Everything You Need to Enjoy a Long Bus Ride

Call me crazy, but I love long car rides. Having to sit in a seat for a few hours has always been something I enjoyed, probably because growing up my mom and dad would make the eight hour drive once a year to take me to Disneyland. When you eight years old and on a journey to go meet Mickey Mouse, suddenly sitting for an extended period of time doesn't seem so bad.

After doing some traveling in my twenties though I've realized that not everyone gets the same joy out of numb legs and depleting phone batteries.

This past weekend I traveled to Philadelphia, which is about three hours away from Washington DC by bus. Knowing that I was going to catch a 6am bus meant maybe my childhood nostalgia wouldn't work its usual magic, which is when I started prepping a bag full of stuff to make the trip a little more enjoyable. If you're about to head out on a long trip, whether it be by bus, train or car, read on to see the things you should pack to make the journey as seamless and enjoyable as possible.

Things to do the night before your trip

Reserve a seat if possible

Some bus companies now offer the option to reserve your seat on the bus, which takes away the stress of having to arrive early to nab a good seat. For long journeys where you want a guaranteed window seat or access to an outlet, spend the extra few dollars and book a space that's guaranteed to be yours.

Charge all your electronics

Even though multiple bus companies now offer outlets on board, there have been a few occasions when those outlets were not accessible from my seat. Spare yourself a long ride without a phone by charging all your electronics ahead of time! Laptops can be used to charge other devices with USB powered cords, so don't forget this item as well!

Buy some snacks and beverages

With bus terminal prices now reaching Disneyland levels, save yourself some money by grabbing your snacks and breakfast outside the station. Plus, you'll probably get hungry at some point during the trip, so be nice to yourself and pick up some food you can take on board with you.

Limit your liquid intake

I don't know about you guys, but there will just always be something weird about using the restroom in a moving vehicle. Plus, these restrooms always feel so cramped and awkward. If you can, limit how much you drink a few hours before your trip. Doing so will prevent you from having to use the restrooms on the bus and leaving your items unattended at your seat.

Download something to watch/listen to

A ton of buses now offer wifi on board, there's just one problem, streaming videos on it is so slow! Spend a little time downloading some things you might wanna watch ahead of time to save you the frustration of a buffering video later.

What to bring with you

Portable phone charger

Even though multiple buses now make the claim to have outlets on board, that doesn't mean your guaranteed access to one. Plan for the unexpected by bringing a fully charged power bank with you.

All your charging cables

My own paranoia that my luggage will be lost means I always keep two things with me when I travel, my hair tools and my charging cables. They don't take up much space and they make watching whatever you downloaded so much less stressful if you don't have to worry about a depleting laptop battery.

Extra layer to keep warm

There must be some secret oath bus drivers take that forces them to keep the temperature ten degrees below what's comfortable. Bringing with you a knit cardigan will not only keep you warm, it also turns into a great pillow once your tired enough to be able to sleep past all the stuff going on around you.

Headphones, unless you wanna be THAT person

Don't be that person. During my last trip there was a man who was mapping us all the way back to DC, as in turn by turn directions! Never mind that he was not the driver and we were on a double decker bus, we all had to hear which exit to take all the way through our route because he clearly has no friends to tell him doing that is absurd.

Extra tips for a seamless trip

Arrive early to avoid delays

If you're new to bus travel, you might not yet be aware of how early certain bus lines board and what their late policies are. On one specific trip my seat was given away purely because I did not check in 30 minutes ahead of time, never mind that I was already at the station waiting to board. Arrive early to avoid situations like this and be sure to read the fine print on your ticket.

Take advantage of the baggage allowances

By some miracle buses still allow riders one free bag to check, which means you don't need to stress about fitting everything you need into a duffle bag or paying ridiculous baggage fees. Bring what you need without the stress of having to pay for it all, just remember to keep your biggest necessities on board with you.

8 Reasons to Block Your Ex Boyfriend on Social Media

I was going to start this blog post off with some witty joke and then maybe transition into my story, but you know what? Nah. My audience according to my site stats is 93% female. Meaning 93% of you know what it's like to explain something ten different ways and still be looked at with a blank stare. So I'm going to start this blog the real way, the way I started the conversation with my best friend when this all went down.

Boy are so fucking dumb. Yeah, I said it. I honestly think they are the more stupid of the two sexes. I mean seriously, how many of us know a guy (or even dated a guy) who got caught doing something and still has the nerve to act as if you've blindsided him with new information? Okay, rant over. This is what happened to spark the creation of this post. Buckle up, ladies.

