How to Enjoy the Super Bowl When You Hate Football

I don't think it's a big surprise to anyone that I'm not a football fan. I mean, have you met me? Probably not, okay, bad example. Football and I, actually sports and I, have never really been best of friends. In school I was never invested in who won the basketball game. It was gym, Jessica needed to fucking relax and remember it was just a game. Plus, with athletes making more money than I ever will for running after a ball, I'm sorry, I'm just not a fan.

Except there's one thing I do love, being included. Do I know what the score is? No. Could I even tell you what the team names are? Probably not. But dammit you better invite me to your viewing party! It's not like I plan to sit around and ask a million questions, I'm mainly there for the chips and drinks anyways.

If you're trying to decide whether or not to go to a super bowl party, I say go. Yeah there's probably a Law and Order SVU marathon on but that happens every weekend. Don't miss out on the fun because you have no clue what's happening and are completely uninvested in who wins. There's plenty of ways to have fun without being a die hard fan.

Focus on the food.

I can't be the only one creating Pinterest boards with footbal themed snack foods, right? Spend your time dipping strawberries in chocolate and creating a snack stadium. And if you're not talented in the kitchen, focus your efforts on consuming all the food you can. Apart from Thanksgiving, this is the one other day a year where you can eat everything in sight and not be judged. Just call it stress eating cause you're so upset by the score.

Bingo, anyone?

Have trouble keeping up with the game? Introduce something that will give you an incentive to pay attention, like super bowl bingo. Pinterest has some great premade templates and if you offer a prize to the winner, people (including you) will be a lot more motivated to keep up with what's happening on the TV screen.

Place a bet.

The best way to care about the outcome of the game is if you've invested some money into it. Sarah over at Venus Trapped in Mars published an awesome post of a game I've never heard of. And with directions even my cat could understand, I'm definitely going to twist some arms to get my friends to play this year.

Watch for the halftime show.

You'd be lying if you said you didn't know who was performing at the halfitme show, unless you live under a rock. A rock that somehow doesn't receive cell reception. Spend some time before the game catching up on all the performer's biggest hits so that when they do hit the stage, you can use that moment to wow everyone with your trivia. No it's not about football, but whatever.

Enjoy the commercials. 

Anyone who has spent a lifetime of trying to get into sports know that the commercials are the only thing that will be talked about long after people stop arguing over who the real winner should have been. Sit back and wait for the minutes pass while until the next commercial that probably paid millions of dollars to be aired. I mean for that much money, they can have my attention.

Research some lines.

Don't want to sit around silently for hours? Want to participate in the conversation but don't know how? I've got you covered. Choose a side, find someone who knows their shit on that same side, then watch and learn. When he or she yells, "Are you kidding me, that was a fumble," take the opportunity to shout, "that was a fumble, seriously?!" Fake it till you make it girl!

Still dreading the idea of watching a bunch of men run back and forth after a ball? Then stay home, please, for everyone's sake. The only thing worse than watching something you're not interested in is trying to enjoy something you love while other's complain about how stupid it is. With most people being at home watching the game, you can take the opportunity to catch a movie, enjoy empty museums and do all those things that are usually full of crowds.

Will you be watching the super bowl this year? What's one thing you look forward to most when it comes to people's super bowl parties?


  1. When it comes to the Super Bowl I'm alllll about the food :) Making it, consuming it, etc haha

    1. The only thing I "made" this year was 3 trips to the grocery store, but I was all about consuming it!

  2. Great tips!! I really do not like Football or any sport at all and whenever I have a family get together that centres around the game, I am at the food table! I love that at least there is always yummy treats!

    La Belle Sirene

    1. my family was luckily never into any sports, which is why I just cant get into them today. But that didn't stop us for having a party, for the game of course.

  3. I love football, but I'm equally interested in the game and the food!

    1. My Super Bowl party was definitely focused on the food and Beyonce, I think at one point we actually muted the game.

  4. The Panthers are playing, so I'm actually going, and actually going to *try* to watch, because the boyfriend is from NC (at least that was the first place he lived when he moved to the US) and Cam Newton is pretty cool. I'm also there for the chips.

    1. I really wanted the Panthers to win, just because I loved the movie the Blind Side, no other real reason. But I was all about the chips, I had to go buy more because I may have opened them Saturday night