The 200th Post

If you know me at all you know I like to celebrate things. Monthaversaries, half birthdays, random holidays that you one else wants to acknowledge. Happy National Polar Bear Day by the way! Totally not lying, don't believe me? Look here.

Since I'm a sucker for celebrating milestones, there was no way I was gonna let 200 posts pass by without acknowledging it. And what better way to celebrate than to round up your and my favorite posts?? The posts below are my top performers, the ones I had most fun writing and the kind that made people wanna come back to see what I'd say next. Here's to two hundred!

My Personal Faves

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20 Tips for College Seniors

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Why I Could Never Date Christian Grey

Besides the obvious fact that my hair would not do well in the Pacific Northwest, there's a handful of reasons me and Mr.Grey would not last in the long term. Or maybe even the fifth date. 

Reader Favorites

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It's basically a given you're not gonna study for finals until the week of, so let's stop pretending and instead talk about the ways you can still ace your exams with limited amounts of study time.

11 Things to do In Between Your College Classes

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Oldies but Goodies

22 Things I Still Haven't Learned at 22

Raw truths I realized on my twenty second birthday. Cause everything can't be all about dancing in diners with your best friends. I'm looking at you Taylor.


5 Things That Happen When You Start Online Dating

Unless you're one part of those unicorn couples that met in high school and managed to not hate each other my senior prom, you've probably tried online dating at least once. Whether you made a fake account just to check it out or are a self proclaimed Tinderalla, most of us have wondered if the possibility of love is worth the never ending influx of dick pics.

Here's the thing though, you can't fully understand online dating unless you've done it. Kinda like having kids or surviving a pap smear. As someone who went in totally clueless, I quickly learned the way navigate the world of online dating, until I eventually found someone who met my demands of pizza dinners every weekend and unconditional love to my cat.

If you're interested in learning what online dating is really like as a twenty something, keep ready to see what happened in my first few weeks of loving for love online.

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You have plans any day of the week

As a self proclaimed homebody, I was surprised to find myself going to art gallery openings and dinner dates on a Tuesday. If you're willing to put yourself out there, you'll most likely be out most nights of the week. It's easy if you choose to focus on one guy at a time, but if you're casually dating a few it can grow complicated very quickly.

You realize there's no such thing as a perfect match

Currently I'm dating someone who was a 93% match to me. Crazy right? From the first message he sent me I was convinced he was my long lost twin, the similarities were just too spooky. Fast forward to today and he bugs the hell out of me. Sure we have a lot in common. but that 7% must account for all the things we cant agree on like where to leave the toothpaste and whether La La Land deserves an Oscar.

By the way, you can follow my Dating in Your Twenties board on Pinterest for more tips, advice and ideas on how to make the most of the relationships in your twenties!

You will want to quit at least once

True story, less than twenty four hours after signing up I cancelled my account. It was just too much for me. Since you're new on the site or app, the system will promote your account more than others. This means you're gonna be bombarded with messages, with my first hour leaving me with at least 60 genuine messages from guys in my city. Don't give up, but also don't feel required to respond to everyone.

You think about your exes less

I'd be lying if I said that all the extra attention and weekend dates didn't make me think about ex boyfriends less. To be totally honest, I kinda slacked on calling my best friends as usual because I was so drained by the end of the day. Online dating will give you a whole new ocean of fish to sort through, and if you pick the rights ones, you won't even have the energy to think about past flames.

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Dating becomes fun again

All in all, I actually really enjoyed the whole process. I went out with only a handful of guys in the end, with each one being complete opposites from one another. As a girl who only ever dates people she knows, it was different to spend a day with a complete stranger. As long as you take your time and continue to prioritize yourself, the entire process should be fun until you find the one that makes you want to close down your account and wonder why you didn't respond to his message sooner.

Do you have any questions about online dating? If you wanna see a specific post, let me know in the comments below!

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Why I Could Never Date Christian Grey

Last night a friend and I went to go watch 50 Shades Darker. Yep, I managed to drag myself outside on a Wednesday night, crazy, I know! Before the movie I ran by Walgreens to grab some snacks, hid them in my laptop case and successfully managed to scam the theater once again. Just call me Joanne.

As someone who's read all three books, you can say I was excited. Fan girl excited? No, I only just read the books last year, but still pretty pumped. Having watched the first movie alone at home I didn't really have the ability to talk about it with anyone, and with none of my friends reading any of the books I kind of just kept all my commentary to myself.

Thankfully my friend hadn't even seen the first movie, which gave me full reign to talk throughout the movie to fill her in on all the stuff she missed in the first part of the series. My helpful hints turned into us giving full on commentary throughout the film, think of it as director's commentary but much more snarky.

