You Had One Job...and You Still Failed

Trip one, back when I had hope
Last week...scratch that, the past three weeks have been a complete test of my patience. With group projects, planning events and my brand new laptop deciding to give up on life, I’ve been a bit irritable. On top of my constant state of annoyance, having to resort back to my old ancient laptop made it beyond difficult to blog, do any sort of homework or be productive in any real way.

Why is it when one bad thing happens it all snowballs into this giant pile of things you rather not deal with. Thankfully I’ve finally sorted everything out, figuratively and literally, and I’m back to my normal only slightly annoyed self.

Over the past few weeks it’s been a struggle to keep up with blogging. I luckily had some prewritten blog posts but as soon as I ran out of queued posts set to publish it became a bit hard to try to type a blog post on my cellphone. My lack of writing, failing to respond to all your lovely comments and being unable to share what I was publishing definitely hurt my blog, but no worries, everything is now fully functioning.

The past three weeks I visited Geek Squad four times to fix a problem on a laptop they had only recently sold me. During my last, and hopefully final visit, I sat waiting for the next person to give me more bad news and began jotting down all the people in my life that had one job, and still managed to screw it up. Now I get that there are bigger problems out there, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes a girl needs to vent.

This post was inspired by Best Buy, especially Geek Squad. After opening up my brand new laptop one day to realize it wasn’t turning on no matter what I tried, I frantically made my way to Geek Squad to figure out the problem. I cooperated fully and agreed to let them ship it across the country for a maximum of 15 days to fix the problem. Because it was a brand new laptop and the malfunction was in no way my fault, it was free of cost.

Fast forward three weeks later and I was still laptopless. Not only did they exceed their amount of time with the laptop, they shipped it to Minnesota (I live in Southern California), then couldn’t locate my correct zip code for days. As if the internet doesn’t exist!

After this fiasco I was just happy to have it back, but less than 30 seconds after turning it on I knew something was wrong. The movements were slow, the battery was not being recognized, everything was just wrong. Like any adult I immediately burst into tears of out frustration. I don’t have time to ship it back since I will be moving across the country in 6 days and need my laptop for my new job. Plus, the repairmen were clearly not competent to fix it or they would have the first time.

After 30 minutes on hold and talking/crying to half a dozen rude customer service reps, I finally was put in contact with someone who actually cared. The bad news was that because of company policy, a repair would cost me 200 dollars since apparently my battery warranty expired while they were servicing my laptop. With my move to a new city taking all my money, that wasn’t an option, so I basically broke down on the phone until he felt some sympathy.

Trip number 3. I was a ball of rage.

Thanks to the amazing man at my local Best Buy he broke policy and tried to figure out the problem in store. What was the problem? The idiot who serviced my laptop at the Geek Squad repair center unplugged all the wires inside my laptop and shipped it back to me, as if he did it completely on purpose because anyone with half a brain would know that was wrong!

After this and another incident with Geek Squad only two days later I’ve lost all trust in them. Any company that preys on people’s inability to fix a problem themselves is not going to get my money. During yet another trip to Best Buy I began jotting down the things in my life that drove me insane, from people who couldn't do a simple task or daily annoyances that drive me to the point of pulling my hair. Here is just a few of a never ending list...

» People who convince you to let them help you, only to bail last minute or claim they “forgot.”

» Typos. Especially on big websites where they should definitely take the extra minute to proofread. The announcement for my graduating class says “Class of 2011.” Umm, no one thought to double check the title?!

» Charging my phone to a full charge, then finding out it’s dead by 3 PM. How are you out of battery from just sitting in my purse?!

» Vending machines that gladly take your money but don't give you any credit. They are the reason I have trust issues.

» Being promised something over and over, only to come to expect that the person will have some lame excuse as to why it didn’t happen.

16 Full Proof Excuses to Get You Out of Working Out

I have less than two weeks before I graduate from college. In my four years at my university I paid a quarterly fee of over 100 dollars for the mandatory gym membership all students are made to pay for.

