Year in Review: 2017

Typically I write these posts for myself because no matter how much I like to grow my audience, I do sometimes enjoy writing posts that are purely for my own memory keeping. As I debated whether or not I should just save this post as a draft, I decided that a post of this kind might serve a purpose to anyone who reads my blog on a semi-regular basis.

2017 was a tough year for me, not because anything terrible directly happened to me, more so because I had to learn when to fight my battles and when it just wasn't worth the time. Currently, I'm sitting in bed, it's Christmas Eve, and like usual I'm thinking about what I want my blog's purpose to be in the coming year.

While this year review may literally be all about me, I hope it can also give some of my younger readers some hope that it does in fact get better. Me three years ago was miserable, living paycheck to paycheck, and unsure of what the future held. Me today is much more certain about what my short-term goals are, all while being grateful for what I've accomplished in the present.

Biggest accomplishment: completing my master's program

This past October I graduated with my Master's in Counseling Psychology, I degree I never imagined I would have attained when I first decided to study psychology. My desire to go into the field of psychology all stemmed from a bad relationship that led to me attending short-term counseling, and seven years later I now have the credentials to help adolescents like myself get through life's toughest years.

Toughest moment: fighting for my degree

Although this is a topic I have a lot to say about, I've made the decision to not write about it until I can fully control my anger about the situation. Long story short, after my graduation I was notified I had not met my clinical requirements, meaning I was denied my degree being conferred. The weeks that followed were some of the hardest of the year, and because of it I definitely burned some bridges at my university.

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Favorite photograph: anniversary dinner

A quick photo I took during my anniversary dinner is definitely my favorite of the year, especially because it says a lot about my relationship without you knowing it. My boyfriend and I are very private about our relationship, for different reasons, yet we both made the decision to not broadcast each other online. Our anniversary was spent exploring a new city and ending the night by eating chocolate chips cookies in bed.

Newest travel destination: birthday in Miami

Since my 21st birthday, I've made it my goal to go somewhere new for my birthday, which is why this year I visited Miami, Florida to celebrate my 25th birthday. My week relaxing week in Florida was the exact type of vacation I needed, with me being halfway through my clinical training at the time. Plus, Florida is so freaking photogenic I almost filled up my phone with the number of photos I took.

Most challenging/rewarding experience: becoming a therapist

Going into 2017 I had no idea I would be spending nearly a year completing my clinical training requirements, and although I would have loved to be licensed by now, I enjoyed every moment I spent with all the clients I acquired during my time as a therapist intern. My first session with a client was on Inauguration Day, and my level of nervousness to this day cannot be described.

For weeks I worried about saying the wrong thing until a client told me just how much she enjoyed talking to me every week. It was from then on that I realized how much I loved getting to know people, with my first goal becoming developing a relationship with a client before anything else. Saying goodbye to my clients was incredibly tough, but the feedback many provided me has me hopeful for my future as a therapist.

Let me know a highlight of your year, good or bad! If you wanna prepare for the new year, click here to read my 10 step plan to make next year your best. 


  1. Wow, 2017 seems like an adventure for you! I love your birthday goal to travel to a new city every year. My birthday is in October so I would looooove to get away from the cold! I think this could be a new goal for me as well - thank you for sharing!

    1. The travel goal has been a great way to make each birthday memorable, since you have a late in the year birthday it's definitely doable to plan something for this year! I typically only go for a five days max so I can keep it affordable and not have it interfere with work or school.