By the end of the film we came to two conclusions, Anastasia must use a period tracker app and I am completely unqualified to date Christian Grey. Here's why...

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It's like she never menstruates

We were convinced Anastasia uses one of those period tracking apps, and if so, can she please recommend it to us? The girl never turns down sex because her lady parts are a bloody waterfall, there's never a mention of her needing to wear normal underwear in fear of leakage and bloating is a term she mustn't understand, cause her stomach is crazy toned. Me on the other hand is always surprised by mother nature, even though I actually do use an app! Bloat is becoming my middle name and I think my boyfriend keeps better track of my cycle than me. #embarrassing

I own one too many period underwear

The majority of the movie was spent laughing ever time Anastasia took off her underwear, for the simple fact that they were also so perfect looking. Sure, I own cute underwear that I wouldn't mind walking around the house in, but I also own pairs that have been with me since college and others that are for exclusively for wearing on my period. And none of them look like that. No hate, but really Anastasia, what's your secret?

I'm not good at fancy parties

It's not that I'm introverted, I'm just not outgoingly social. Thankfully Christian sees to share this sentiment, but my limited party abilities extend to what food I can consume, drinks I can have and dresses I can fit into. Plus, I'd most likely have a visible panty line all night. Blame it on my period panties.

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I hold a grudge

Spoiler ahead so if you haven't seen the movie skip over this point. Okay, now that they're gone, there's this scene in the movie where one of Christian's old submissives shows up and tries to basically hurt Ana. Christian manages to calm the woman down then proceeds to start petting her, like full on petting her! In Anastasia's apartment, while she watches. Ten minutes later and after a small fight they're back to normal. If that were me I'd hold onto that grudge for days, cause no man walks into my home and starts petting his ex. Cmon girl, that's fucking weird and you know it.

I'm the jealous type

Apparently Christian keeps a desk drawer full of files of his old submissives, unlocked! To a normal girl who's not from a broken home that's perfectly fine, but to a girl like me who has jealous tendencies and occasional fears of abandonment, that open drawer is basically an invitation. I know me, and me would escalate a fight by tossing those files off the balcony of his skyscraper. Not even sorry, the punishment seems to fit the crime of petting your exes hair in my apartment.

Have you watched any of the 50 Shades movies or read any of the books? Tell me if you think you and Christian would be compatible in the comments below!

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Everything You Need to Write an A Paper in College

When I started writing this post I second guessed if I'm the type of person who should be giving out advice on how to write a great essay. Just yesterday I spent the entire day, sunrise to sunset, writing a project proposal that ended at 24 pages and one empty pizza box. If I was a bad student I wouldn't write this post, but I'm not. Lazy student? Sure, sometimes.

Posts that tell you to not leave it till the last minute are only giving you information you don't want to hear, and that you've probably been told a dozen times. Whether you're starting this paper early or the night before it's due, there's no reason why you shouldn't be able to get a good grade.

As someone who has managed to get an A on every paper I've turned in, in graduate school at least, here are my tips to writing an A grade paper no matter the topic, length or time restraints.

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Don't risk losing it

I cant count the number of times my computer has suddenly shut down or crashed, only for me to lose my entire paper and my mind. Avoid all this drama and wasted time by writing your paper on a document in Google Drive. Plus, this way you can work on your paper no matter where you are, and there's no risk of losing bits and pieces along the way.

Make it read well

If you aren't a naturally gifted writer, using an app like Hemingway Editor or Grammarly will ensure that you don't lose points because your sentence structures don't make sense. This is also a great tool for those professors you have that like to dock points because of a simple spelling mistake.

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Google Scholar

Chances are if you're writing a college paper you're being asked to cite sources. Avoid getting desperate and turning to Wikipedia by using sources you find on Google Scholar. You can ensure all the references you cite will be college appropriate, plus it's as easy to find sources as any other Google search.

PS You can now follow my Surviving College Board on Pinterest for more resources, tips and real life college experiences from twenty somethings who survived!!

Know how to cite

I'm totally guilty of messing up the citation format at the end of my paper, which is why I started using websites like Citation Machine to do the work for me. For most sources all I have to do is type in the name of the book or paste the weblink, and from there Citation Machine handles the rest.

Learn the format

Two years into my graduate program and I still see classmates losing points on their paper as early as the cover page! Yeah, the page that only asks for a title and page number. Find out if your professor prefers APA or MLA, and from there, make sure you aren't missing any crucial pieces like headers, in text citations or page margins.

