What to Wear on Casual Friday: With 7 Outfit Examples

Working at a law firm taught me how fortunate I was to begin my professional career at an organization where every day was casual Friday. Now surrounded by attorneys and clients on a regular basis, the announcement of a casual Friday immediately boosts everyone's mood. Because we are still conducting business with clients on Fridays though, our casual Fridays still lean a little more towards the professional side. Unfortunately, not everyone always gets that message.

Whether you're starting your first job in a professional setting or just cant strike a balance between casual and appropriate, I've taken the looks I've witnessed over the past eight months and compiled a list of outfits you could totally get away with wearing on casual Friday, regardless of your office setting.

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Jeans with a simple tshirt and blazer.

If you want to wear jeans I recommend pairing them with a blazer and simple tshirt or blouse. Dark wash jeans are preferable, but light wash work when paired with the right blazer/blouse combo. To dress up the outfit put on some heels, or opt for a more casual look with some stylish flats.

Knit sweater and black skinny jeans. 

Chunky knit sweaters are great, but not always the most professional. Pull off wearing your favorite sweater to work by styling it with some skinny or straight leg pants and heels.

Graphic tshirt, basic pants and a blazer. 

Do you have a desire to wear your favorite graphic tee? As long as it doesn't say anything along the lines of 'turn up,' 'YOLO' or whatever the young people are saying I'll allow it. A casual tshirt with your usual work pants and blazer or cardigan is doable, as long as the tshirt doesn't break any dress code guidelines.

Casual dress and simple blazer. 

Pick your favorite casual dress, that is an appropriate length, and pair it with any work blazer. To dress it up you can add some accessories and your usual work shoes. You'll be surprised how many dresses can be used in the workplace with the right belt, tights or added accessories.

Tshirt with your usual work skirt. 

For a casual Friday outfit that requires minimal effort, put on your usual work skirt with your favorite basic tshirt tucked into it. You'd be surprised how much more comfortable you will be by wearing your comfy cotton tshirt instead of something with buttons, cuffed sleeves and collars.

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Casual printed dress and a denim jacket. 

Summer is coming to Washington DC which means high temperatures and humidity that will give us all something to whine about. Make use of your summer dresses on casual Friday by pairing them with a denim jacket. Most people choose to wear denim on their legs on Friday, but take a risk and wear it on top instead.

Chambray shirt with black denim or pencil skirt. 

If you hate the feeling of denim on anything but your legs, chambray will be your new best friend. Pick up your favorite chambray shirt and style it with your everyday work pants or some black skinny jeans. If your region is warm enough, I love the love of a chambray shirt with work skirt.

If your office also hosts casual Fridays, what's your go to outfit of choice?

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