How to Celebrate a Pet's Birthday + Max Turns 3!

This is your warning: I am a crazy cat/dog/hamster/whatever fluffy animal is in front of me lady. If it has fur, I have love for it. Which is why when I had the opportunity to adopt a cat almost three years ago, I jumped at the opportunity. I seriously put more thought and effort into adopting Max than I did into purchasing a bed and mattress. So yeah, he's kind of my life.

Every year I do something small to celebrate his life, because cmon, he doesn't have forever. The other day my boyfriend was looking at me like I was crazy for wanting to buy Max a birthday gift, which is when I pointed out to him that at best Max will have 15 years on this earth, making each birthday that much more special. I don't know if he fully got it, but whatever, the package is on it's way here anyways.

If you love your pet as much as I do, here's how to celebrate their birthday without getting yourself a one way ticket to a psych evaluation. Also, enjoy the photos of Max throughout the years.

1. Prepare a special meal

Typically on Max's birthday I make sure to buy his favorite wet organic food from this fancy pet store outside the city. Because I spend so much time near the water nowadays, the plan is to go purchase some freshly caught fish for him and his buddy to feast on together.

If you have a dog, you can do the same or shower them with a basket of new bones or treats to chew on. Some people have even managed to create birthday cake that is safe for dogs to eat, or wine that's infused with catnip for the cat lovers out there.

2. Invite over their pals

This is probably easier if you have a dog, but friendly cats can also mingle if you do it right. Because Max isn't fully into the whole being leashed thing, he'll be celebrating his day with his best friend, Lafayette. They have sleepovers to the point where they bounce from his house to mine, I don't think they've been separated since they met.

For dog moms and dads, you can go on a group walk, visit a dog park together, or just invite a bunch over and watch them tear the place apart. It's their birthday, they should be able to get away with a little bit.

3. Buy a gift

I am the first to admit that my cat is very spoiled. He has more toys than he could ever need, he eats a better diet than myself, and probably brushes his hair more often too. This year I decided to get him something he needed rather than wanted, which is why I purchased him a pet water fountain.

Pet water fountains have so many benefits, the first being they can help prevent cat urinary infections, which is what led to Max visiting the vet multiple times last month. If you aren't sure what to purchase your pet, I definitely recommend this gift option!

4. Photograph everything

What's a birthday party without photos to remember it with? Every year we make sure to photograph the big moments, like New Year's Eve and Valentine's Day. I warned you I was a crazy cat lady. Because I was so young when I had my last pet, I now have no photos to remember her by, which is why I'm basically Max's personal paparazzi now.

If you wanna go above and beyond, you can build a backdrop or just buy a birthday banner and pin it to the wall. Just make sure to pin it like 10 feet lower than usual so they four legged attendees can enjoy it too.

5. Spoil them rotten

If throwing an actual party is just too much for you, you can go the traditional route and just spoil the hell out of your pets for the day. For dogs I'd recommend buying that fancy food that comes from the refrigerated section, or some raw fish for cats. One day of no scolding or kicking them out of the bathroom while you get ready should be enough to make it special for them.

Do you spoil your pets on their birthday? If so, is is something you do in private or are you loud and proud about it like I am??

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  1. You are a girl after my own heart. I have to remind my mum every year that it is my dog's birthday! For shame. Your cat is the cutest thing, I love it when he pops up on my Instagram feed <3

    1. Aahhhh thank you! I try to not spam people and space out the cat photos, but if I really didnt care it would be a purely cat and plant account lol

  2. I used to celebrate my kitty's birthday every year. Id make her a special meal, get her a gift, take lots of pictures, and even get her a cupcake! For her 16th we got her sweet-16 decorations. She passed just a week before her 18th birthday, but we still threw her an early sweet-18 birthday party.