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Focus on the body

The essay body that is. Don't fall into the trap that you need to write your introduction first and conclusion last, especially when you're not even sure what you'll be talking about yet. My advice is to jump right into writing the first topic paragraph, then go back and define your thesis based on that. It sounds so backwards but trust me, it will save you the time of figuring out what the heck to say in your introduction.

Follow the rubric

If your professor is kind enough to give you a rubric, follow it like it's a step by step guide. The easier way to get full points is to make sure you answer every single question and address every issue. Rubrics also often tell you what specific formatting options they will be grading on, such as citations, page numbering and font size. Rubrics that go more in depth are a life saver, because they literally give you a step by step guide on not only how to organize your paper, but what to talk about.

Do you have any tools you use when writing papers? If so, share them in the comments below!

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20 Things to Toss Out Today: How to Declutter in Your Twenties

Not sure if you've noticed this recent trend, but I predict 2017 is the year everyone becomes a minimalist, or at least tries to. Maybe it's because of the new Netflix documentary, maybe we're all jealous of those girls on Instagram with picture perfect homes. It's 50/50 for me to be honest. 

I know myself well enough to admit to myself that I'll never be a minimalist, but I can commit to having less clutter in my home. Clutter is stuff that just gets in your way, annoys you when you have to sort through it, and in general just doesn't serve a purpose in a daily life. Even though so many people are motivated to have less and organize more in 2017, most resources on how to do that aren't really targeted towards millennials. 

What I mean is, so many of us don't have children's toys to toss out or bins full of family heirlooms. Hell, I don't even have space in my tiny apartment to save family heirlooms in! So what are us inspired twenty somethings supposed to do if we wanna do better but don't know where to start? I got you girl. 

I took a serious look around my apartment, plus a bunch of resources I've personally used, and created an inventory of things you can totally toss out to help you get one step closer to a clutter free home. If you have any ideas, please leave them in the comments below. Seriously, I'd love more ideas for stuff to get rid of in my own home.

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1. Hotel + travel size toiletries

We all think we're going to use them, then instead we stash them away for the next few years. Cut the clutter and toss them out.

2. Old magazines/newspapers

Think about it, when's the last time you actually picked up an old magazine or newspaper and reread it. Probably never. Pick a few favorites and recycle the rest.

3. Boxes for things you've bought 

Raise your hand if you have a collection of old boxes. *Raises both hands* There's no reason to keep all the boxes to your shoes and electronics, especially if the warranty has ended. If you must keep them, break them apart and stuff them underneath your bed, but that's only for expensive electronics with an existing warranty!

4. Old makeup and nail polish

We all like to pretend like makeup doesn't have an expiration date but we've all seen those Pinterest articles. Toss out anything you don't use, or anything that you can't remember when you bought it.

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5. Nonperishable food you never cook with

Am I the only one who plans to eat canned soup but never does? Dig through your cabinets for food that has been taking up space for too long, better you donate it while it's good than let it sit forever.

6. Worn towels and blankets

If you have enough towels for an entire family but live alone, pick your favorites and donate the rest. Animal shelters are always looking for these types of donations, new or used.

7. Extra buttons

You know all those buttons that come attached to our clothes? Yeah, you probably will lose it by the time you need it. Toss them out before you have a whole collection you can't sort through.

8. Plastic Bags

I'm not sure why we do it, but for whatever reason we like to keep bags we get at the mall. Getting rid of junk starts with the stuff you need the least, and I'm sure 90% of you won't have a real use for any of those bags.

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9. Pens and Pencils

During my last cleaning session, I found no less than 50 pens all around my apartment. I'm a single woman living in a studio apartment, there's no reason why I need to own 50 pens. Small stuff like this turns into big stuff, aka the dreaded junk drawer, so grab a few and toss the rest.

10. Journals and notebooks

Maybe this is a writer thing, but to go with all those pens are a collection of journals that I'll never be able to fill up. These I had trouble parting with, but my rule was to toss any that were more than 40% used or too worn out to wanna take out with me.

11. Destroyed pet toys

I'm not like a regular cat mom, I'm an overzealous cat mom. There is no toy my cat has does not have, tried or rejected. The problem is that I have way more toys than he can ever need, so I've pledged to stop buying any more and throw out those that are beginning to fall apart.

12. All of your ex boyfriends shit

I know you have it, you know you have it, so stop holding onto it and just throw it out. It's probably the easiest thing to get rid of, and will most likely clear up some space in your closet or underneath your bed.

13. Purses you never use

I've gotten better about this over the years, but there's still a bunch I could let go of. Take a loot at what you own and make a pile of what you've used over the past two months. Whatever doesn't make it into that pile, reconsider whether you really need it, or even like it.

