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20 Summer Date Night Ideas Under $20

As I sat down to write this I instantly titled the post, '20 Spring Date Ideas." Then I remembered spring was almost over and I just hadn't noticed because the weather in Washington DC has been terrible. 

With summer coming, it's leaves a lot of us either wanting to go outside completely (totally understandable) or wanting to enjoy every bit of sunshine while it lasts. As someone who lives her life like she only has $20 in her bank account, I thought I'd put together a list of summer date ideas that won't empty out your wallet or leave you wanting to run back into the nearest air conditioned building. 

Summer date night ideas don't have to cost too much money. Click to read 20 summer date nights that cost twenty dollars or less! Date nights that will keep you having fun all summer long!

1. Outdoor movie
If you're looking for a fun date idea you can only do for the season, outdoor movies are the perfect option and free a lot of the time. All you need are some snacks and something to sit on!

2. Learn a new water sport
For couples who don't mind trying something new on date night, learning a water sport is an option to both spend a few hours having fun and spend little money. To save even more money, rent the equipment instead of buying it. 

3. Host a garage sale
Need an afternoon date idea? How about a date that will make you money? If so, having a garage sale will help you pass the time together and earn some extra money for your next date night. 

Dealing with Rejection From Female Friends in Your Twenties

This is such a weird post to write, but I think it's a topic a lot of twenty something women deal with but don't talk about. Maybe guys deal with it to, but I sincerely believe making and maintaining female friendships is a lot harder than keeping male ones. I mean, there has to be a reason why all my longtime friends are mostly males.

Here's the back story to how this all came into my mind. It's Sunday night and I'm scrolling through my Facebook. I'm not looking for anything specific, just waiting for my boyfriend to finish getting ready for bed so I can shut off the lights. While I'm scrolling I see that one of my Facebook friends uploaded a bunch of pictures, most of them of her and another mutual friend of mine.

When I use the word friend, I don't mean it in the way I refer to it usually. Sure her and I have had some good times, but we're more friends on the surface. Both the friend who uploaded the photos and the other friend featured in the photos. Is this still making sense? Neither are my best friends, but we have all spent time together and individually.

Petty Reasons I Wish I Could Break Up with Someone Over

I've said it a million times and I'll say it again, breakups are hard. Ever since becoming a therapist I've learned all the different ways people deal with the end of a relationship, apparently everyone doesn't lay on the kitchen floor and eat popcorn from sunrise to sunset.

Over the years I've written a lot on relationships, specifically when they end. I like to say that coping with breakups is something I should be certified in, because I have more than enough experience to help everyone get through the stages of a breakup.

If you've been on this blog for a little while or found me way before this website ever existed, you might know that my claim to fame is a post I wrote that went viral on how to get over a breakup. I wrote the post in the middle of the night in tears, classic me, and somehow people connected with it. To this day the post is still on the first page of Google results when you're looking for ways to get over a guy, and that's how my love for writing really began.

Breakups are hard, but what about breakups where we break up for petty reasons? Click to read my petty relationship deal breakers, then share one of yours!

Not all breakups are bad though, I think we all have that one relationship that we were relieved finally ended. The other day I was in the middle of an argument with my boyfriend, one of those ridiculous ones where no one is genuinely mad, fussy would be a better description. In that moment I wanted to leave and never come back, and that's how this post came to be. Below are my relationship deal breakers, that is if I was as petty as I wish I could be.

Self Care Tips from My Cat, Max

Does anyone else enter a three day weekend super excited for all the possibilities that an extra day can bring? Then wham! You realize that extra day or not, you rather sit on the couch and use all that time to scroll on your phone and catch up on your shows.

Three day weekends come with a ton of pressure for me, especially living in Washington DC. Living in the city means there's always something going on, especially around holidays like Memorial Day. My weekends typically start off with ambitious intentions, but by Saturday afternoon I accept the fact that an extra day doesn't make me wanna be a couch potato any less.

If three day weekends or major holidays give you that same feeling of anxiety due to fear of missing out, then I've got the solution for you.

Practicing self care doesn't have to be bard or take up too much time. Click to read how my cat Max inspired me to practice more self care on a daily basis, plus tips on how to do it yourself.

Pet Magasin was kind enough to provide the cat hammock to me for review. Unreliable reviews suck, which is why I (or Max) would never recommend anything we didn't actually use or enjoy. 

Meet Max, he's my adorable cat, who gives me the side eye every time my boyfriend and I argue about what we're going to do today. Here's the thing, Max has no sense of time, or three day weekends, or feeling of having to do fun activities because that's what all the cool cats are doing. His chill as hell attitude is what we should all strive for during the weekends, especially because his life is one long self care routine.

If you need to chill out for a second, keep reading to see how Max manages to enjoy every moment, inspiring my boyfriend and I to emulate his self care practices.
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