10 Things You Don't Need to Pack Your Freshmen Year of College

Even though it was five years ago I can still remember the rush I felt as I walked through the Target dorm section with an actual need for all that dorm decor. Or so I thought. Listen, I love to shop, almost as much as I love to shop at Target, but don't let those long dorm shopping lists soak up all the graduation money you've been saving all summer.

One week into my freshmen year and I learned the hard way that I had packed way too much. Sharing a tiny dorm room with not one, but two other roommates was already crowded enough, but I also felt the need to bring with me everything I owned. While there were some things I definitely needed and used daily, a lot of it was junk that either never got touched or wasn't necessary to have all year round.

Save yourself the stress and avoid bringing these things to college with you. While I know it's nerve wracking to move to a new place, you don't need to bring absolutely everything!

Ironing Board.

How often you do iron at home? Yeah, that's what I thought. Just because you're now living on your own doesn't mean you are suddenly a responsible adult who gives a crap about wrinkles on your clothes. If your blouse is super crinkled use your hair straightener, trust me, it works.


For all you bookworms out there, I'm sorry, but your love affair with thick novels is about to hit a rocky patch. With all the reading from your courses and new busier schedules, you'll most likely find you have less time to sit around with a good book. Plus, dorm rooms are loud and not the best setting to read a novel cover to cover. If you really can't part ways with your favorites, narrow it down to just a few and not your whole collection.

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Pots, plates and appliances.

Unless you go to one of those rare schools that doesn't offer a meal plan to all freshmen, you do not under any circumstance need to bring pots, pans, plates and cutlery with you. Most of your meals will come already cooked or out of a foam cup, so save yourself the money and space and leave all that stuff at home. Plus, with most dorms not allowing things like coffee makers and rice cookers inside the rooms, bringing them all is just setting yourself up for a write up from your RA.


Colleges know what students need which is why most campus housing options having a computer lab as part of the building. There's no need to take up space in your room with a printer! Plus, ink is ridiculously expensive nowadays. Save yourself some money and space this semester by using the facilities on campus instead.

Bed risers.

Most dorm furniture is built to be able to be raised and lowered, making bed risers unnecessary. If you decide you still need them once you arrive, places like Target and Walmart sell bed risers year round. Wait to purchase these until you've actually seen your room.

Tool kit.

While it's important to know how to fix things, the year you spend living in the dorms is basically like one long vacation. With the dining hall cooking all your meals and housing staff fixing all your problems, something like a tool kit will be more needed when you begin to live off campus.


Save the space and send all your luggage home with your parents. For weekend trips and holiday breaks, keep a duffel bag handy. Holding onto big luggage that will never be used will only take up space in your already small room.

Off season clothing.

I wish someone had told me that there was no good reason to pack my winter clothes when I was attending school in the desert. The reality is that most college students go home during holiday breaks, unless you're one of those lucky few that have parents willing to pay for a trip to Cabo. Bring only the clothes you will need for the semester and swap out what you don't during your visits home.

Heater and/or fan.

Your dorm facilities team will control the temperature inside your space, and coming from someone who is always cold, I was always comfortable. Instead of lugging around a fan or heater, invest in some awesome bedding! You'll most likely only use the heater/fan for half the year then have it sitting around taking space the rest, so leave it at home and bring a good comforter instead.

Anything your roommate is bringing.

When it comes to shared items, you don't need two of anything. Obviously you want to bring your own laptop and clothes, but no dorm room needs two TVs or mini fridges. Communicating with your roommate before you start shopping will save you so much money, plus maybe help the two of you bond over your excitement to start school.

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Did you find you packed way too much stuff your freshmen year? What's one thing you never used or another you used all the time??


  1. I've never lived in Campus but I would suggest to take your favourite cereal bowl or coffee mug with you, it will make you feel at home and it's something that is only yours.


    1. Definitely! A small mug would definitely make your space feel more like home without taking up too much space. Crazy me took about 7 mugs though which made no sense since I dont like any warm drinks lol

  2. Hi Rubi, I love this post! Would you mind if I used it in back to school round up post I'm working on?

    1. Go for it! I just replied on Twitter but feel free to share the link once it's ready