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14. Free event tshirts

College me loved getting a free tshirt, even if all they had left was XXL in a color that washed me out. Current me has lost half her closet space to all those shirts, which is why they've gotta go. Grab a few of your faves and donate/toss the rest. Trust me, after a while you won't miss them.

15. College textbooks

If you don't need them anymore, get rid of them. Sell whatever you can to Amazon or other students, and donate whichever are left.

16. Pillows

You know that pillow you don't like using and always finds its way to the floor? Get rid of it. Life's too short to have crappy pillows! New motto for 2017?

17. Mugs

This bad habit I definitely picked up from my mom, because for a single twenty something there's no reason I need over a dozen mugs. Cut down how much you have, and if you're feeling motivated, downsize how much drinkware and plateware you have overall.

18. Hair products

It sucks to throw away product, even the stuff you don't really love. If you rather not toss it, give it to a friend or commit to not buying anymore until all your products are used up.

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19. Ticket stubs + pamphlets

As someone who is super sentimental, I have trouble throwing away ticket stubs and other items that represent memories. But unless you do something with them, they start to pile up until you eventually lose them. Do something with them, Pinterest has plenty of ideas, or toss them out.

20. Old electronics

For whatever reason I have trouble letting go of old electronics, don't believe me? I wrote a goodbye letter to my iPhone 4s, yet it's still sitting in my drawer. Toss or sell anything you don't use anymore, because I cant think of a rational reason we keep it anyways.

Now I wanna know, what do you have trouble tossing out? Is one of your goals for 2017 to be more minimalistic or would you rather just be organized? Let me know in the comments below!

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6 Things to Do on the First Day of Your New Job

First days of work are hard. Don't believe me? You must not have read my last post on how I cried in my office, twice. You can read all about that embarrassing moment here.

As someone who likes to prepare for every possible situation, first days of work are a mix of anxiety and excitement, with a whole lot of caffeine added throughout the day. If you're starting a new job soon or just moving to a different department, it's important your first impression be the best represenation of you.

In my last poisiton it was my job to get new staff memmbers acquainted with the office, as well as answer any questions they had about everything from copy machines to lunch recommendations. I'll admit that seasoned staff members have a lot to say about new people, and it's not always kind. Make sure you put your best you forward by makng your first day in the office a productive one, here's how.

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Introduce yourself to everyone

I know, I know, having to get to know a whole new office of people sucks, but it's so important you get this out of the way on day one. The reason you want to do this on your firsty day is because people are most receptive to talking to and helping you when you're new, so use your inexperience as an advantage. Plus, people are most likely talking about there being a new person anyways, so make sure you make yourself known with a good impression.

Don't pack a lunch

Before my first office job I had no idea that it's typical for someone from the company to take you out to lunch on your first day. Besides making a friend in the office, going to lunch with a coworker is a great way to ask questions one on one with someone who isn't your boss, and learn a little more about what's both inside and outside the office.

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Take an office tour

As someone who used to give office tours, I know firsthand how beneficial they are to those who accept them. Avoid the stress of not knowing which printer to select of where the supplies are kept two weeks into your new job. Plus, on most office tours you're introduced to people who you might otherwise not meet, which is another great way to make sure you meet most everyone.

You can follow my Career Tips & Advice for Twenty Somethings for more resources similar to this!

Dress for an interview

Figuring out what to wear can be hard, especially if you don't have much experience dressing for a office environment. My best advice is to dress as professionally as you did when being interviewed. Once a week has passed, you can either replicate the style of your coworkers or ask any questions to any friends you've made in the office.

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Arrive early

Most likely your first day in the office will be full of orientations and training, which is why it's important to arrive early rather than just on time. Leave some wiggle room in your commute for traffic or getting lost, especially in those first days where you're doing more than just your normal work. If something does arrive that will make you late, don't hesitate to call the office or send an email to notify your supervisor.

Take notes

Eventually your new coworkers will stop thinking of you as the new person, meaning they'll expect you to know basic office tasks and practices. Taking notes not only prevents you from remembering vital information, it also shows everyone how prepared you are on day one. Don't be shy about pausing to make a note, it will benefit you in the long run.

So tell me, what's thing you always do on the first day of work? In my case, I always wear black, it's a no fail wardrobe decision. 

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7 Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day with Your Best Friend

One of the biggest myths about Valentine's Day is that you need to have a boyfriend or girlfriend to enjoy the holiday. For a holiday all about love, why do we limit it to romantic love? Once a day we swapped cards and pieces of candy with our classmates, is now a day we all compare how creative and thoughtful our significant others can be. Spoiler alert, I'll probably be surprised with a large pizza, and I'm totally okay with that.

