10 Valentine's Day Cards for Every Guy in Your Life

Whether you like it or not, Valentine's Day is all about chocolates, greeting cards and the immense pressure to have someone special to spend the day with. But what's a girl to do when she's fresh out of a relationship and has temporarily sworn of all men? Except Detective Stabler because he can do no wrong.

Even though I love typical Valentine's Day posts about date ideas, gift guides and ways to celebrate if you're single, I wanted to create something for the women who will be sitting at home, binge watching Law and Order SVU while refreshing their ex's Facebook, Instagram and Twitter page just in case he posts something. He better not though.

Then I had one of those moments, you know the kind, when you have one funny thought and next thing you know it's grown into this awesome idea that you drop everything for to make it a reality! Three days later and a lot of hard work, I created something I hope you all will love, Valentine's Day cards for all the guys in your life. Exes included.

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Even though you cant actually purchase any of them you can at least giggle while thinking about the face they'd make opening up any of these brutally honest greeting cards.

For the cute boy on the bus looking for a seat.

For the handsome guy at the grocery store.

For your best guy friend.

For the guy who broke your heart too many times.

For the guy who just gets you.

For your friend with benefits who you just might be falling for.

For the guy who doesn't enjoy PDA.

For the guy who wanted to change you.

For the guy who loves you despite your baggage.

For the guy who cheated on you. Bastard.

If you're spending Valentine's Day without someone special this year throw out that negativity and remember that you are enough. So maybe we don't have dates or a bouquet of flowers, but we also don't have a boy hurting our feelings and making us feel less than what we are, which is flawless. If you need a person to bitch with or just someone else to stalk online, you can find me on Twitter and Instagram. I promise to not post inspirational quotes that make you wanna roll your eyes into next week.

I'd love to hear in the comments below which card you'd love to send to someone this Valentine's Day. Also, if you can spot where each quote is from, we can officially become best friends now. 


  1. Love these- I love you, but I love me more- Samantha from SATC. I curse the day you were born is Charlotte, right? HAHA. And the last one- Friends!

    1. Yes and Yes!!!! The last one is my absolute favorite though. Maybe next year I'll actually mail some out to a select number of people

  2. Replies
    1. so glad you liked them! Have a wonderful weekend Lauren :)

  3. Hahahahaha these are awesome. I need to send one to a guy friend who still occasionally texts me that says, "We were cool. . . but now I have a boyfriend. Stop texting me pls."

    1. why do boys do that?? Like do you live under the only rock with no cell reception so that you cant see that I have moved on?!

  4. Omg these are too good! Love these ideas and quirky cards!

    Laura | Laura Aime Vous

    1. thank you, I'm so happy you found them amusing :)

  5. Such a cute cards. Love them all!

  6. very creative and cute rubi! i miss ya. so many of these reminded me of you. from the Stabler quote, to Grey's Anatomy, to FRIENDS. One of my favorites was to your best guy friend.

    1. I miss youuuuuuu. I literally was thinking of you when trying to pick a Greys quote. And your fave was from The Office so if you still dont like that show you need to jump on that bandwagon already


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