Humpday Confessions: Facebook Stalking and Post Grad Life

I confess...

>> this is the only link up I've ever cared about because it encourages gifs and I love ranting. This link up feels like a safe place to rant.

>> I don't like fashion and beauty blogs, there I said it. I never buy the clothes featured on fashion blogs and the last time I wore make up was never. But I read them anyways sometimes because maybe I'll learn something.

>> I only ever empty the dishwasher so I can fill it up with my dirty dishes. Sorry mom.

>> I Facebook stalked my admission counselor. We're basically friends, I mean, we had a ten minute conversation about cats #unbreakablebond

>> I feel good when I unfriend someone, and that cant be normal. I should write a post about this, I dont know, it just feels great to kick someone out of your life. At least virtually.

>> I've never seen the Hunger Games movies and I have no desire to. And I'm also not crazy about Harry Potter, though I've seen a few. I know they're supposedly amazing but, I just cant...

>> I like articles written in list form. Maybe I'm a lazy reader.

>> I graduated college a month ago today and haven't even bothered to start looking for a job. Hellooooo denial!

>> I wrote this post days in advance because I NEEDED to be one of the first people to link up. I'm weirdly competitive like that.

>> Being that this is my first link up ever, I cant freaking figure out how to add the little box with the link thing! So pasting the photo will just have to do. Go check out everyone else's posts on Kathy's blog here!!


  1. I am legit dying at your confessional rant sesh. Lol! I plan to stalk your blog now, so does that mean we can have an #unbreakablebond too?!

  2. I'm always nervous about unfriending someone on facebook, I keep thinking about that awkward moment when I see them in real life .... lol

  3. there are only 2 fashion/makeup bloggers i know of who actually leave real, legit comments. the rest i've come across only leave a lame "great post!" and then all of their links. so i never follow any fashion blogger (except for those 2) for that very reason. there, i said it.

    thanks for linking up!
    Vodka and Soda

  4. butttttt harry potter are books first, movies second! and they are the shit. off my soapbox.
    i follow some fashion bloggers and makeup peeps but normally their price ranges are so far beyond what i would 'splurge' on so, yeah. i never buy anything.

  5. I dont read fashion makeup blogs bc my fashion comes from walmart and im too lazy for makeup DONT CARE!
    Im not into HP either!

  6. I feel you, some of my favorite clothing items I've bought from Target :D

  7. I'm one HP book away from owning the entire collection, so I will eventually at least read the books! Maybe I'll enjoy the films after I've read what the books are all about :)

  8. I've had some of those moments, they usually just pretend like they don't see me which is fine by me!

  9. Of course! But first, we have to discuss or stance on cats lol

  10. Same reason why I unfollowed bloggers who had been around for such a long time, it's like at a certain amount of subscribers they just all decided that they didnt need to even reply to comments :I

  11. I don't really follow fashion bloggers either, sometimes I will love one of their outfits.. but when I click on it to buy it, it is always WAY out of my price range. I love lists too, it makes the article 10x better.

  12. That's the same reason I stopped reading fashion magazines! I realized I couldnt afford anything and even if I could I wouldn't spend that much money on anything, no matter how cute it was

  13. I always skip those sections in my magazines! The stuff I actually do like is WAY out of my budget, the things that I would never wear or want to buy are.. Ugh.