Just because you're without a date doesn't mean you cant enjoy the fun, so grab your best friend or roomie and spend the time them how much you appreciate having them in your lives. Whether your stick in your dorm room or apartment in the city, there's something for everyone to do.

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Have a spa night

Put on your comfiest leggings, make a trip to the drugstore, and spend the night trying out facemasks and painting a perfect manicure. So often I buy beauty products then never make the time to use them, so pick a night to test out a bunch of products while eating some takeout.

Host a Galentine's Day Party

Have a group of single friends with nothing to do? Invite everyone over, make it a potluck, and pass the time telling dating horror stories while watching all your favorite romantic comedies. If you wanna go all out, grab bags are a fun way to remember the night and make your guests feel special long after they go home.

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Swap gifts

Have that one friend that totally gets you? Screw what's normal and make her your valentine. Buy her a gift, bouquet of flowers, or whatever else will make her feel special on this day. Bonus points if the two of you decide to do this for one another. Love isn't limited to romantic relationships, so why should gift giving be?

Netflix and chill

I think 2017 is the year we take control of this gross phrase, but first let's redefine it. Call your bestie along with any other great friends, but don't forget to invite their pets too. How fun would a night of watching TV cuddled up with all your pets be?

Take a trip

If you have a little extra cash and time, consider taking a weekend trip! Pick a destination a driving distance away, book a cheap hotel and be a tourist for a few days. Split between two or more people, plans like this shouldn't empty your wallet.

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Do a craft

Remember that Pinterest board you have full of craft ideas? Well Michaels always has a 40% off coupon on their website, which means you have no excuse to not turn one of those pins into reality! Choose one you both like, buy your supplies, and make a night out of it.

Take each other to dinner

If you wanna go the classic  route, make dinner reservations at one of your favorite restaurants and take advantage of all the Valentine's Day specials. For a more low key option, pubs are always a no fail option to get some good food fast.

How are you spending Valentine's Day this year? Share your suggestions for the holiday in the comments below!

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How I Got a Job Right After College Without a 4.0

Two weeks. Two weeks is the amount of time it took for me to send out my first batch of applications and receive my first job offer. I did it, and so can you, you just need to keep believing that.

If you've graduated college recently, you're all to aware of the common things said about the current job market. "You won't find work so easily. Everyone expects you to have experience. Maybe you should just go to grad school to set yourself apart."

While job offers weren't falling out of the sky, they also weren't impossible to find. I did attend grad school immediately after earning my masters, but it was in no way to avoid the reality of having to join the workforce. If you're approaching graduation or just want to be better prepared for when the time comes, keep reading to see how I managed to get a job within two weeks, without perfect grades or any connections.

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Maintained my grades

Just because I didn't graduate with a 4.0 doesn't mean I cruised through my courses. I worked my butt off to earn the best grade I could, but a few Bs or Cs weren't the end of the world to me. Work to keep your GPA above a 3.5, otherwise, be sure to have something else to flaunt come interview time.

Especially within my degree

You know those Bs or Cs I mentioned earlier? Well they definitely were not for my psychology or women's studies courses. Make sure your best grades reflect the courses you're supposed to be focusing on, meaning the type related to your field. That C I got in Microeconomics wasn't such as big deal to my grad school since all of my psychology courses illustrated how well I knew the relevant content.

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Took courses outside my field

I'm a big proponent in double majoring, if only because you might as well get two degrees for the price of one! Can you tell I love a good sale? If you don't have the time or the desire, consider taking classes in fields that may be relevant later, like business or marketing. Skills like these are necessary no matter where you end up, and they're a great way to show you're open to multiple opportunities.

Participated in internships

Do not graduate, I repeat, do not graduate without completing at least one internship. Why? Well only because it's the easiest way to get amazing job experience without having to have any actual experience to get the position. Did you get that? Basically, internships are this magical thing where you can get hired with no real skills, and leave trained to do a job, plus with a few recommendations.

I recommend you do a minimum of 1-2 internships, both on and off campus. I totally understand the struggle of working for free but trust me when I say it makes all the difference on your resume.

By the way, I have an entire board on Pinterest dedicated to career tips + resources for twenty somethings like you.

Had something other than college to talk about

As someone who majored in one of the most popular fields nowadays, I knew I needed to stand out come application time. With everyone having internships and trips abroad, I chose to talk about my writing and social media experience to set me apart. And guess what? It worked!