As I stood at the bus stop waiting for what I hoped would be the express bus, my phone lit up with an Instagram notification. See, just fifteen minutes prior I had posted a photo of me watching Hocus Pocus to celebrate the end of one of the most grueling classes I've ever taken. Actually here's the photo, and since you're already browsing, it would be cool if you followed me too. No pressure. Please follow me, moving on!

Anyways, as I scrolled through my notifications I saw a username of a certain someone who is no friend of mine. My goddamn ex boyfriend! You know the one. The guy who dumped me on New Years, was already searching for someone new before we were over, and has followed and unfollowed me in a ploy to get my attention. Here's the thing though, he unfollowed me officially the day I posted a photo of my new man friend, since then flaunting his newest girlfriend of the month. Regardless, I've never blocked him, simply because I like knowing he can see how much better I am without him. But after last night, I think I found my reason to finally shut him out

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If you're not sure whether or not you should unfriend an ex on social media, or go a step further and just block them, keep reading to see what you should do before you post another status update.

1. You can no longer stalk them.

The obvious reason that all your friends point out to you, blocking them means you can't constantly check up on them anymore. The first few days are rough, but I promise if you stick to it you'll stop wanting to much more quickly than if you hadn't.

2. They can no longer stalk you.

Why is there this widespread belief that boys don't also check your posts late at night? Boys dwell on things too! By blocking him you're taking away his ability to see where you're checking in and who you're with.

3. You can't spend time stalking the people they're spending time with.

Let's be honest with each other for a moment, we've all had those nights where we take our investigations a little too far. One second we're searching our ex, then his best friend, then his best friend's cute female cousin who is in town and just might be out with them! Prevent yourself from falling into this rabbit hole by taking away your access to all of it.

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4. You never feel good after doing it anyways.

Raise your hand if you ever felt good when stalking your ex after a break up? (all hands stay firmly down) Post break up is the worst time to cyberstalk an ex, and also the time you're most likely to do it! By deleting them you take away the option and the feelings that come along with seeing something you didn't like.

5. Allows you more time to work on yourself (save time instead of stalking)

Every minute you don't spend obsessing over them is a minute you could spend doing something you're truly passionate about. Everyone has that one thing they've always wanted to do but never take the initiative to try. For me, it's always been writing. Figure out what your passion is and every time you get an urge to check up on an ex, take a step towards fulfilling that goal.

6. You'll spend less time comparing your lives.

Let's not lie here, anyone who doesn't block their ex on social media spend a little too much time thinking about what to post so that they look like they're living every day to the fullest. Avoid filling your feed with false projections of how you really feel and comparing your day to day activities to your ex. The less you know, the better, cause you cant live every day like it's the weekend.

7. Less temptation to want to talk to them.

Can I get a round of applause for never contacting my ex after the day we broke up? Like really though, this is how I know I've matured. But you know what helped so much? Having zero contact, zero interaction, and zero temptation. Before I was all about staying friends and keeping in touch, but this time around I was all about that out of sight out of mind mindset. And guys, it worked!

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8. Give yourself the option of a clean break.

I've been so guilty of doing the on and off relationship thing with boys, and each time it never works. By pushing your ex out of your life, but in real life and online, you allow yourself the time and energy to move on. You just cant move on when they still clog up space in your mind every day, at least not as easily as you could potentially without those daily reminders.

Bonus tip: Makes them think about what you could be doing.

You know what feels really good? Unfollowing an ex on social media and knowing they still keep tabs on what you're up to. I have an ex boyfriend who to this day still likes my Instagram picture, even though he's unfollowed me multiple times! Who knew that all I needed to do what ignore him for him to give a shit about my daily life? So if you wanna pull a Samantha and win your break up, you can skip blocking them and just unfollow and unfriend. This way they can still see all that you're up to without the need for you to see any of their fuzzy, badly filtered posts. I mean, I'm just saying, boys suck at Instagram.

So tell me, what do you do once a relationship is over? Try to save the friendship you once had or quickly find the block button? Share your experiences in the comments below!

10 Stupid Mistakes I Made My First Year of College

I want to start off by saying that I don't regret a single part of my undergraduate experience, because each one of those experiences led me to where I am today. Actually, one thing I will take back. I should have dumped my loser high school boyfriend the moment he tried to convince me he "needed to focus on himself." But besides that, totally sticking by all the stupid decisions I made!

Freshmen year is this awesome experience that everyone likes to glamorize. Yeah moving away from home is fun and you get to meet all thees new people, but there are also parts that no one warns you about. Probably because RA's are under contract to not talk about stuff like this, even though it's a total disservice to those of us who come in green eyed and ready to mess up.

Below you'll find the 10 mistakes I made my freshmen year in college, ranging from those that cost me money I still owe to this day to the type I like to tell stories about at parties today.

