20 Honest Reasons Why It's Sometimes Better to Be Single

If you would have asked me what I'd be doing for Valentine's Day two months ago I would have probably talked about the trip I was planning or some romantic dinner I had attended. Then the universe decided to throw me a curveball that led to me being dumped on the street on New Years Day. Luckily my efforts to make 2016 the best year yet have paid off, which is why I had such an incredible Valentine's Day, boyfriend or not.

This year was spent without an official boyfriend but then again not alone. Our relaxed night in shifted from painting, to discussing all of our issues with this season of the Walking Dead, to spontaneously ordering two heart shaped pizzas because one was just not enough. Once I said goodbye to my date for the night I realized how content I was in my current situation. With the freedom to spend my time as a like but the company of another person when needed.

So after I cleaned up the plates and gave my cat Max his special Valentine's Day treat (one extra large can of cat food), I climbed into my bed and created this list of reasons why sometimes we should all pause and be thankful we're single, not only on Valentine's Day, but any day.

1. More space in your life. 

Extra space to enjoy in your bed, on the couch and around the bathroom sink every morning. Enjoy the room to stretch your arms out.

2. Dressing for yourself. 

No more worrying about if your boyfriend will not like your outfit or his opinion about it at all. You can now buy a cute dress because you love the way you look in it, regardless of what anyone else thinks.

3. Become reliant on yourself. 

Ordinary things that need fixing like lightbulbs and wobbly tables become your responsibility, and with a little patience you are totally capable of handing anything that comes your way.

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4. Saving money becomes easier. 

Holidays become so much more affordable when you aren't trying to find the perfect gift, plus having to only purchase movie tickets, dinners and concert tickets for one means you basically save 50% on everything!

5. Grooming is now optional. 

Let's be honest for a second, shaving your legs sucks, shaving down there is downright hell. Save money and time by saying goodbye to razors for a little while, cause skipping that step in the shower is so freaking liberating.

6. Make less sacrifices. 
Relationships lead to having to compromise on what Netflix show you watch at night, which restaurant to order takeout from and how to spend your weekend. Not having to figure out a happy medium is so rewarding and definitely one of the best benefits.

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7. Spend more time with friends. 

Unfortunately most of us give up time with our friends to spend more time with our signifiant others. While there's nothing wrong with that there's definitely something to be said about those friends who welcome us back once our relationships end. Take time to remind those people how much they mean to you.

8. Bloating is no big deal. 

When you're in a relationship there's a chance you might have to take your clothes off in front of somebody, which can be hard to do when you spent your day eating a party size bag of Doritos. Single you can eat all she wants and not have to worry about it, let it all hang out girl!

9. Netflix finally gets you. 

Sharing a Netflix account means their likes muddy up your recommendations. Without someone watching a bunch of shows on your account your recommendations will be all about what you like. No more of being constantly asked if you wanna watch Top Gear, hint, I dont.

10. Become your own biggest fan. 

The other day I seriously walked past my full length mirror, took two steps back and said, "damn girl, those new pants look good on you!" When all you have is yourself, you have to become your own biggest fan, no shame in that.

11. Boundaries are a thing of the past. 

When there's a boy at your apartment you have to pretend to be a normal human being. Once you're alone you are free to pee with the door open, pluck your eyebrows while watching tv and brush your teeth while simultaneously looking for your keys.

12. Nobody wants to spend time with potential in laws. 

No matter how nice they may be, it always feel like a job interview. Not having to go to monthly dinners is such a relief, plus you never have to hear about what a catch they think their son is.

13. You can finally admit how crappy their friends are. 

If you were unlucky enough to date a guy with terrible friends, I'm so sorry, I totally feel for you. The idea of never having to spend time with them again should lift you up though, because we can all agree they're not as funny as they think they are.

14. Everyone you know is kind to you.

Being in a relationship where your partner insults you is the hardest type to get over, which is why it's so important you leave before you grow numb to the words. Enjoy the fact that nobody is bringing you down on a daily basis and that those around you only think the best of you.

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15. Getting ready to go out is no longer a race. 

The fact that guys enjoy when a girl get's ready for a night out but cant just fucking sit and watch tv while we do it blows my mind. When you're single you can take your time getting ready, Beyonce blaring in the background and all.

16. Keep up with your favorite shows. 

Anyone in a long term relationship will understand the struggle of trying to keep up with a show you both love. One partner is always busier than the other, or isn't in the mood to watch it, or is still one episode behind. When you're single you can finally keep up with the show without having to worry about giving out any spoilers.

17. Secret single girl behavior. 

There is no greater joy than doing all the things you can only do when home alone for an extended period of time. Staring at your pores, plucking your eyebrows, and all that other crap that we have to do but can only do it in the privacy of our homes.

18. Laundry day is so much easier.

Having to only wash your clothes is a a blessing. No more of someones t-shirts "accidentally" falling into the hamper.

19. Take the time to think. 

When you're in a relationship you're so busy in it that it leaves little time to step back and look at what is happening. Once single you can use the time to see where things went wrong and what you can do next time to make sure nothing like that ever happens again.

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20. Daily happiness will increase. 

If you are fresh out of a relationship this will take a bit, but I guarantee within two weeks you will notice yourself smiling more and being more excited for the day. Relationships end because they're not going well, which is why when you become single it's not all that bad after taking some time to heal.

What's your favorite thing about being single, and if you're in a relationship, what's the one thing you always do when you get a moment to yourself?

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