know, what do you have trouble tossing out? Is one of your goals for 2017 to be more minimalistic or would you rather just be organized? Let me know in the comments below!

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