11 Things to Do In Between Your College Classes

My university had an unusually high rate of students who commuted, which meant that on any day there were crowds of students hanging around waiting for their next class to begin. For anyone that knows the struggle of having to wait hours between your classes, you know sitting and watching Netflix can grow old after a while. Yeah I said it, by day fifty seven you get tired of watching the same episodes of The Office day after day.

Luckily I had the privilege of always living on campus or relatively close, so even a one hour break was enough time for me to run home, grab some food and lay in bed. Even though I lived close enough to campus to travel home during my gaps between classes I didn't always, instead I started to make more productive use of that time.

Whether you need something to do because you have nowhere else to go or you just rather not watch the time pass, there's plenty of tasks you can get done in between your college classes. And I'm not saying everything you do be productive, because we all know how long that will last.

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1. Visit the library. 

As terrible as it sounds, spending some time in the library will save you so much stress later. Taking the time to read over your coursework. work on those projects and focus on studying for exams means less time doing all those tasks at home. If you have the time now, save your time away from campus for actual fun activities.

2. Save money on textbooks. 

While you're in the library you can save money on textbooks by reading the textbooks on reserve or scanning yourself a PDF copy. I haven't bought a textbook in years, all by taking advantage of the books my university placed on hold. To learn more about how to save money by not buying books, click here.

3. Grab some food.

The older I get the more I realize how important it is to keep yourself fed. Since you're most likely stressed, running around campus and running off ramen noodles, use some free time to grab an actual meal between classes. Plus, isn't there some study by someone that you learn better when you're well fed?

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4. Visit the gym. 

The biggest downside of my university was having to pay a gym membership fee whether I wanted to use the facilities or not, so do your best to actually visit the gym when you have the time. I'm not saying you have to go lift weights between history and biology, but at the very least you can borrow a basketball hoop and relive your high school embarrassment.

5. Revise your resume. 

Are you applying to internships or close to graduating? In thirty minutes or less you can have someone on your campus' career center critique your resume to better your chances of getting hired. If you don't have a career center, I have some articles on how to create a resume and mistakes you definitely want to avoid.

6. Check in with your adviser. 

Are you on track to graduate? How about to graduate with honors? Visiting with your academic adviser will ensure you don't miss any important requirements while also prepping you for life after college. Since most appointments are less than thirty minutes, you should have more than enough time to meet with your adviser.

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7. Attend office hours. 

Pause and think about your least favorite class. Now why is that? Any class where you aren't getting at least a B means you would probably benefit from attending office hours. Especially if there's an exam coming up! Write down some topics and questions ahead of time and go visit that teaching assistant who swears up and down that there's no such thing as a stupid question.

8. Finish some homework.

If you have a homework assignment that can be finished in the your spending staring at your Facebook news feed, close your laptop and just get it done! Trust me, future you will be so happy you didn't leave it till the last minute.

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9. Participate in lunchtime events.

Large enough campuses sometimes host lunchtime concerts and workshops during the afternoon, since they know so many of you are hanging around waiting for your next class to start. There are people who work so hard putting these together, so take advantage of all the free food and information.

10. Take a nap. 

There's no shame in falling asleep in a cozy library cubicle, so if you really need the extra rest, find a quiet area and get some rest. If you rather be sneaky about it I suggest you fall asleep on a textbook so it looks like you're reading it really close, and if anyone asks just say you have terrible eyesight.

11. Enjoy being outside. 

This one may sound weird, but one day you're gong to be 23 and spend your days wearing neutral colors every single day. Take advantage of this time when you can nap when and where you please. If you must watch Netflix between classes, do it outside! Yes the glare is annoying but eventually we all work 9-5 and don't get out of the office until the sun has gone down. Damn daylight savings!

How did you spend your time between classes? Please tell me I'm not the only one who had shows I only watched while on campus! 

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  1. Great list! It was always #10 for me. ALWAYS :)

  2. Great list! I always try to work on homework in between classes to lighten my load at night!

    Rachel | www.seashellsandsparkles.com

  3. I'm a commuter so these tips are great! I never thought about going to use the textbooks in the library! Plus I totally laughed at "relive your high school embarrasment" because I can relate to that one all too well!


  4. Last year, I lived 20 minutes from campus and couldn't go home for lunch breaks. I ended up editing my blog pics during that time! This year I live much closer and can actually go take a nap during down times >:)

    Beauty V. Brains | fashion and beauty for smart girls who like stuff

  5. These are great ideas! Nope, I never watched shows in between classes...I'm not even sure Netflix was a thing yet when I was in college...it probably was, but I didn't know about it. :P I graduated in '12, and I was a commuter student who would go in the morning and stay all day until my last class. I primarily did homework in between classes, meaning that I rarely did homework in the evenings or on weekends in college...because I got it all done during the breaks. Also, sometimes met up with friends...sometimes took naps in the library or found some just-for-fun books to read in the library. Many happy memories spent on my college campus. The longest school days I had were an 8 a.m. lab and a Chinese class that ended at 8 p.m. Those long days were a little harder to fill, but it was still fun.