1. Chose too big of a meal plan.

Not sure if I was going through a second puberty when I chose my meal plan, but there's no explanation as to why I thought I needed to have three paid meals per day. Let's be honest, most of us won't be awake for breakfast most days. Save yourself a ton of money by picking a meal plan that fits your current needs.

2. Dated someone in my dorm hall.

Long story short I had just had my heart broken for the first time and I was on the rebound. So, I kinda, sorta, maybe dated a drug dealer. That wasn't the worst part. Our break up was terrible and I had to face him every day of freshmen year. Was it the end of the world? No. But it could have been avoided.

3. Slept with someone in my dorm hall.

Remember that drug dealer? Yeah I slept with him. Having to pass someone you dated was one thing, bringing by your new boyfriend to meet your door mates, including the guy who once saw you naked is another. There's so many boys in college, steer clear of the ones you share an address with.

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4. Paid little attention to what courses I registered for.

When registering for my first semester of classes no one told me anything besides the types of prerequisites expected of everyone. Do your research first so you don't end up taking the most difficult classes your first semester. You wanna give yourself time to get used to your new life and schedule.

5. Didn't join any campus organizations.

My secret goal freshmen year was to one day run for student body president. It never happened. I got caught up in doing the basic freshmen year things that made me reluctant to branch past my friensd for the first year. Don't do the same, join a group, make friends outside your roommates and remember that your first year sets the precedent for your college experience.

6. Spent too much money on textbooks.

If you were thinking about buying your textbooks from the bookstore then think again. With websites like Amazon and Chegg, there's no reason you need to pay full price for books. And for those of you who are serious about saving money each semester, check out my post on how to never spend a dime on college textbooks.

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7. Didn't take advantage of all the free events.

For some dumb reason I didn't attend the homecoming events my freshmen year of college! Sure it didn't completely ruin my life, but you wanna soak up those moments while you still can. Nowadays I pay to get in everywhere, some places wont even give me the student discount! Attend everything you can, while you can!

8. Continued to date my high school not-so-sweetheart.

Unfortunately I didn't have many good friends during high school, at least not the kind that could tell me what a loser my boyfriend was. If you're in an on and off relationship like I was, do yourself one big favor and cut ties. I know it's hard, but trust me, after a few weeks you'll feel so much better. 

9. Didn't visit the study abroad office.

Junior and senior year I studied abroad and in our nation's capitol, where I now live(!), but I so wish I would have become part of the study abroad community starting my freshmen year. The people you meet there are unlike any other group on campus, plus there's the benefit about learning about studying abroad sooner rather than later.

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10. Accepting too much in financial aid.

I'm gonna admit it, I had no idea what I was doing the first time I filed my FAFSA or accepted my grants and loans. If you're feeling the same way talk to a guidance counselor, reach out to the financial advisers in your new school or simply talk to other people who have been through this before.

Did you make any embarrassing mistakes your freshmen year of college? Please tell me I'm not the only one who ended my first year with a few unnecessary experiences!

10 Amazing Ways Getting a Pet Changes Your Life

Adopting Max was one of the best decisions I've made in my twenties. In my opinion, it totally cancels out the fact that I dated someone totally wrong for me and continuously drop too much money in the Target One Spot section. But anyways, making the choice to get a cat is what has made my cross country move possible. Without Max I don't think I could have handled all those nights without friends or months were my income didn't match my bills.

Apart from always having someone to have a joint costume with, having a pet comes with benefits no one really talks, probably about in an effort to not sound totally obsessed. The thing is, I know I'm a crazy cat lady, and I own every minute of it. My cat eats healthier than I ever could and I consistently know what he's going to be for Halloween before my own costume.

If you're thinking about adopting an animal read on to see all the amazing ways your life will change with the introduction of a little furry friend. Cat, dog or hamster, pets are honestly a twenty somethings' best option to learning how to grow up and love every minute of it.

1. You start spending less money on yourself.

While I'm not claiming that I don't spend money on myself anymore, I can say that currently my cat has a Halloween costume and I do not. Toys, carriers and collars suddenly are more tempting than purses and makeup, so yeah, you still spend money, but in a different category!

2. More attention is paid to the ingredients in the food you buy.

The number of hours I've spent researching what's inside my cat's dry food is embarrassing, but hey, I wan't him to live a long healthy life! You won't catch me reading the ingredients on my cereal but you bet I can name the first three ingredients in anything that goes into my cat's food bowl. 

3. Staying home on a weekend night doesn't sound so bad.

Before Max my Friday nights were spent trying to convince myself to go out then instanty regretting it once I was out. Nowadays a night in sounds much more enjoyable, especially since I have all the company I need curled up on my lap. Plus I can spare myself of being spilled a drink on.