First of all, rude. How dare they assume I could benefit from a gym membership and then go on to force me to pay for it. And secondly, I can probably count on one hand how many times I visited that damn gym.

My freshmen year I was constantly harassed by a hall mate asking me whether or not I wanted to go work out with her. My answers was always no, not even a maybe,  just a straight out "no thank you." Yet that didn't stop her from asking me repeatedly all year long.

For people who aren't as direct as I am, I've come up with some surefire reasons as to why you cant make it to the gym today, tomorrow, or ever.

"I just showered this morning, and it's bad to shampoo your hair everyday."


"My workout playlist hasn't been updated in a while."

"I didn't straighten my hair today just to sweat it out at the gym."
"I totally would but I haven't shaved my legs are not to Beyonce standards right now."

"I just am soooo busy with homework."

"Cant, I already committed to finishing this entire season by tonight."

"That sounds fun! Too bad I don't own any workout gear."

"My glasses never stay on while I workout, I'll text you when my contacts come in the mail!"

"I already watched a YouTube video on workout routines today. Baby steps right?"

"Shoot, I cant seem to find where I left my sneakers!"

"I basically ate all healthy food today. So no reason I should torture myself anymore."

"Haven't even had time to eat today, so I better hold onto the calories I do have."

**cough cough** "My asthma is acting up again."

"I kinda prefer to work out at home. Alone. Sorry."

 "Ugh, I'm still sore from the last time!"

"It feels like people at the gym judge me, I don't need that negativity in my life."


What Am I Doing With My Life? 3.7.14

What Am I Doing With My Life? is a weekly segment where I recap all the things I spent my week reading, watching and listening to. Think of it as a weekly link roundup but better, because it has a much more adorable name... 

What you might have missed while you were out having a life:
  • I thought this was a complete joke, but apparently some exes have no shame. Including celebrity ones. 
  • Next time you're hungry and have no money to eat out, try doing what this guy did. 
  • An all emoji version of Drunk In Love, because why not?
  • Food facts that will leave you feeling like you need to share this article with literally everyone.
  • For all the perfectionists out there, a Buzzfeed article that will have you nodding until your head hurts. 
What I spent my week doing:
  • A winner for my February photo a day challenge was finally chosen! With over 1,350 photo entries, the winner was announced on my Instagram.
  • Lent started this week, which meant I just had to write about the things I could never ever give up. See the list of 12 things here
  • With 2 weeks of college left, I described exactly what being the a senior on campus feels like. It feels a lot like you are ready to get the hell out of here. 
  • I linked up with Erin to take part in her Blogmopolitan quiz this past Sunday. 
  • I've gotten really into Pinterest lately, with boards dedicated to blogging tutorials, blogger resources, blogging freebies, the cliche quotes board and one dedicated solely to amazing outfits that incorporate tights. 
  • Plus like every week, I've been tumblin'. 

12 Things I Would Never Give Up for Lent

Today marks the first day of Lent. I only knowing this information because a friend who I often turn 
to complain to has decided to once again give up Facebook for 40 days. Right as I'm  in the middle of finding a job in Washington DC and getting my butt to the opposite side of the country. How inconvenient. 

I get that this has nothing to do with me, but sometimes these things always happen at the worst possible time. I got to thinking what I would give up for 40 days if my religion asked me to. I came up with a few things in my mind that I thought I could maybe pull off going without for the full 40 days, but my list somehow turned into a list of things I in no way shape or form would give up for anyone.

Here is my list of things I could never part with for 40 minutes let alone 40 days. And props to the rest of you that are actually willing and able to make such a difficult promise...

Binge watching television series

How else am I expected to fall asleep, keep myself entertained while I eat dinner and pass another Friday night at home alone? Online streaming was created for those of us who are single and have yet to make the commitment to buying a cat. 


Chips, french fries, baked potatoes, roasted potatoes. Did I mention french fries? Potatoes are basically my largest food group and kept me alive all through college. Plus they’re so versatile they should win some kind of award. 

Body Pillows

Back to the whole no man and no cat to keep me company, my five foot long body pillow at least gives me the illusion that I’m not laying in bed alone at night. This gif basically describes how I greet it every time I come home.


