Why You Should Travel on Your Birthday + 3 Tips to Help You Plan

My entire motivation to travel on my birthday began on my 20th birthday. I spent the day with my mother and her new husband, touring San Francisco and overall hating where my life was.

Don't get me wrong, I love my mom, but that's just not how I envisioned entering my twenties. I don't really know what I wanted out of the day, but that day just wasn't it. Nowadays I don't remember much about my 20th birthday, which seriously bums me out because I'm a person who likes to remember big milestones like that.

A few months after my 20th birthday I vowed to never have a forgettable birthday again, and I was going to restart my twenties by traveling abroad. Overnight I was committed to getting out of the country, which is how I ended up studying abroad twice before I graduated from college.

Vowing to travel every year on my birthday has given me two things, the ability to enter a new year from a new perspective (and place), plus memories that I know will last me a lifetime. Here's why you should reconsider spending your birthday at home or in a location you've visited before. Trust me, you won't regret it.

Traveling in your twenties doesn't have to cost a fortune. Click to read why everyone should travel on their birthdays, plus how I travel on a small budget.

Why you should travel on your birthday:

Guaranteed memories

Like I mentioned before, traveling on my birthday has helped me better remember how I spent the day, and how I felt when I turned a new age. We have no control over our birthdays as children or teens, but in adulthood it's up to us to plan something we'll never forget. Sure I cant remember what I was doing the week after or months later, but ever since I turned 20, I can remember exactly what I did, how I felt, and who I was with.

Social media definitely helps in holding onto memories, so why not document some that are new and exciting? To help with remembering my birthday, I aim to take a photo an hour to remind myself of what I spent my time doing. You don't have to travel far to enjoy a vacation, you just need to find a place that gives you the opportunity to discover something new.

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13 Date Ideas for Introverted Couples

Raise your hand if your last date night was two people sitting on the couch, one watching TV, and the other scrolling on their phone pretending to be interested about what you're watching. *Raised hand so high it touches the ceiling.*

I wouldn't label myself an introvert, I prefer the term selectively social. Right around 19 years old I came to the realization I didn't have to be friends with everyone, and how much easier life was when I gave myself the option to bail out on events with people I'm not that close with. My boyfriend though, he fits the introvert definition perfectly. Just last weekend he proposed we spend our weekend doing less, but together.

I wish ya'll could have heard him say together to me. It's as if he wanted to put as much emphasis on the word as possible to distract me from the fact he was asking if we could be loaves all weekend. After a few seconds of being mildly irritated, I realized it was just his inner introvert talking, so I came up with these date night ideas for introverted couples. You know, while we were together doing nothing.

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Looking for fun date night ideas that fit your introverted personality? If so, click for 13 date night ideas for introverted couples or partners.

One on one activities

Just because you're both introverts doesn't mean you can't go out and enjoy what your city has to offer. The trick is to choose an activity that doesn't require a lot of interaction with other people in the area. Below are some dates you can go on that won't require you to talk to people once you get there.

Advice for New College Graduates

As of lately every time I open my Instagram or Facebook app, I'm showered with photos of graduations and cap and gowns. It's crazy to me that three years ago I walked across the stage, well, more like waddled. I should have known my first year after graduation would me a mess. The sign? Oh nothing big, I just got my period in the middle of the my graduation ceremony.

No big deal. I didn't work four years to walk across the stage while bleeding through my dress. Whatever

To be honest, my entire graduation was a mess. Family drama ruined the day, I spent the night with a guy I kinda couldn't stand, and I'm almost sure I cried myself to sleep. The entire experience was not what I had imagined, but it was what came after that was even more unplanned. 

If you're a recent college grad or a few years out, it's always nice to hear how other people manage to figure their shit out. I may not be at my end goal, but hey, I make my rent, have a job I love and managed to find a pretty good guy in a pool of weirdos. Okay, let's get into the advice!

Life after college can be hard, which is why I wanted to share the 10 pieces of advice I wish someone had told me when I graduated college. New grad advice from where to live to how to write the perfect resume.

You will break down

I don't think I ever cried so much as I did during my first year out of college. Whether it was stress from graduate school, paying my bills or finding new friends, it was all a lot. Don't think you're any different because you get overwhelmed by all the new responsibilities thrown at you. Just because no one talks about sometimes hating their life doesn't mean they're not feeling the same way. Break down, wipe your tears and get back to being the badass you are.

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How to Work Full Time and Go to Grad School

This August marks three years since I uprooted my life, moved to the East Coast, with nothing more than a few hundred dollars and an acceptance letter into grad school. I don't know how I did it, but within two months I managed to start my graduate program, find two jobs and start building a life in a new city.

No one warned me how hard it would be, especially when it came to feeling like I was in control of my life. Making friends was hard, and even with the few I had, finding the energy to spend time with them was even harder. Working and attending graduate school full time is one of those things that you can't fully relate to until you're in that position, but you can prepare.

As someone who had never even had a job, entering the workforce at the same time I was going to school full time was a bit of a shock. If you're considering going to school full time while working full time, or doing both part time, keep reading to see how you can prepare to better balance both responsibilities.

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Learn how to balance working and going to school full time, from someone who has managed to do it all the past three years. Tips and advice to working hard and still enjoying your life.

Plan your courses ahead of time

If possible, plan your course schedule ahead of time to anticipate changes in your work schedule and intensity of schoolwork. Unfortunately with my graduate school I was not able to plan my courses more than a semester ahead of time, which made it difficult to anticipate the types of hours I could commit to and the number of classes I would be taking.