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4. You're less lonely overall. 

Speaking of nights in, I seemed to do a lot of those my first few months in Washington DC. Having zero friends made it hard to push myself to get out of bed in the morning, but with Max, I at least had one reason to get moving. He was hungry and demanded to be fed. Adopting a pet will give you something to look forward to each day when you come home, and just maybe help your transition into a new environment.

5. Small moments become things worth celebrating. 

Okay maybe I was always this way, but at least now small celebrations aren't just me making a fuss out of seemingly nothing. Traditions don't have to exclude your pets, which is why every year Max steals my pumpkin carving tools and attacks the tree as a decorate it. I have friends who include pets in their holiday cards, so don't worry, there's a whole community of pet obsessed people.

6. You feel safer. 

Even though I know my cat can't protect me in the way a dog could, I can at least blame most of the bumps I hear in the night on him. Pets give you a sense of security, and if you're lucky, they can actually notify people if you;re in danger. I think a few days without me Snapchating my cat would give my friends the message that something had to be wrong.

7. Small talk is suddenly so much easier. 

No more talking about the weather or your commute! Almost everyone has a cat or dog, and if not, they most likely love animals anyways. Go with the safest topic possible by talking about something dumb your pet recently did, or better yet, whip out your camera roll full of adorable pictures.

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8. You become more responsible. 

Have I paid my taxes yet? Heck no! (But I'm planning to, I promise!) But you can bet I have enough cat food and litter to last me through winter, plus I make sure to never be away from home for too long anymore. Maybe I don't have absolutely everything figured out, but I definitely have changed my priorities since adopting Max.

9. You learn what unconditional love is. 

Everyone says your family is a source of unconditional love, which can be true I guess, but are you really feeling that love when your mom yells at you for not emptying the dishwasher? See, pets don't do things like that. You can forget to give them fresh water or buy the wrong kind of food and they just roll with it. And that to me is unconditional love, I mean, why else would my cat put up with finishing a whole bag of dog food before I noticed the difference?

10. You become more selective of who you spend your time with. 

Sure I wan't spending my time with drug dealers and scammer before getting a pet, but I was way more comfortable bringing people by knowing it was just me they'd be around. Apart from people who hate cats, which I strongly don't associate with, I'm much more careful about who I let into my home. I don't know when or why this happened, but it just did. My cat may not be my child, but I'm sure as hell going to come at you if you hurt a hair on his body.

So tell me, did adopting a pet change your life in any way? And if you're thinking about getting a pet, do you have any questions about life with a furry friend?

20 Inexpensive Fall Date Ideas

Ever since the start of my new relationship, my weekends have become a lot more...predictable. Unlike most new relationships, we spent months beforehand getting to know one another to the point where when we did meet, it's as if we had skipped over the awkward getting to know each other stage. This also means we quickly got comfortable with each other, too comfortable sometimes.

With my love for fall and his inexperience with all the city has to offer, I began researching for ways to enjoy our weekends without emptying our wallets. If you're in a relationship that needs something other than Netflix-and-stop-eating-so-much-of-my-popcorn, or if you're still into those early months of your relationships, this list has plenty of fall date ideas that will give you both something fun to do. Praying that during none of your dates he asks "what's the point of this?" If so, I stand by whatever choice in object you decide to throw towards him.

1. Visit a pumpkin patch.

An easy way for you to take some cute Instagram photos and enjoy all the events many pumpkin patches host on top of picking your own pumpkin. Much more fun than a trip to the grocery store to nab one.

2. Watch the most anticipated movie for fall.

With so many great movies, and shows, coming out each fall, find one you both are pumped for an make a night of it.

3. Go on a hike.

Enjoy the great outdoors while it's still nice enough to want to go outside. Even most large cities have a park worth trekking through.

4. Create your own food crawl.

If bar crawls aren't your thing, choose a food item you both love and make a pact to try it in various restaurants throughout your town. Options are donuts, pumpkin space lattes or ice cream. Literally any food will work, so choose your favorite and get to tasting!

5. Go apple picking.

If you're lucky enough to live near an orchard, apple picking is a fun option that gets you both outside and fed.

6. Carve pumpkins.

Remember that pumpkin patch idea? Well you can take that date night and turn it into a second one by carving your pumpkins.

7. Have a scary movie marathon.

Take turns choosing a Halloween movie and spend the weekend watching each other's favorite films. All you need is some snacks and your Netflix account.

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8. Make your favorite fall food from scratch.