If my iPod isn’t charged before I have to leave to walk to class I just might consider being late so I can give it an ounce of battery life. A charged iPod on full blast means I don’t have to hear cars honking, friends who might be yelling for my attention and the man who always offers me religious pamphlets. It’s basically my way out of having any human interaction, plus with the right playlist, you can strut like Beyonce. Or at least feel like you are. 

Facebook & Instagram

I wouldn't say I'm addicted to Facebook or Instagram, but I definitely go through my phases. Maybe I could go without them, but knowing me the second I would commit to this I’d just have to share some irrelevant story  about my day. 


Courtesy of my roommate, she “wouldn’t give up sex if she was getting it.” Understandable. 

An all too common worry. source
Heat Styling Tools

I’d give up potatoes before I gave up blow drying and straightening my hair, and I basically am alive thanks to that gorgeous vegetable, so that ought to show you how much I care about the appearance of my fried locks. None of those no-heat-hairstyles for me, thank you very much

Retail Therapy

Trips to the Dollar Tree where I spend ridiculous amounts of money on things I don’t need are my therapy. Nothing makes me feel more powerful/glamorous than walking out with bags full of stuff and spending under 20 dollars.

Frozen Yogurt

"I wan't all of you, forever, you and me, everyday."  Even though I did find out my favorite frozen yogurt franchise was keeping secrets from me, what's a relationship without some bumps...

Snapchat is not a game. 

Snapchat is the one way I keep in contact with my friend all the way up in Oregon. Sure we’re friends on Facebook, but he likes to pretend like he hasn't noticed my messages, so Snapchat is necessary until we decide we hate one another.



Gifs are basically my 4th language. They’re perfect for when I have something sassy to say and great to make long text posts not seem like they go on forever. 

My Third Arm...formerly known as my laptop.

Do people give up things as dramatic as their laptop? I’m thinking no, but maybe there’s some hardcore person out there who limits the hours they will use technology. Either way it could never happen. I literally took a nap with my laptop today, as in wrapped my body around as to not disturb it. True story. 

Are you giving up anything for officially? And if not, what's one thing you couldn't do without?

Signs You're a College Senior

I have less than three weeks before I move out of my college apartment and don't come ever. With studying abroad my junior year and working hard enough to graduate early, it feels as if I slightly missed out on the typical four year college experience.

Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't change a thing, but sometimes I think I've had senioritis since my junior year. This is a post for everyone in their last year of college, and for those of you lucky enough to just be beginning this amazing time in your life. 

Dressing up for class? Hah! You're lucky these are a clean pair of leggings.

You know every corner of your campus, and exactly how to avoid all people with petitions and flyers.

No longer bothering to wave at people you met freshmen year in the dorm.

No I don’t wanna go there tonight, it’s full of too many over excited freshmen.”

You've graduated from drinking alcohol from a giant communal bowl. Wine is more of your thing now.

"My last first day of school!"

Your (last) first anything really!

Being a senior means you get the perfect schedule. Having class more than three times a week is no longer a requirement.

Late for class...?
Campus policies?
For all those people you meet at orientation week four years ago.

You basically know everyone’s name in your department, you've sat in the same courses with them since freshmen year.

Being stuck taking all the classes you've been avoiding since freshmen year.

Watching freshmen be confused by the most simple things.
You don't even bother to get mad when you cant find parking. It's just the way it is...

Bookstore? Lulz. Why pay full price when there's Amazon and the option to scan the pages from the books at the library.

"This isn't the kind of paper you can finish the night before." Challenge accepted. And I up your challenge by not even bothering to read the book.

You don't even bother going home during the holidays anymore. Your college friends are your family..

And trying to keep up with your old high school friends?


How does one even go about finding a job?

Maybe you’ll just go to grad school to avoid real world problems..

Except picking a bachelors degree was hard enough, what the heck should you master in??

You still haven't gotten around to learning how to cook. Ramen for life!
So after the best years of our life, what happens?

But one thing never changes, group projects are the worst.