July Favorites

In an effort to keep my July favorites from being unbearably long, I've broken it down into categories and forced myself to choose one winner for each. Enjoy!

F A V O R I T E   T W E E T

I just about screamed when I saw that the official Santa Monica Twitter account shared my birthday edition photo an hour post. I'm still screaming about it actually.

F A V O R I T E   V I D E O

F A V O R I T E   A R T I C L E

A post by Buzzfeed which perfectly summed up how it feels to leave your hometown. And just a few points about how it feels to come back every once in a while (ie Christmas cause your mom guilt trips you).

F A V O R I T E  B L O G   P O S T

Hima's 100 Happy Days journey has me desperately wanting to join the challenge.

F A V O R I T E   I N S T A G R A M
My sad at tempt at being Pinterest famous got me a few extra likes on Instagram, which by the way you should follow me on >> @whenlifegivesyourubi

F A V O R I T E   B L O G   P O S T   B Y   Y O U R S   T R U L Y

Apartment hunting in the city led me to write a rant about how great of living arrangements twenty somethings seem to find in the city. But really though, Craigslist is evil and Jess from New Girl had to be stupid to move in with total strangers...no matter how hot they may be.

F A V O R I T E   S O N G

This song for the If I Stay trailer has been playing with my emotions lately...

F A V O R I T E   A P P

This is one of those super simple yet really addicting games that secretly makes you exercise your brain. Download it, it's free and you will feel like a champion when you complete all the levels. 

Make sure to leave me some of your monthly favorites below. I just joined the iPhone family and am in desperate need of some app recommendations!

Life is Not an Episode of New Girl

Television shows such as Sex and the City, Friends and New Girl brainwash us to believe that we can live in an exciting city full of cute guys, a plethora of jobs and best of all, a reasonably priced apartment. It's not until most of us graduate college and enter the real world that we realize our friends don't have the time nor the energy to sit in a coffee shop with us all night, and brunch every Sunday with our best girlfriends is something we won't be able to afford until we're well into our thirties.

When I walked across the stage at my college graduation I was all too aware of the fact that I had no clue what my next step was. Unlike other graduates though, my time in college wasn't so typical. I had the pleasure of traveling, studying abroad and even interning in Washington DC. All these adventures set me up for a lot of disappointment when I quickly realized FAFSA would no longer be paying for my international fun.

Somehow I managed to talk my way into a grad school acceptance, I honestly think this is the way I conned myself into receiving an acceptance letter. The problem? I live in California and had made the decision to apply to one graduate program...all the way in Washington DC, you know the place, with rent prices comparable to New York City.

With two weeks before my tuition deposit was due I had the job of finding a place to fall asleep at night with a barely there budget. After talking to a bunch of friends who were equally oblivious, I decided to look on Craigslist for housing. Worst. Decision. Ever.

This is where my post title suddenly become relevant. Life is not an episode of New Girl ya'll.

Craigslist isn't full of cool twenty something housemates who live in a reasonably priced apartment with plenty of square footage. After contacting over 60 listings and being completely ignored by at least half, I was left with the obvious scams, total creepers and future kidnappers.

The fact that New Girl starts off with her finding an apartment on Craigslist so easily and in an all male apartment that is somehow spotless and full of natural lighting now just pisses me off. I've been looking for weeks and have yet to find one reputable place that doesn't ask for my social security number after just a few text messages. You know, for "application purposes."

With few options and even less time, I let the fantasy of me living in the city go for a house share in a neighboring suburb instead. Maybe if I had perfectly voluminous bangs and puppy dog eyes the house hunt would be a bit easier, but until then I'll continue to tell every scam artist I encounter to go to hell and keep hitting refresh on Apartments.com.

20 Things You Didn't Ask to Know About Me

As I was wasting time the other day I noticed my friend Noor had tagged me in an Instagram photo, which at the moment made no sense because there was no possible way she had taken a photo with me. (She lives in Pakistan, I'm all the way on the California coast.)

Turns out there's a tag going around, and in the spirit of not being rude and ignoring the fact that I was tagged I figured why the hell not? I promise to do my best and not bore you with random facts that you've read a thousand times before.

1. I eat an entire bag of sunflower seeds a day. Sometimes more. I've always had a craving for seeds and have reached the point of eating them so often that I don't need any other meals during the day.

2. I went years without drinking water. Years. Then a few months ago I was too cheap to buy anything other drinks to pack with my lunch and suddenly started drinking water.

3. I played softball for one season, and by played, I mean I stood in the outfield hoping the ball never got as far as I was. I was mostly in it for the uniform, which ended up being hideous.