By planning your classes ahead of time, it gives you the opportunity to collaborate with your employer and control the amount of work you'll have throughout the year.

What It's Like to Date an Introvert

Ever wonder if a guy is introverted or just shy? Click to read the traits that most introverted guys share.

Just as I was about to start writing this post I realized the last time I took an assessment on extroversion and introversion was the 9th grade. I distinctly remember there being a poster on the wall that had the words extrovert and introvert written in blue and purple marker, and underneath were positive traits of each type.

Back in the 9th grade we were all convinced it was better to be an extrovert. I mean, who wouldn't wanna be the type of person who has a million friends and an active social life? I'll tell you who, an overworked, midtwenties female who rather stay at home and watch Netflix than stay at the party till it's long past over.

Since I probably faked a bunch of answers the last time I took the assessment, I decided to retake one that had a little more credibility to it. Within seconds I found an 81 question assessment on Psychology Today, seemed legit. A few minutes later I had my score, I was basically in the middle.

How to Celebrate a Pet's Birthday + Max Turns 3!

This is your warning: I am a crazy cat/dog/hamster/whatever fluffy animal is in front of me lady. If it has fur, I have love for it. Which is why when I had the opportunity to adopt a cat almost three years ago, I jumped at the opportunity. I seriously put more thought and effort into adopting Max than I did into purchasing a bed and mattress. So yeah, he's kind of my life.

Every year I do something small to celebrate his life, because cmon, he doesn't have forever. The other day my boyfriend was looking at me like I was crazy for wanting to buy Max a birthday gift, which is when I pointed out to him that at best Max will have 15 years on this earth, making each birthday that much more special. I don't know if he fully got it, but whatever, the package is on it's way here anyways.

If you love your pet as much as I do, here's how to celebrate their birthday without getting yourself a one way ticket to a psych evaluation. Also, enjoy the photos of Max throughout the years.

How to Be Unemployed & Still Enjoy Your Life

I just passed the six month mark of quitting my job at the law firm and becoming unemployed in one of the most expensive cities in America. Yeah, I did that. My reason for leaving my great job is simple, I am determined to complete my masters this year.

Working full time and going to school part time was killing me slowly, so I spent a year saving all my extra income to prepare for the time I would spend unemployed. Had my situation been different I probably could have saved a lot less, but since I'm too far from home to live at home and too busy to pick up a part time job, this is how I've managed to be unemployed and still enjoy my life in the city. Living off my savings of course!

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Eat out less, cook more

Even though this is a no brainer, so many people continue to maintain their dining habits when trying to save money. You would be surprised how much you spend on meals and snacks you buy spontaneously. If you have trouble sticking to this, outline a rough meal plan for the week so you can plan when you'll splurge and which meals you'll cook at home.

The Stages of Watching a Law and Order SVU Marathon

This past weekend was awesome. Sitting around in my underwear eating Magnum ice cream bars for lunch kind of awesome. My boyfriend wanted to go see the new Fast and Furious move and I...did not. So I did what anyone would do, insisted he go see it so I could get a moment for myself. Oh, and the remote.

My Saturday started off like any other, waking up at 10, liking everyone's brunch photos on Instagram and eating my weight in potatoes. When I decided to turn on the television I figured I was going to catch up on Real Housewives or My 600 Pound Life. I know, I have a very random taste in TV. After scrolling for a bit, it happened, stage one of watching a Law and Order SVU marathon.

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Stage 1: Aimless channel surfing

It starts off innocently enough. You decide to watch some TV but don't know what's on. The news is too depressing and you feel too old for anything on MTV. After flipping around for a bit you reach the destination you didn't even know was there.

Why You Need to Join Your University Alumni Association

I don't know how it happened, but I feel like I blinked and three years of my life has flashed by. This March marks three years since I first traveled to Washington DC for my senior year internship, and somehow I've managed to make a life in the city. But it wasn't easy.

Year one was hard, like working two jobs and going to school full time hard. Year two was chaotic, it's as if everything changed in a matter of a few months, but little did I know all those changes were for the better. My third year in the city has brought about the life I always imagined I would have, with a job a degree I worked my butt of for, a job I genuinely enjoy, and people who complement me in the best way.

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Making friends and finding work were the two most difficult things about relocating to Washington DC, which is why I wish someone would have told me what I'm about to tell you sooner. Join your university alumni association! If there's one in your area, not joining is basically sabotaging your happiness. If you are in need of support while looking for a while to give back, an alumni association is the perfect way to meet both needs at once.

Developing Healthier Habits: 60 Day Challenge

I didn't want to write this post. Actually, scratch that, I didn't want to publish this post. Hitting publish meant a bunch of people would know of my intentions for  the next sixty days and totally judge me next time I posted a photo of a delicious pizza on Instagram.

Okay I'm gonna be 100% honest, I ate pizza just four hours ago, but I didn't even enjoy it, I swear! My boyfriend is super into eating out, like it's one of his favorite things to do. That new hobby coupled with my IUD means a lot of my clothes have been not fitting me comfortably, and if I wanna be totally transparent, some I can't even button.

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To be honest, I don't know if the weight gain is from the hormones or the food, but either way it's gotta go. I've been feeling sluggish lately, and I really rather not drag this feeling with me into the new season. On top of everything, I just booked a flight for my birthday and fourth of July, to an area I rather not have to cover my new rolls with loose tshirts. No disrespect to loose tshirts, they've done a lot for me the past few months.