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Fall 2017 Bucket List for Twenty Somethings

Even though my birthday is right smack in the middle of summer, fall is my all time favorite season. The weather is finally enjoyable and everything around me looks like it was made to be Instagrammed. As someone who enjoys making specific plans for the weekend, buckets lists are totally my jam.

A fall bucket list for twenty somethings and millennials.

There's already a ton of fall bucket lists out there, but few of them are targeted for twenty-somethings who want to have nostalgic fun as well as participate in adult only events. When writing this post I searched for local fall events hosted in my area that you can most likely find in your city as well. If you have any ideas to add, don't hesitate to comment below what you'd add to your personal fall bucket list.

How My Interests Are Changing in My Mid-Twenties

Last week I got really emotional out of nowhere and like a true millennial I posted that shit on my Instagram story. If you're not yet following me on Instagram I definitely recommend you do, not because I want more followers, but because it's where I'm most active, post the most content and interact with people on a daily basis. But back to my breakdown.

I later realized I was dealing with high levels of anxiety, which were stemming from two of my good friends planning to leave the East Coast area along with not being sure if Washington DC is one hundred percent for me. My anxiety did what it always does, pushed me to clean and sort of my life, meaning I deep cleaned the shit out of my apartment. Deep cleaning coupled with an upcoming yard sale had me in a never-ending spiral of questioning whether I want a certain dress to still hang in my closet and whether or not I'm okay with any of my clothes being in this closet because am I truly even happy here? It was a mess.

How my interests are changing as I enter my mid twenties, plus how the changes are making me enjoy life more overall.

I'm finally over the anxious episode that led to my now very clean apartment, but coming out of it I realized my interests are drastically changing as I age deeper into my twenties. Just today I was shopping at Target and I grabbed for another plain basic gray t-shirt, which is fine, except I already own at least four.

My style is one easy to recognize change in my life, but the more I pay attention the more changes I see in my interests, how my time is spent and with whom. Below are the ways my interests are changing in my mid-twenties, and I'd love to hear if you noticed any differences as you entered your early to mid-twenties as well.

3 Ways to Help Hurricane Harvey Victims

After watching CNN's news coverage for a few hours last night, I suddenly became very anxious about the current conditions in Texas. Living in Washington DC puts residents in this strange position where you're weirdly detached from the country while at the center of our country's legislation.

When natural disasters like this hit, I think a lot of us can be guilty of becoming so overwhelmed with the news being reported that we feel as if there is nothing we can do, so we use that feeling as an excuse to do nothing. While it's true that I cannot directly help in any way, I think we're all capable of pitching in a little bit to a larger collective cause.

The problem is, what causes are worth helping with? After spending some hours watching more news coverage, talking to my sister who currently lives in Texas, and considering the limitations my readers may face in an effort to help, I came up with three ways to donate to help victims of Hurricane Harvey no matter your situation.

Look What You Made Me Do: Twenty Something Edition

Unless you are one of those people who pays zero attention to pop culture, you may not know that Taylor Swift released her long awaited new music this past week. After three years of silence from one of the most talked about celebrities, we all witnessed what may be the beginning of Taylor's not giving a fuck era. And I'm 100% here for it.

If you step back and look at everything as objectively as possible, Taylor Swift is very much a celebrity who is picked apart for doing all the normal twenty something things. Casual dating, occasional lying, trying hard as hell to look professional when her life is really a mess, and overall figuring herself out. I am by no means a super fan, but I also am not a person who hates someone for dating a ton of people and profiting off of those relationships. Hell, maybe I'd do the same thing if anyone would pay attention.

Taking Taylor Swift's new single and comparing it to all the things 20 somethings are guilty of doing because of their age.
Her new single is unlike any of her previous music, and love it or hate it, it's full of references to all the scandals that have been attached to her in the past three years. As your typical twenty something, I too am guilty of uttering the phrase, "look what you made me do," while blaming someone for something I definitely played a part in.

Because Taylor's new single has been stuck in my head all weekend, I thought I'd write a post to highlight all the shit being in my twenties has made me do. The good, the bad, and the pieces I'm still trying to figure out.
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