4. I always carry two cell phones with me. The one that is in service and the one I prefer to take photos with. It makes no sense.

5. I used to steal books from the library because I believed the other kids weren't treating them right.

6. I'm very easily annoyed, so easily that it's hard to be around myself sometimes. But the only people who see this bitchy side of me are my boyfriends. (In the past, not as in I currently have multiple boyfriends.)

7. I don't trust the people who work in salons and wax your eyebrows. Do they have an official title? Anyways, I don't trust them, I swear they always take off wayyyy too much.

8. I've never watched The Bachelor and I have no interest in it either. Dating shows have always just felt so forced to me.

9. I've never tried most foods that people love. Like cake, donuts, all seafood, hot dogs, Nutella, steak, and about every other thing you probably couldn't live without.

Nothing sexier than a cardboard box, am I right??
10. Sophomore year in college I dressed up as a robot and it was awesome. I spent days making the costume and kept it for months afterward.

11. Whenever I meet someone new I introduce myself by saying, "Hi, I'm Rubi...with an I."

12. Every time I ride a taxi alone I will text a friend the license plate number. Just in case I'm kidnapped or something...

13. Late at night when I'm really bored I'll walk around my house as quiet as possible to see how little noise I can make. Remember that scene in Enough (the movie with Jennifer Lopez and her abusive husband) where she's trying to sneak out of the house? It's half that, half pretending I'm in an episode of The Walking Dead. All in all, I bet I look ridiculous.

14. I fist pump whenever my popcorn is done.

15. I only run if there's a prize at the end. Like a free tshirt or photo opportunity.

16. I don't put a password on any of my electronics because if I'm kidnapped I'd like the police to find clues of what the heck I was doing before it happened.

17. Now that I'm writing this list it's pretty clear I'm always preparing to be kidnapped, and to partially solve my own case.

18. I've seen almost every episode of Law and Order SVU, which is probably where my paranoia stems from. (Completely unrelated gif, I just love how they were the couple that never happened.)

19. I've pepper sprayed someone. It was actually a friend of mine who was getting on my nerves.

20. It's impossible for me to smile in a photo after I've been asked to. I just cant, I'm sorry, my face doesn't work that way!

If you made it to the end, wow. The lazy in me probably would have quit halfway through so I applaud you. Definitely leave a random fact about yourself in the comments or feel free to mock me for pepper spraying my own good friend.

And if you feel like completing the tag go ahead, this is me tagging you!

Humpday Confessions: Pregnancy and Moving to Washington DC

I confess...

>> I spent all of last week convinced I was either pregnant or dying. Turns out I've just been so stressed that mother nature came a week and a half late, because that's not something that would exponentially stress me out even more.

>> I was accepted into a great grad program in Washington DC, but I might not go simply because they charge the price of one soul for housing.

>> I've cried almost every day this week because of the stress of looking for housing, a job and trying to figure out a move across the country. Did I mention I have 4 weeks to get this all done?

>> I've been too tired to read blogs lately so I skim through Bloglovin for my absolute favorites and for any posts with an interesting title. #imactuallysorry

>> I have about 100 blog post ideas but zero patience to sit down and write about any of them.

>> Storage Wars is my current show to binge when I just give up on everything. Don't judge me, I like the drama of not knowing if they're going to make their money back.

>> With all the upcoming deadlines to get my life sorted out I forgot it was Wednesday, which turned into me forgetting to write this post until Kathy sent out an email about a link up malfunction, which means I have no chance up being one of the first few to link up!

>> There's two posts in one day because why the hell not?! Click here to see the other link up party I was fashionably late to...

Dont forget to link up your confessions with Kathy for the rest of your life. 

Fashionably Late to the Blogmopolitan Quiz

Today I'm linking up with Two Thirds Hazel because there's nothing I love more than answering questions about myself. Probably the reason I look forward to interviews. It's not too late to add your quiz to the link up so go download the quiz, choose your favorite PicMonkey font and get to answering!

Much wider than my blog width but I didn't want to strain all of your eyes.

Humpday Confessions: Facebook Stalking and Post Grad Life

I confess...

>> this is the only link up I've ever cared about because it encourages gifs and I love ranting. This link up feels like a safe place to rant.

>> I don't like fashion and beauty blogs, there I said it. I never buy the clothes featured on fashion blogs and the last time I wore make up was never. But I read them anyways sometimes because maybe I'll learn something.

>> I only ever empty the dishwasher so I can fill it up with my dirty dishes. Sorry mom.

>> I Facebook stalked my admission counselor. We're basically friends, I mean, we had a ten minute conversation about cats #unbreakablebond

>> I feel good when I unfriend someone, and that cant be normal. I should write a post about this, I dont know, it just feels great to kick someone out of your life. At least virtually.