Did you go apple picking? Well you can turn those apples into a pie, or apple sauce! If not, choose a recipe and attempt making it together. Even if it turns out terrible, it's a bonding experience. Kinda like building Ikea furniture.

9. Visit a haunted house.

For those couples that enjoy a good scare, haunted houses are a great choice that will give you plenty of funny moments to talk about the rest of the week.

10. Visit a corn maze.

For those couples that wanna take the haunted house date one step further, corn mazes are one of the creepiest, and most fun, things to do this time of year.

11. Have one last picnic.

I don't think picnics get the credit they deserve. Find a not too busy park and pack some easy to make food, or yummy takeout, and eat outside before your fingers feel like they're gonna freeze off.

12. Host a game night.

Who says date nights cant include your friends? Invite over other couples, or just a few mutual friends, and enjoy some pizza over your choice of board or card game.

13. Attend a state fair.

The best part of fall are all the state fairs that pop up! Find one near you and enjoy all the fair food your wallet can buy you.

14. Roast pumpkin seeds.

Remember that pumpkin you carved? Save those seeds and roast them!

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15. Go thrifting or to a flea market.

So it turns out guys don't mind visiting flea markets or thrift stores. My hypothesis is that they too love a good bargain, but whatever the reason, try it out. To make things more fun set a budget and see who can buy the best thing with the money they have.

Visit a local wine or beer fest.

Groupon has so many discounted entry tickets to wine and beerfests nationwide, but if that isn't your scene, try visiting a local brewery.

16. Visit a local wine or beer fest.

Groupon has so many discounted entry tickets to wine and beerfests nationwide, but if that isn't your scene, try visiting a local brewery.

17. Host a Halloween party.

Most twenty somethings still love Halloween, but many of us are in that in between stage where we wanna dress up but rather not go out to some overpriced bar. Save the day by hosting a party for your closest friends, nothing fancy. Think a few decorations, snacks, drinks and a costume contest!

18. Sign up for a ghost tour.

Many cities have local ghost tours. Do a little research to see if your town has one you can attend together.

19. Build a bonfire.

If you're lucky enough to have a fire pit, or live near a beach that allows them, build a bonfire to roast some marshmallows over.

20. Create a fall bucket list.

If you're a couple who likes to stay active, create a fall bucket list together so you never run out of date ideas. No more sitting around wondering what you should do tonight.

What's your favorite way to spend date night in the fall? Leave me your suggestions in the comments below!

10 Things That Happened the Day I Realized I Didn't Love You Anymore

Breakups are terrible, at every age. No one can truly warn you how hard it is to go from loving someone one day to having to imagine life without them the next. Forget having to let go of marriage and babies and all that crap, because if we're honest, that's not what makes you curl up on the floor and cry till you cant breathe. It's the small things. Having to carry your heavy grocery bags on your own again, not having that one person to text when something big or infinitely small happens, or having to constantly pass that one restaurant you both loved.

Breakups suck, so fucking much. They make you wanna call out of work and turn us into crazy stalkers. If you have friends you can vent to for weeks, be thankful. For those of us who have to bottle it all up cause rent ain't free and friends are far away, I feel ya.

Here's the thing though, it fades. The anger subsides and the pain comes and goes, but none of it is permanent. Eventually you stop talking about them, then you only stalk them once in a while, maybe one day you realize you went a whole week without thinking of them, until eventually you feel whole enough again to speak of them without a trace of sadness or bitterness in your mouth.

Except even once you've healed, the feelings sometimes linger behind. Yes, you can get over a breakup without letting go of your feelings in the process. In my experience that takes a litle bit longer. Maybe secretly we hold on because of a hope that it will all work out, even though it rarely does. Even feelings go away after some time, and that's when I think you're truly free to live your life once again without any of the baggage you clung to post breakup.

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1. I could go on social media and scroll without worry.

No more being jealous that you were out while I was at home or that you were having fun doing that one thing you never gave a chance when I recommended it.

2. Seeing photos and posts with you in them didn't completely alter my mood.

A moment of looking at your face didn't send me into a spiral of what went wrong, why I hated you or why I wished you would just go away forever.

3. I was no longer worried about running into you.

The first few months were a constant worry of running into you at all, then when I wasnt looking my best. Not I can confidently say I wouldn't give you a second glance.

4. I stopped thinking about what I would say if you ever walked up to me.

Sure, I always wondered what I would say if you approached me. Now I'm much more comfortable knowing I wouldn't even bother to give you a response.

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5. I finally admitted to myself that you were more bad than good.

No more making excuses, we ended for a reason, and I've finally healed enough to admit them to myself. 

