When Life Gives You Rubi is a space for twenty somethings, new and old, to figure out adulthood one embarrassing Google search at a time.

Established in 2014 for soon to be upperclassmen collegiates, struggling post grads and confused twenty somethings, When Life Gives You Rubi is fast growing community of women from all over the world in their most defining years. Both the writer and readers share witty, embarrassing and encouraging snippets of their everyday life to let others know that they aren’t the only ones trying to figure everything out.

The point is this: you’re a struggling twenty something and I’m a struggling twenty something, and I’m here to learn the lessons the hard way so that you don’t have to.

Blog content ranges from day to day, but most articles fall into the categories of: adulthood, college, career, relationships, life in the city, and personal/lifestyle posts. New content is published 3-4 times per week, Monday through Friday.

Pause, who exactly is Rubi?

Hey girl, lemme do what I do best and talk about myself for a moment. My name is Rubi (duh) and am a California native currently living and working in Washington DC. When Life Gives You Rubi was started during a moment of panic when I realized I wouldn’t be able to blog for the various websites I wrote for once I graduated college and entered the real world, so I took all that anxiety and created this corner of the internet.

At the time I had no idea what I was going to do after college, and even though life in the nation’s capital can be a bit overwhelming sometimes, creating When Life Gives You Rubi was a way to help me show other women that they are not alone in trying to have it all.

My passion for blogging began way before this site ever started though, three years prior to be exact. After being dumped by my high school not so sweetheart, I applied to a blogging position where a post I wrote at 3am in tears went viral. Thanks to a boy who could never fully commit to loving me I found my true love, writing to connect with other women in the same crappy situations I find myself in.

When I’m not at home writing a post, which is most of the time to be honest, you can find me spoiling my cat with toys he could care less about, spending my Saturday binge watching whatever is on Bravo, stalking my own Instagram account and spending way too much money at Target. So you know, the basic millennial things.

Even though I’m not traveling the world or handing out fashion tips, I can offer you advice on how to handle the everyday challenges that come along with being a 20 something in today’s age. With multiple heartbreaks under my belt, a cross country move and thriving professional life, at the very least we can learn our lessons the hard way together!

Are you a twenty something trying to get it together, or at least make it look that way? Click here to learn how you can join a community of twenty something on Instagram that are busy trying to figure out if they’re living the dream or just surviving.

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