How to Make Friends in a New City: 3 Ways to Meet People

Three years ago I moved to a city where I knew no one. For the next year and a half, my social circle consisted of my boyfriend at the time and my college friend who would occasionally visit from out of town. My initial plan was to form friendships with my roommates, what I hadn't planned for was all three of my roommates moving out of state halfway through our lease.

Making friends in your twenties is hard, but it's unexplainably hard when you're living in a city you don't know. Thankfully I eventually got tired of being bored at home and pushed myself to meet people, and today I want to share with you the three best ways to make new friends in the city.

What to do when you live in a new city and don't know anyone. Where to meet people, how to introduce yourself, and how to make friends.

Friend of friends

Gonna be honest for a second, this is the hardest out of all of them. The reason being that you both have a mutual friend, so there's the extra pressure to get along for at least the afternoon. When asking for your friend to introduce you to people they know, make sure to be honest about the things you like to do and the characteristics you look for in a friend.

I'll use myself as an example, if being set up on a blind friend date, I'd ask to be connected with someone who didn't mind inappropriate jokes, liked having specific plans when going out, and isn't shy when they first meet someone. Don't be afraid to say what you are looking for in a friend, this way you can save yourself the time and awkwardness.

How to Help a Friend Through a Breakup

My passion for writing grew out of writing about relationships, but unlike others, my interest has always been about the end of relationships. Breakups, getting played, cheating, not knowing where you stand, all of these are stages of relationships that we don't talk about, out of embarrassment or fear that others will judge us.

At one point in our life most of us will get our heart broken, and whether you like it or not, you cant hold onto the hope forever that things will work themselves out and fall into place. Getting your heart broken shoves you into a situation where you are left picking up the pieces someone else left, which is why it's so important to be present for someone when they take the risk of reaching out for support.

Helping a friend after they have been dumped or during a breakup can be tough, as a therapist I can help you figure out what to say, what to do, and how to help.

Something must be in the air this month because I've had numerous people reach out to me for support regarding their relationship status, ranging from women who were never official to twenty years deep into a marriage. Somehow along the way my passion for relationships coupled with my unwavering desire to listen to women process what went wrong has led women from around the world to reach out to me during their lowest moment, and no matter where I am I will always make time for a woman who is sitting somewhere crying over a lost chance at love.

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The thing is I'm not always available, and not every woman who reads one of my posts will reach out to me. Over the years I've been through enough breakups to hear most pieces of advice from friends, the good and the bad, as well as on the other side. Now becoming a therapist, I've learned what opinions are better kept to myself, as well as techniques that help people heal in the toughest of situations.

If you're in a position to help a friend or family member through a breakup, keep reading for my best advice on how to help them vent, heal, and move on in the healthiest way possible. No one relationship is the same just as no one breakup is the same, but my hope is that these tips will help you comfort someone else when they need it the most.