6. I said to myself the one thing I promised to never throw in your face.

Every couple has that one thing that they never mention in a fight, no matter how angry they are. Well listen up ladies, once it's over, stop holding back the one thing you were always too kind to say out loud. Trust me, it feels so liberating. 

7. I didn't compare every guy I met to you.

The first date I went on post break up was odd, uncomfortable, and ended very quickly. You'll have a moment though where you don't compare every little move.

8. And if I did, you always came in last.

Okay sometimes you do compare little things, but when you do, you'll find you prefer the new guy's traits much more. 

9. I wasn't reminded of you everywhere I went.

No one talks about how freaking annoying it is to walk by the restaurant of your first date, or the spot of the first  place you kissed, day after day. This one takes a while of course, but it's good to walk down the street and not linger on the old memories. 

10. You no longer dominated my conversations.

The day my friends no longer needed to check in with how I was feeling was the day I knew I was finally moving on. You're not all we talk about anymore, and when we do, our talks are filled with laughter about how stupid it all was. Not all of it of course, but the end, the end was mighty dumb of me.

The Easiest Ways to Save Money That Will Feel Impossible at First

Not having a job is hard ya'll. Actually, scratch that. Waking up late every morning and not having to style my hair is easy. Not having money to spend aimlessly is the hard part.

If you caught my last post you might know that I recently quit my job in an effort to better focus on the reason I moved across the country. Adjusting to my new lifestyle has been a lot harder than I thought it would be though. As someone who values having a reason to wake up every morning, it's a little unmotivating when I don't have a clue of what I'm going to spend my day doing. Apart from class twice a week and the reoocuring assignments, my life is one long weekend now.

I've started writing more and sitting in bed less, but there's just one problem, money isn't coming in like it used to. Sure, I saved enough to keep me afloat for a while, but I can't help but feel guilty every time I spend money on something I don't absolutely need.

Here's the thing though, it's getting easier. Just like training yourself to wake up for work on time, you can train yourself to save money in ways you would have never even considered.

Buy groceries only at the grocery store.
Raise your hand if you've ever ran to the store for milk and come back with a new cardigan instead? *raises hand* That's because you're shopping in stores that are full of temptation! Quit going to places like Target for groceries and help yourself save money by bypassing all the distractions. Plus, they aren't really known for having the lowest prices anyways.

Uninstall Uber and Lyft.
This one is such a pain in the butt, or should I say feet(?), but can save you money right away. If you spent less time comparing pool prices and instead comparing your city's public transit apps, you'll see a notice in your bank balance immediately. Plus, without it conveniently being on your phone, you'll be less tempted to catch an Uber instead of the bus or subway.

Rent instead of buying.
Have you visited your local library lately? Cause they have seriously stepped up their game! You can find entire seasons of shows available to rent, plus all those books that you can finally take off your Amazon wish list. Libraries are free you guys, free! Why did we ever stop going?

Unsubscribe from everything. 
Okay, this one is hard. Especially since most of us probably don't even have cable. If you can't live without it, opt for one only! That means you shouldn't have Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime. Choose the one you use the most, and if possible, find a friend or family member to split the cost with. If you're amazing and can take the plunge of cancelling your plan, YouTube and network websites often play the same shows for free the day after they air.

Say goodbye to delivery.
Remember when I said all your food should come from the grocery store? Well someitmes boys are assholes and deadlines come faster than we anticipated. In these cases, if you're gonna order food it better be coming from a place you're gonna pick it up from. Save yourself the money of delivery and tips and walk to pick it up yourself.

Become best friends with generic items.
Say goodbye to name brands, for certain things! Your hands don't know the difference between hand soaps, and there's no way you even take out your trash often enough to need those fancy trashbags. Skimp on the everyday necessities that cost way more than they should.

Purchase a Sunday paper every once in a while.
Spending three dollars once a month can save you a ton of money for the rest of the month. You'd be surprised how many amazing coupons are included in the Sunday paper. I buy shampoo and conditioner every six months, and I don't think my total is ever over ten dollars. Seriously guys, buy the paper this weekend.

Just keep walking.
It can be so tempting to browse Target just because it's on my walk home, but unless I absolutely need something necessary like toilet paper or cat food, I just keep walking. You can't miss what you never even saw, so make it easier on yourself and don't go inside. The first few times will feel like torture, but the less you browse, the lower the likelihood you'll make impulse purchases. 

What's one way you help yourself save money ever month? Share your secrets in the comments below!

The 20 Best Halloween Movies for Every Scare Level

Currently I'm dating a boy who is just not in the Halloween spirit as I am, like at all. As someone who could care less about Christmas and Fourth of July, it's a little hard to spend all my time with someone who doesn't squeal with joy when they see a pumpkin patch. Like hello, can we get in the fall spirit and coordinate our costumes, or am I gonna have to reactive my dating profile to find less of a downer?

