20 Things Only People With Office Jobs Will Understand as told by The Office

Working an office job is a right of passage, and no, internships do not count. When you intern in an office you can still hold onto the feeling that this is just a step to somewhere better. When you're clocking in 40 hours a week in the same space week after week, that feeling of an unexpected future begins to fade away with each birthday month celebration.

Even though the love I had for my coworkers helped me forget just how boring the tasks I completed daily were, there were definitely moments when I sat there and thought to myself, "How can anyone wan't to be here for the rest of their life?"

If you work a job you currently hate or just have days where the smallest sneeze makes you wanna go off, then close your Outlook for a moment and stand in solidarity with all of us who know the struggle of working one of those classic office jobs where a trip to get a cup of coffee is something you genuinely look forward to.

1. Realizing you forgot your headphones when it's too late to turn back.

2. Going to grab your tupperware only to find that someone already snatched it.

3. Peacefully using the restroom until someone walks in, and uses the stall directly next to you!

4. Surprise parties for the office that are actually a surprise.

5. When an internal meeting orders too much food and the office gets to eat the extras.

6. Early leave for holidays.

7. Both hating and looking forward to the holiday party.

8. Finding that one work friends who just gets you.

9. Bonding with your work friends over that coworker you both cant stand.

10. Secretly wondering how much money everyone else around you is making.

11. Having to let everyone now about your upcoming vacation, multiple times.

12.  Snacks becoming the only thing that help you get through the day.

13. Convincing yourself you could manage the office so much better.

14. Sitting through a photo slideshow of your coworkers kids/nephews/grandkids.

15. And coffee, all of the coffee.

16. Panicking when you cant remember if you entered your time.

17. Flying into a total rage when you find they raised the prices on the vending machine again.

18. Being way too cold in the office all summer.

19. While sweating at your desk during the winter.

20. And last but not least, the joy of having the elevator all to yourself.

For anyone with an office job, did I miss anything? Let me know the best and worst part of spending most of your days at the same desk below!


  1. This is great! When I know there's going to be a big meeting in the office, I won't eat breakfast and just wait for the meeting's leftovers lol.

    1. Yessss. I used to be in charge of catering for my law firm and being able to choose my own leftovers was great lol

  2. Oh god. My office is consistently cold no matter what season.