>> I've never seen the Hunger Games movies and I have no desire to. And I'm also not crazy about Harry Potter, though I've seen a few. I know they're supposedly amazing but, I just cant...

>> I like articles written in list form. Maybe I'm a lazy reader.

>> I graduated college a month ago today and haven't even bothered to start looking for a job. Hellooooo denial!

>> I wrote this post days in advance because I NEEDED to be one of the first people to link up. I'm weirdly competitive like that.

>> Being that this is my first link up ever, I cant freaking figure out how to add the little box with the link thing! So pasting the photo will just have to do. Go check out everyone else's posts on Kathy's blog here!!

What is this blog even about?

This question has been gnawing at my mind ever since I took a break from blogging this past March. I spent weeks of my life wanting to blog but at the same time not sure if anything I had to say was exactly "relevant." After blogging for my university's admissions blog and Her Campus for years, I've been trained to only write things that will interest and benefit others in some way, which makes writing hard when I don't totally know who my audience is anymore.

I've finally started blogging again and unfollowed any "big bloggers" that I wasn't absolutely in love with because I'm human, so I like to compare things like comments, photo quality and stupid things like that that really don't make a post more interesting at the end of the day. Whenever I think of what a successful blog looks like I picture Helene in Between or Vodka and Soda. Helene manages to write about the most random things with photos that don't look like they were shot for a magazine, and people still keep coming back!

My ultimate blog crush is Kathy though, I seriously get excited when she leaves a comment on my blog. Like how the hell did she even find tiny me?! I have respect for someone that can write #limpdicksfordayyssss and not only not apologize for cursing on her blog, but have people love her even more for it!

True story, I curse more than the average person. Yet you would never know based on my blog! I don't know what the hell this blog is even about, but when I started it that was the whole point! I just turned 22, I'm single, trying to figure out grad school, and am the poster child for a confused twenty-something with loans that need to be paid off ASAP. I don't even know what my life is about right now, so how the hell is my blog supposed to have a focus?!

I think I've finally remembered what this blog's purpose was, it was supposed to highlight what being a 20 something feels like nowadays. And the truth is, it's not exciting adventures and hooking up with hot strangers. I spent today cleaning my room because my mom ordered me to and then watched an uncomfortable amount of YouTube videos.

So if you're wondering what this blog is about you might as well ask me where I see myself in 10 years, cause you're gonna get the same answer. I don't freaking fucking know. I guess that's the great thing about being a "lifestyle" blogger, you can write about basically anything and no one can say shit because heyyyy I'm a lifestyle blogger and no one really knows what that means anyways. 

For now I'm going to do my best to stop trying to find a niche, because I will never have the patience to be a fashion blogger, I've never had an ounce of interest in anything beauty related and DIY blogs are for people that don't live in tiny apartments. Like honestly, where do they put all that crap once it's finished?

Photo an Hour :: Birthday Edition

When I first started my own blog I came across a post where a fellow blogger posted a photo for every hour of the day. (That she was awake of course.) After writing the idea down with the other hundreds of ideas I think of but never get around to transforming into a post, I decided to just go for it! And what better day than my 22nd birthday?!

The photo an hour challenge is just like it sounds, every hour make sure to take a quick snapshot of what you're doing, what you're eating or what show you are currently procrastinating with. I'm not sure if there are more rules than that, but regardless, it was my birthday so I didn't bother to check.

I spent my birthday in the Santa Monica area to stay true to my promise of celebrating getting another year older in a city I've never visited. After a nine hour bus ride delayed by an additional six hours, I was so happy to get off that freezing cold bus. Thank god I packed my carry on bag with all the items necessary to not make me wanna bang my head against the window.

If you do a post like this I'd love if you linked it in the comments below! I know we're bloggers/writers but no matter how old I get, I will always wish there are pictures to accompany the words.

9 AM: No more than two minutes in Santa Monica and I found what had to be the most clever license plate number I've ever seen. My friend almost got hit by a car trying to get a photo, but hey, it was for the blog. 

10 AM: The people here were "interesting," far too interesting to attempt to snap a secret photo of them. 

11 AM: Wasn't quite ready for lunch so I instead decided to do some sightseeing. Found this lonely lock on a fence near the ocean. I wonder if they're still together...

12 PM: While hunting for a place to have lunch I snuck up on this seagull. I maybe looked crazy but I needed a photo and the sky was at it's most clear. 

1 PM: If you know me personally you'll know that chicken strips and french fries are my all time favorite food. I hate ketchup but I couldn't resist snapping a shot of the smiley face. 