None of this would be a problem, if his dislike for Halloween didn't also extend to movies. In an effort to choose a movie for the night, I spent some time researching Halloween-esque movies that wouldn't keep him up at night or make me roll my eyes. During my hunt for the perfect compromise I realized I may not be the only one battling the right to celebrate how I choose, so I put together the twenty best films for everyone on the Halloween loving spectrum, from unimpressed to totally obsessed.

Movies that will make you miss the 90s (and won't scare you one bit).

1. Hocus Pocus
A perfect movie to carve pumpkins to and reminisce about how much better tv was in the late 90s. Plus, the perfect way to transition into an all day Sex and the City marathon.

2. The Nightmare Before Christmas
Does this movie even need an explanation? If anything, it's a great film to inspire your couples or group costume.

3. Halloweentown
Back when TV Disney movies were something we looked forward to. I found myself wtaching this last year and was just as ____ with the plot.

4. Practical Magic
Apart from two strong female leads, then and now, it's the best romantic comedy you're gonna find about two witches. Think of Sabrina the Teenage Witch, without the meddling aunts!

5. The Sixth Sense
The closest thing to scary my mom ever let me watch before the age of 12. I cant say more without ruining it for the .001% of you who haven't seen it yet.

Movies classics that are too old to be scary.

6. Halloween
Sure, it features one of those bad guys that just won't die, but the acting and plot is so cheesy at times that it's hard to be genuinely scared at time. Still good though.

7. Nightmare on Elm Street
Turns out the bad guy can only kill you while you're asleep. Whelp, see ya'll in the afterlife.

8. Carrie (1976)
We're you ever bullied in school? Well grab the popcorn and be prepared to root for the underdog.

9. The Exorcist
The scariest of this bunch, but only because they really amped up with the grossness factor in a few scenes.

Movies that will make you scream at the television.

10. You're Next
Ever watch Home Alone? This movie is like that, except much much scarier. You'll love it, trust me.

11. Panic Room
Similar to You're Next, but much less bloody and you'll find yourself throwing less popcorn at the TV.

12. Hush
One of the most stressful movies I've seen in a long time. Brief description: it's a home invasion and the woman is deaf. He taunts her for what feels like forever before making his move. Did I mention it's super stressful?

13. Poltergeist
Sure maybe this one should go with the classics, but you'll find yourself actually caring what happens to the people in this movie? Those sex crazed teens in the category before, not so much.

Movies that will scare you, but not so much that you won't wanna rewatch them.

14. Scream
Packed with a cast that you will still recognize today, plus that feeling you used to get before caller ID was a thing.

15. The Ring
Scary enough to make you jump a few times, but leave you feeling like you'd never be dumb enough to get yourself in that situation.

16. Carrie (2013)
The remake was absolutely amazing and should honestly be seen by anyone who was a fan of the original. Plus, it really makes you feel for teens nowadays, at least some of them.

17. Insidious
The lesson learned here is don't have kids, because they will be come possessed and then you have to clean up their mess. Stressful, scary and nerve-wracking, kinda like having a late period.

Movies that will make you hear every bump in the night.

18. Paranormal Activity
These movies are a lot of hype, not a lot of action. Yet somehow they manage to drag out the suspense to keep you interested until the very end.

19. The Conjuring
Cant say enough good things about this movie, and for once the kids aren't completely gullible. Plus with two recent sequels, you can make a night of it!

20. The Babadook
You'll spend half the time wondering what the heck is going on, the other half searching up boarding schools to send the annoying little boy to.

Okay now tell me, what's your favorite movie to watch in the month of October? Please tell me I'm not alone in loving every minute of this month!

20 Things Only People With Office Jobs Will Understand as told by The Office

Working an office job is a right of passage, and no, internships do not count. When you intern in an office you can still hold onto the feeling that this is just a step to somewhere better. When you're clocking in 40 hours a week in the same space week after week, that feeling of an unexpected future begins to fade away with each birthday month celebration.

Even though the love I had for my coworkers helped me forget just how boring the tasks I completed daily were, there were definitely moments when I sat there and thought to myself, "How can anyone wan't to be here for the rest of their life?"

If you work a job you currently hate or just have days where the smallest sneeze makes you wanna go off, then close your Outlook for a moment and stand in solidarity with all of us who know the struggle of working one of those classic office jobs where a trip to get a cup of coffee is something you genuinely look forward to.

