The Blogmopolitan Quiz: Round One

It's Sunday and I never post on a Sunday, but I loved this link up so much I decided to break my unofficial rule. I saw this post circulating all around my Twitter and Bloglovin feed, but being too busy with interviews to stress about led me to not have time to catch up with my blog reading until the weekend. Boy am I glad I did though because I am already looking forward to round two of the Blogmopolitan Quiz!

Erin from Two Thirds Hazel came up with this, and with my shared love for all Cosmo quizzes as a teenager I had to take part in it as soon as I realized what it was. Answering the questions was actually really fun, and with the help of PicMonkey, filling in my answers wasn't too big of a pain. 

Make sure to visit Erin's blog to see her answers, and scroll down to visit some of the other's taking part in the link up! Happy Sunday everyone...

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