2 PM: Still enjoying my birthday lunch at Johnny Rockets, it was so fun there I just didn't want to leave! Plus, they gave me a free ice cream sundae for my brithday, no proof of it being my birthday required!

3 PM: Passed the Santa Monica Aquarium on the way back from the Promenade. My failed attempt at making a fish face. #thanksgenetics

4 PM: Exploring the Santa Monica Pier. In an attempt to take a shot of the view, my friend gifted me this; the biggest panoramic shot fail ever. 

5 PM: Bought a boogie board and had to take a photo in front of this amazing mural before we hit the water. 

6 PM: Used my snack break as an opportunity to take an Instagram worthy photo...except I have yet to post it on Instagram. Is anyone else really bad at posting photos onto Instagram in a timely manner?

7 PM: With the waves getting a bit too real for my liking, we changed into dry clothes and strolled down Venice Beach for a bit. 

8 PM: While making our way to the car we stumbled upon this palm tree that seems very confused about where she's headed in life. (A lot like myself.) We laughed so hard while staring at it that it just had to be the photo for the hour. 

I eventually made my way home and fell asleep right after I showered...only to wake up at 4 AM. I know, I'm really living up my twenties. I Snapchatted my failure to be young and wild, ate some apple slices and fell back asleep. If this is what 22 feels like, I'm kinda digging it. 

22 Things I Still Haven't Learned at 22

I've been waiting 2 years to turn 22! Well 22 years actually, but I didn't care much for turning this age until the infamous Taylor Swift song was released. It seems that in the blogging community it's common to publish posts on your birthday about the things you've learned and the goals you've managed to accomplish.

While scrolling through my Bloglovin feed I found that Megan from the Artistic Brunette has also recently turned 22, which she talks about in her 22 Pieces of Wisdom Post. As of 1:47 PM today I am 22 years old, but I am nowhere near wise. I decided to do a twist on the everyday birthday post and list the things I still haven't quite figured out by 22.

Please don't judge me, I was a strange child that has grown into a very strange adult...and also, enjoy the photos of me during my awkward years.

1. How to drive. I mean, I can drive, sort of. If you were dying I could probably get the car to the hospital.

2. That unsubscribing from a newsletter is much easier than being annoyed every day when I receive another unwanted email.

3. How to file taxes. I'd need a job for that, "Helloooo postgrad unemployment slump!"

4. How to properly paint my nails.

5. While pulling an all nighter might still get me an A, it's not worth the stress of that last hour before the paper is due.

6. How to change a tire, or pump gas, or any of those basic life skills. I just have never had an interest in anything car related.

7. How to curl my hair, even though I've seen about 200 YouTube tutorials!

8. How to properly use Twitter. The best I can do is hash tag a few words.

9. Saving money without the intention of spending it on something. Save for the future? Nahh, I much rather buy this adorable notebook from the dollar section at Target.

10. The importance of flossing. Sorry Dr.Kondo.

11. How to walk in heels. How to stand in heels basically. (I swear to God I types hells instead of heels both times, either I'm stupid or that meant something.)

12. How to run into an ex boyfriend without being awkward. I'll just hide in the children's section until I'm he's left the store. (True story.)

who is this baby and why was I holding him?
13. Eyeliner? Eyeshadow? Make up in general? Pass. I rather spend my money on stationery at Target.

14. How to take things slow. Whether I'm binge watching a show, reading a book in one sitting or burning my tongue on a slice of pizza, everything has always been a race to me.

15. The art of getting dumped gracefully. I'm kinda crazy, like full voice mail inbox kinda crazy.

16. How to look genuinely happy when someone tells me to smile in a photo. I just cant be happy on command, okay!

17. I suck at video games. As in, I have trouble getting past level one. Blame my mom for pushing books on us.

18. How to keep in touch with friends. I just suck at texting people on a regular basis and keeping up with other's lives in general.

19. How to say no to a good sale, even if I haven more than enough clothes. I.e. Forever 21 Veterans Day Sale!

20. To not trust my computer and back up my files. I cant count the number of times I've lost my entire music collection.

21. How to barbecue. In my opinion, you're not an adult until you can barbecue.

22. I haven't exactly figured out what my next step is, in regards to where I want to attend grad school, where I want to live and what exactly I want to do with my life.
When I thought of this blog post I thought it would be simple enough, but as I got halfway through I had trouble coming up with things to list. I may not have it all figured out, but as a new 22 year old, I think I've experienced more than most people my age. College, moving much too far from home, traveling Europe and endless heartbreaks have taught me a lot about myself. Now if I could only muster up the motivation to get that driver's license!