1. Realizing you forgot your headphones when it's too late to turn back.

2. Going to grab your tupperware only to find that someone already snatched it.

3. Peacefully using the restroom until someone walks in, and uses the stall directly next to you!

4. Surprise parties for the office that are actually a surprise.

5. When an internal meeting orders too much food and the office gets to eat the extras.

6. Early leave for holidays.

7. Both hating and looking forward to the holiday party.

8. Finding that one work friends who just gets you.

9. Bonding with your work friends over that coworker you both cant stand.

10. Secretly wondering how much money everyone else around you is making.

11. Having to let everyone now about your upcoming vacation, multiple times.

12.  Snacks becoming the only thing that help you get through the day.

13. Convincing yourself you could manage the office so much better.

14. Sitting through a photo slideshow of your coworkers kids/nephews/grandkids.

15. And coffee, all of the coffee.

16. Panicking when you cant remember if you entered your time.

17. Flying into a total rage when you find they raised the prices on the vending machine again.

18. Being way too cold in the office all summer.

19. While sweating at your desk during the winter.

20. And last but not least, the joy of having the elevator all to yourself.

For anyone with an office job, did I miss anything? Let me know the best and worst part of spending most of your days at the same desk below!

When Celebrating Your Accomplishment Leaves You Feeling Like a Failure

Here's the thing. I spent the last year of my life working my butt off for this moment, which is why I'm a little frustrated by the fact that I feel like a complete and utter failure.

When I first moved to Washington DC, or should I say Maryland because I was way too broke to afford DC, I had no idea how difficult my masters program would be. The classes were simple enough and so was adjusting to my new schedule of working two jobs while attending school full time. It was the constant voice in the back of my head that kept reminding me that graduation wasn't attainable until I had 6 months of time to work for free. In essence, somehow I was expected to complete my masters internship, which doesn't pay, while survive in one of the most expensive cities in the United States. Did I mention I knew nobody?

Most of my classmates lived in group homes, with fiancees or family. Meaning their bills were split by many or not their worry at all. I on the other hand came to DC with about a thousand dollars, half of which was gone by the first of the month. Within a few weeks I found two jobs, figured out the city, but couldn't quite figure out how I was going to finish my masters without being able to have a job at the end.

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This is when I entered a full panic mode. While I instagrammed all the parts of my new life that were pretty and fun, on the inside I was stressing about every bill, every month that I got closer to having to take that course that required I be free during the hours I usually was at work. For months I completely avoided the situation, ignoring emails and hating all the women in my program who had boyfriends to support them through all of this. Then something major happened, I decided to stop avoiding the thing that was tormenting me.

Instead of trying to find a way to avoid my problem I decided to make a solution. What was my problem exactly? Well I needed to complete my practicum (which is six months of time) by working close to full time while being compensated nothing. Oh, and the cost of tuition that came with even enrolling in practicum courses. So basically I needed money, a lot of it. At least enough to help me survive for the months that I would have to fully commit myself to my classes and training.

Now if you know anything about me, you'll know that I have a habit of spending money on stupid things. I don't have designer purses or even name brand trash bags, but I do have a lot of plants and cat toys and super cool stuff I found marked down 70 percent at Target. So my plan had one simple step, stop spending so much damn money and take every minute of overtime I could get for the next year.

For a year I worked my ass off at my law firm, coming in early and staying till closing. I saved everything that I didn't spend on rent or other necessities. While I was still having fun I wasn't spending like I used to, and within a year I had saved enough to help me survive for the next few months. My friends and coworkers couldn't believe it and neither could I. But I did it, I had the money so I quit my jobs in hopes of starting the process I had so long ignored.

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Except here I am, on day one of unemployment, and it fucking sucks. Yeah I have money in the bank and a purpose for why I'm still in my pajamas, but there's something that feels good about having a reason to wake up early in the morning. My practicum doesn't start until next year, so from now until then I have to not only find a place to intern but plan for a few extra months of no income.

I'm a second generation American which means I grew up hearing that hard work leads to success, which makes it hard for me to picture a successful future right now that I'm in bed while all my former coworkers are in the office. I should be scanning expenses and answering phones, but instead I've spent my morning on Instagram and talking to my cat.

Grad school is hard, in ways that none of those pamphlets will ever tell you. Nobody talks about the long nights you spend wondering if all of this is worth it. Loan reminders enter my inbox weekly and friends who decided to just enter the workforce after college always look so much more carefree. I mean, I would totally kill to come home and not have to write a paper!

I'm sure in a few days this new routine will feel more normal, but for now I'm going to go back into full panic mode while I look for part time jobs and have a long talk with my cat about why I think we need to get outside more.

So tell me, have you ever felt anything like this? As a twenty something (or more), how do you deal with the pressure to do it all when it seems impossible from where you stand?