Find the one thing on your resume that no one else will have, then make sure to mention it either in your cover letter or resume. Blogging may not be applicable to all jobs, but a knowledge of SEO and social media tools definitely can be.

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Went where the jobs were

There's definitely some truth in the fact that some cities don't have as many jobs as they used to, but don't think all places are that way. After graudation I moved to Washington DC, where I've easily managed to have three jobs in my two years living here. If your area isn't posting offers for the type of job you'd like, hop online and find where is.

Took advantage of fairs hosted by my university

Campus career centers don't get the praise they deserve, with revising your resumes and hosting grad school and job fairs year round. If you haven't made the effort to attend a job fair, do so before it's too late. Job fairs invite companies looking for applicants with similar skills for your level of experience, so get your resume polished and go mingle with prospective employers.

Are you struggling to get a job offer after graduation, or even an interview? Leave your questions in the comment below!

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13 Creative Valentine's Day Date Ideas (That Won't Empty Your Bank Account)

Valentine's Day is a holiday you either love or hate, probably determined by whether you have someone to celebrate with. In my case, I've always loved the holiday, single or not. What's better than a day dedicated to treating someone else, or yourself, to a bunch of candy, compliments, and did I mention candy?

It was simpler in college though, when you and your significant other had the excuse of being broke to skip out on doing something fancy. The problem is a lot of us are still not swimming in money in our twenties, yet the stakes have somehow gone up on how we spend this day of the year.

If you're a twenty something wondering how to celebrate the day without emptying your checkings account, below are some ideas to help you figure out how to not disappoint your special someone. With a couple classic suggestions to others you would never consider, there's bound to be one idea that peaks your interest.

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1. Dinner and a movie

Classics are classic for a reason, so there's nothing wrong with having a typical date night instead of stressing out over making the night super special.

2. Cook each other dinner

If you two enjoy to cook, or don't do it often enough, trying out a new recipe or recreating a favorite childhood recipe is an easy way to pass the time and learn more about each other.

3. Recreate your first date

If you've been dating for a while, recreating your first date is a fun way to reminisce and see just how far you've come.

4. Visit a theme park

Theme parks aren't your typical Valentine's Day activity, so you can trust the lines will be shorter than usual.

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5. Go outdoors

If the two of you enjoy spending time outside, don't miss an opportunity to go on a hike, visit the water or even make a camping trip out of the weekend.

6. Get active

I'm not recommending you jog together, unless you're into that kind of thing, but gokarting, indoor skydiving or rock climbing are fun dates you won't forget.

7. Attend a bar crawl

This sounds super rowdy but hear me out, a bar crawl is a fun way to explore a neighborhood you don't typically visit. Plus, Groupon usually has such great deals around this type of event!

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8. Go on a ghost tour

For the couple who enjoys being creeped out together, ghost tours are a fun way to spend an night plus learn more about the city. You're guaranteed to have the most creative Valentine's Day night.

9. Host a game night

If you wanna spread the love to your other friends, single or in a relationship, hosting a game night is a fun way to pass the time with people you care about. Who said Valentine's Day is only a day to celebrate the ones you love romantically?

10. Have a staycation

If you live in a city with a lot of tourist attractions, a staycation is a great way to enjoy the things you typically don't get to enjoy. You can choose to stay at home or in a hotel, and from there make up an itinerary of things you've been meaning to check out.

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11. Visit an arcade

Trust me, arcades are just as fun as when you were twelve, plus now you can drink! Find your local arcade and bring a few rolls of quarters to spend a night challenging one another.

12. Check out a cat cafe

Love animals but can't have one? Cat cafes and animal shelters are a fun way to spend an afternoon giving attention to animals looking for their forever homes.

13. Go on a dinner cruise

As long as neither one of you gets boat sick, this is a fun twist on the typical Valentine's Dinner. Once again, Groupon usually has a bunch of deals for this type of activity.

Do you have an all time favorite Valentine's Day date? And for my single readers, if you search Valentine, there's plenty of content on the site for how to celebrate without a significant other!

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Why I'll Never Be One of Those Cool Women Who Love the Super Bowl

I'm currently sitting on the couch, covered in crumbs, questioning if these leggings are suddenly smaller of if I overdid it with the snacks. Either way, I don't need this negativity in my life. Makes a mental note to buy comfier leggings.

Aannndd my boyfriend just yelled. Which is the reason why I'm writing this.

Unless you live under a rock, you probably know that the Super Bowl happened yesterday. Oh hold on, I'm receiving a lesson on Tom Brady that I didn't ask for. Let me pause to nod and shake my head at the right moments...

