10 Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day Single

How do I always find myself single on Valentine's Day? Seriously though. It's like I'm cursed to only have a boyfriend during the months that aren't about gifts and grand gestures. Fucking shit. Well here I am once again, single as a dollar bill on the national day of love. Or chocolate, however you choose to celebrate.

Just because you're single doesn't mean you can't enjoy the holiday, and no, you're celebrations don't have to begin on the 15th when Target discounts all the cute stuff you've been dying to buy. There's plenty of ways to be single and enjoy Valentine's Day, whether you're flying solo or gathering up all your other chronically alone friends. And if you're still feeling down, just think about all the money you're saving on both gifts and razors this holiday season. Cha ching!

Treat yourself! 

Or a friend too! Just because you're not in a relationship doesn't mean you can't use the day to get a message, manicure, pedicure, or all of the above. Check Groupon to take advantage of the amazing deals that local businesses offer. 

Skip dinner, just order dessert. 

Not only will trying to get dinner reservations feel impossible, prices are guaranteed to be way higher than usual. Instead opt to just order dessert at your favorite place or go somewhere you usually couldn't afford. Grabbing a friend or two will make it feel less awkward, plus give you someone to distract you from all the couples.

Host a Galentine's Day party!

Skip the sitting alone part and host a get together for all your single friends, ladies only though! Have everyone bring some food, throw on your best playlist and sit around discussing whatever the hell you want. Whether it's why your ex will never stop being a child or your thoughts on Nene coming back to the Atlanta housewives. Bonus points if you manage to get a pinata.

Watch some good ol' television. 

Thank god that I was born in the 90s because I can't imagine having to survive without cable TV. What did people with no plans do in the 1700s? And don't tell me they read, cause there was once a time even books weren't accessible. Skip all the drama and stay home with your favorite TV show, just stay away from romantic comedies. I don't think it's a coincidence that The Walking Dead mid season premiere is airing on Valentines Day, the perfect show for someone fresh out of a relationship. 

Attend happy hour.

Newsflash, you're not the only single person on the planet, even though sometimes it can really feel that way. Get out of your comfort zone and go out for a drink on Valentines Day! With restaurants most likely having amazing drink specials, this is a great way to get out of the house and be around a bunch of other people in your same situation. 

Celebrate with your true love.

There's only one thing in this planet that loves us unconditionally, and no it's not our moms. Your pet! Who else will cuddle you even after you totally forget to feed them and leave the TV on while you're at work. Take your dog for a walk and have a photo shoot with your cat. Even though they probably will forget to buy you a gift they're company is all you need.

Call a friend.

Just because you're alone on Valentine's Day doesn't mean you have to be alone on Valentine's Day. Who better to lean on than your best friend? If he or she is busy, reach out to that friend you always mean to talk to but can never seem to get a hold of. Catching up with an old friend is a great reminder of how much you have to be thankful for.

Book a trip.

I can guarantee you won't be thinking about the lack of chocolate boxes you wont be receiving if you're busy exploring a new city. Take advantage of the low airfare in February and visit a place you've always wanted to. Groupon has great deals on accommodations and things to do, and if you can afford to take off somewhere new, have a staycation and be a tourist in your own city for a day.

Get some exercise. 

In the words of Elle Woods, "Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don't shoot their husbands, they just don't." While most of us don't have a husband to shoot, yet, we can all benefit from a natural mood booster. If your resolution was to lose x amount of pounds or finally start a healthy lifestyle, think of Valentine's Day as a fresh start to reaching your goals for the new year.

Mail out Valentine's Day cards. 

Remember elementary school when your parents would drive you to the store to pick up some awesome Valentine's Day cards. Innocent you would write one out for everyone in your class, even the girl who had a fly in her hair that one day and ever since then she creeped you out. You were all in it together you know? When did we all decide to stop being kind to the people in our lives? Cause I want to walk into work and find two dozen Disney themed cards with lollipops and stickers! Go back to simpler times and mail out your closest friends adult versions of a Valentine's Day card, or not, kid cards have gotten about 100x cooler. 

How are you celebrating Valentine's Day this year? Plus if you're single, share a way you prefer to celebrate this day of the year! 


  1. Amazing ideas here! Loved the one about desserts! :D

  2. One VDay I stayed in bed all day and watched How I Met Your Mother. I felt really gross, though, so I went to the gym around 9pm. There weren't a lot of people at the gym, oddly enough.

    1. that honestly doesn't sound too bad, it definitely beats the year a friend and I just sat in our dark dorm room sharing a bucket of ice cream lol

  3. This a great list! I've spent many Valentine's Days single, and I always like to say that it's about love, not just romantic love. Celebrating with your friends or doing something nice for yourself is just as appropriate!

    1. I definitely agree! I just mailed out cards to all my closest friends toda, many who are single too, so it was nice to know they'll be getting at least something small