Easy Ways to Save Money Every Day

My overall theme for this year was to live for me more, which I talked about a little in my word of the year post. The two things I love to do are blog and travel, both cost a little money, but the latter definitely more. Keeping those two things in mind I've been more aware of how I spend my money, and a common theme in my life seems to be walking into Target for tampons and walking out with two bags full of stuff. Just stuff, nothing in particular, no theme, no rhyme or reason as to why I thought I needed it all.

Since I want to stop thinking about travelling and just do it, I've taken small steps to limit my spending, especially because my only two bills are rent and cable/internet. Since January I've been able to save enough money for my first trip to Texas, so I'm gonna tell you how you can save money every single day this year.

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Make coffee at home.

Or tea, or a cocktail, or whatever your preference is. My point is drink at home! I personally don't drink coffee but I can't imagine forking over that much money every morning for something that will be gone within the hour. Buy a coffee maker and save yourself the time and money that comes with running into your favorite coffee shop each morning. 

Pack your lunch.

I haven't mastered this completely, but packing lunch just two days a week saves me at least twenty dollars. If you're already cooking dinner at home all you have to do is make a slightly larger serving and saves the leftovers for the next day. Trust me, keep your receipts for the week so you can see how much you spend in the course of five days. The number will 100% motivate you to pack a lunch the following week. 

Take public transportation. 

Catching a cab or ordering an Uber is so damn tempting when you've been at work all day or it's freezing outside, but resist the temptation! Riding the bus or subway is a fraction of the cost and sometimes faster depending on the time of day. The only time I say screw this rule is if you're out really late at night or in a shady neighborhood.

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Say no to delivery. 

My apartment is definitely in a great area of Washington DC. A seven minute walk to Target, five minutes to a grocery store and on the same block as a Papa Johns. The last reason might explain why there are five empty pizza boxes piled in the corner for my apartment. Even though delivery is only three dollars I force my butt to get out of bed if I want pizza, cause according to my own money saving rules I should be cooking at home. If the restaurant is withing 15 minutes walking distance, go pick it up!

Wait 24 hours before you purchase any non necessities. 

The easiest way to not fall into the trap that is online shopping is by walking away from your cart for 24 hours. I know it's fun to add things to your cart until you hit the free shipping minimum, but letting those items sit for a while might give you some perspective if you really need it all. Also, a lot of stores will send you a coupon code during that time away to encourage you to purchase your order. 

What's one thing you want to try to spend less money on? Share any tips on how you save money below, because I could definitely use some more suggestions!


  1. thanks for these ideas! I definitely need to pack my lunch more, but working on that one!

    1. it definitely takes some getting used to, I'm still working on not being lazy so doing it the night before is a big help!

  2. Amen to packing your lunch (and cooking at home if you can). Saves a lot of money. Also, no cable!

    1. Cable is one of my highest bills (apart from rent obviously) and even though it pains me to pay it every month it definitely keeps me sane. Single girl with no friends in a new city <<<
      But I definitely agree cutting cable is such an easy way to save money, especially if you can survive with Netflix

  3. Anonymous13 June, 2017

    We canceled our cable 2 years ago now. I wouldn't go back and I'm a tv buff. Hulu, Netflix and Amazon prime have just about everything you can think of. Total for all 3 per month is about $25!!!