What did I learn? My boyfriend is still on team Tom Brady isn't a cheater. Anyways!

The Super Bowl happened last night, number 51 if you wanna be specific. Growing up sports weren't really a thing in my family, instead we bonded over episodes of Judge Judy and Cops. Much more educational, much more scarring. Because of this I never developed an interest for sports, also I sucked at all of them. Hard. As in I somehow made the softball team in the 7th grade but never actually touched the bat to a ball. Yeah, that bad.

But because last night was the Super Bowl, like the okayish girlfriend I am, I decided to watch it with my newish boyfriend. I say ish because sometimes I'm a pain in the ass and the newness has faded. Probably because he thinks it's okay to fart in front of me now. I thought I had a few more months, he disagrees.

During the game I started noticing differences between how I enjoy the Super Bowl versus how my boyfriend enjoys the Super Bowl, and don't get me started on how all my friends on Instagram are enjoying the game. So in an effort to distract myself from my boyfriend's nonstop pacing and put down the chips, I thought I'd talk about a few of the reasons why I'll never be one of those cool girls who totally gets football and can genuinely enjoy the Super Bowl for more than just a reason to eat.

Chips are where my expertise lie

I can name all the Tostinos chip flavors but don't you dare ask me who the Patriots played last night! Plus, I had an unfair advantage, my boyfriend is a giant Patriots fan so I only knew because he's been talking about it forever.

I don't like to be told things twice

Who decided that every moment needs to be replayed in two different speeds from four different angles? I mean, I get it, sometimes you miss a play (yeah, I totally know that term), but there should be an option to watch a replay-less version.

Annnnd the cats are hiding under the couch. The Patriots just scored and won the game. My boyfriends fists are in the air and he's screaming like Beyonce walked in. I'm happy, I am, but also, does anyone ever feel bad for the losing team? I mean, I get it, they're millionaires. But if I cry when I accidentally erase an essay, how do they feel? Anyways, back to what I was saying.

My bladder answers to no one

True story, in the last 30 seconds I asked, "Would this be a bad time to go to the bathroom?" I mean I knew this is a big deal and the game was tied, but all that Sprite was just passing through me. I went anyways, cause UTIs are no joke and I would have probably peed myself from the screams coming out of my boyfriend anyways.

I'm just here for the commercials

But aren't we all? Don't tell me you didn't cry during that military, 360 view of the Super Bowl. I have no idea what it was promoting, my eyes were too full of tears.  Commercials during the Super Bowl are basically the only time I don't zone out on my phone, and while everyone enjoys them, I don't think it's typical to zone out in the space between commercial breaks.

Are you a big sports fan? Tell me your secrets for being able to keep up with it all, all season long! If not, how do you pass the time while watching sports with friends?

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13 Roommates You'll Have in College (& Early Twenties)

One of the biggest transitions in college is having to share your space with another person, who isn’t family, and who most likely you’ve never met. In my case, I left home to start my new life in a dorm in a small room with two girls named Jessica, both of whom I luckily fell in love with as time passed.

Not everyone is that lucky though, actually, my neighbor to the left was far less lucky. She spent the entire first half of her freshmen year attempting to be reassigned, which unfortunately never happened. Over the course of my college years I had a total of…wait let me count…19 different roommates. That number seems crazy but trust me, if you move around as much as I did the names and addresses will start to blend.

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If you’re unsure of the type of roommate you might get paired with or even which category you fall into, read on to see the 13 roommates you’ll probably have in college, and just maybe in your early twenties. Cause who said roommates have to end at graduation?

1. The Compulsive Snoozer

The one who sets an alarm 40 minutes before she knows she’ll actually wake up.

2. The Chronic Napper

Come home from class and there’s a 60% chance you’ll find her asleep.

3. Thing 1

Her boyfriend is always there, unless she’s not because of course he’s with her. They may or may not have matching sneakers, sweatshirts and/or give each other shout outs on Instagram. You're 50% annoyed, 50% jealous.

4. Sticky Fingers

Hide yo fries, hide yo nuggets and hide yo ketchup, cause this person will “accidentally” think whatever she ate was hers. She's a liar, feel free to attack this person, but not too much because you'll eventually run out of food too.

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5. Shamu

Don't ever enter the restroom after this person has been inside, good chance they splashed water everywhere while washing their face and/or taking a shower. How does anyone get water on the walls?!

6. Your Second Mom

No, she’s not helpful in the wash-your-clothes-cook-your-food kind of way, instead she likes to knock once she’s already entered the room and doesn't understand the concept that you actually like to sleep in. Go away, and close my door!

