September Goals :: Goodbye To Do List

I've never written a monthly goals post for many reasons. Mainly because I am convinced no one is interested in my desire to get my life in order, but also because I don't really make monthly goals. I'm much more of a daily to do list kind of gal.

With life throwing something new at me every other day though, and my blog stats steadily declining because of it, I've decided to try throwing my hopes and dreams for the month of September out into the universe in hope of becoming more accountable for what I hope to accomplish.

B L O G   G O A L S

>> Post on a more consistent basis, preferably three times per week.
>> Write posts as the idea pops into my head, not when I'm in a rush to hit publish.
>> Take photographs of ordinary objects to avoid having to use a photograph found somewhere on the internet. Last thing I need is a lawsuit over some crappy stock photo.
>> Actually promote my posts, instead of hoping my readers will stumble upon them.

P R O F E S S I O N A L   G O A L S

>> For every 3 days I don't receive a call for an interview, apply to another job.
>> Have my resume and cover letter looked over by my admissions counselor.
>> Keep up to date with job listings in the city to avoid missing any opportunities. 

A C A D E M I C   G O A L S

>> Befriend at least one person in my courses, both for the simple fact that I need a friend in this city and to ask for help when needed.
>> Do everything I can to avoid paying 800 dollars on textbooks this semester. And I mean everything!
>> Avoid procrastinating on assignments, because graduate school costs way too much money to get anything below an A.

P E R S O N A L   G O A L S

>> Visit at least one museum.
>> Incorporate one new healthy habit.
>> Try out a new restaurant.
>> Read that book I bought months ago.

I'd love to hear anything you'd like to accomplish before September ends in the comments below!