Dealing with Online Hate in Your Twenties

Over time social media has become something I use less and less, with the exception of Instagram. My slow transition to no longer using Facebook had a little to do with the comparison game we all play and a lot do with the amount of negativity I saw on the platform on a daily basis.

When I joined Instagram it was a place to share photos and follow puppy accounts, long before DMs were possible and comment sections were full of negativity. With Instagram being one of the few forms of social media I still use on a daily basis, I've become discouraged by how many people on my feed are not only receiving hate but how they are coping with it as well.

Dealing with online hate in your twenties can be difficult, especially since bullies typically give up by highs school. Click to read how to deal with haters in your twenties.

Something you may not know about me is that I thrift for profit, meaning I buy cute, designer clothes and resell it online. Because of this, I follow a lot of other people who do this as a full-time job, plus bloggers and everyday people I've met. This week alone I've seen numerous people talk about their "haters," show screenshots of rude messages they receive, and let those comments negatively impact their day and self-perception.

As someone who doesn't let much get to them, all I ever want to do is shake them and remind them these people don't matter! And maybe respond with the crudest thing I can think of. Since that's not an option though, or at least not one many would accept, here is the advice I would give any client or friend who came to me with this problem. I'm a therapist, just in case you hadn't heard me mention that before. Okay, let's talk about online hate.