7. The Brave Soul

The one who kills the spiders, checks for murderers in the backyard and probably hid weapons all throughout the house your first week there.

PS: You can follow my Surviving College Pinterest board for tips, advice and all the stuff you need to succeed in college

8. The Common Enemy

Whether they pee on the toilet seat, never clean yet complain about a mess, or play their music loud enough for the walls to vibrate, your hate for them will only bring the rest of you closer.

9. The Talker

They've already started reciting a play by play of their day before they even had two legs through the door. This I'm totally guilty of.

10. The Hibernator

They claim to have sleeping problems when in reality they stay on Facebook until 4 am, only to sleep past noon everyday and wake up complaining about their sleeping problems. You still love them though.

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11. The Trainer

Constantly chirping in your ear about trans fats, invites to go for a run, followed by zumba class and then stop for some oddly green drink.

12. The Ghost

They go home every weekend and even if they do stay, they are never really around. You love and hate the situation, sure you get lonely but at least you have the whole place to yourself!

13. Your New BFF

You love the same shows, share a mutual hate for a certain type of food, and your napping schedules have become synchronized.

Do you have any roommate horror stories? How about successes? Tell me all about your favorite or worst in the comments below!

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February Goals: Do I Get Points for Not Bailing Yet?

How is January already over? Seriously though, does anyone else feel like that month just flew by? I don't know about you, but January was a pretty great month for me, hopefully you're feeling the same way. Since the start of making monthly goals I've been consistently crushing them, well most of them, which is way better than I was doing before.

With February being the shortest month, and chock full of events, I'm going to reel myself in and attempt to set more realistic goals. Like always, I'm gonna quickly recap my January goals, but if you rather skip through to the new goals just keep on scrolling down.

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January Goals: So how did I do?

Create and stick to editorial calendar > Success
Did it, nailed it, couldn't have been any better. Okay it could have, but I'm gonna focus on the positive for the moment.

Favorite January Post: Why I Deleted Half of My Facebook Friends (+Why You Don't Need So Many)

Share my blog IRL > Success
Not only did I finally mention it to my friends, I stopped being a wuss and started talking about it on my Instagram account. You can follow me @whenlifegivesyourubi for long rambling Insta stories that I swear will make you laugh at least once.

Complete decluttering project > Fail
Failed at this one epically, mainly because I was hardly home this month. I'm not even going to pretend like I'll have time for this this month.

Attempt a pilates challenge > Fail
Nope, didn't happen. For two weeks I was killing it, then all the bouncing around from work to home to school made me want to do nothing more than eat cookies and watch the news.

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February Goals: Do I Get Points for Not Bailing Yet?

Blog Goals

Send out newsletter regularly

I've found I really enjoy writing my newsletter, what I don't love as much is formatting it every week. By the end of the month I'd like to create a template I can stick with for a while, so that each week I can focus on the content solely.

If you'd like to subscribe, you can click here to be signed up in seconds. I send an email once a week, at the beginning of the week, with motivation and resources to help you get started on the right foot.

Try out Boardbooster

Before newsletters were all the rage, Boardbooster and Tailwind were all anyone would talk about. If you're not a blogger you probably have no idea what these are, but basically they're programs that repin your posts automatically to Pinterest. They're major time savers that do your promotion for you.

Schedule social media posts all at once

I'm terrible at this, TERRIBLE. I try to stay on top of things but life gets in the way and I get lazy. Since my content is usually done a week ahead of time, why not schedule my social media at that same rate? I'm going to try it, wish me luck!

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Everyday Goals

Host one event per week

With receiving at least two applications per day to join my group, I made the decision to extend the maximum group size and also charge an annual membership to help to fund the group. In an effort to give everyone a chance to meet one another before paying their dues, I'd like to host one event per week. With school and work this is going to be incredibly hard, especially since my social life on weeknights is nonexistent.

Think before I spend

Not gonna lie, I'm pretty proud of my spending habits in January. I can't think of one thing I bought at Target that I didn't absolutely need. Okay I take that back, but no spending on stuff that has no real use. I'd like to have a no spend February as much as possible, meaning no random Valentine's Day junk, succulents or other knick knacks that only empty my bank account.

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Develop a routine

My pilates challenge didn't last long because I just couldn't get into the habit of it. I was exercising at different times every day, and usually in different places. I've always thought my life would be easier if I could put my stuff away when I got home, stop snacking after 10pm, and hang my keys in one damn place. I'm really gonna try this month guys, at least with the keys thing.

So tell me, do you have any February goals? Or are you focusing on your overall yearly goals? Share one win or fail in the comments below!

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