How to Celebrate Leap Day as a Twenty Something

It's a few minutes past 9am on a Sunday morning and I am sitting at work. I don't usually work weekends, actually I never work weekends, but I made a promise to live my life more for me in 2016, and it turns out me likes to do fun things, and fun things require money. So I'm sitting at work at 9am on a Sunday morning.

Today is a leap day which I find very exciting, and I know it happens every four years, but how awesome is it that every four years we just get an extra day to live? I know calendars are man made and we aren't really getting anything "extra" but let's just enjoy the fact that this year is 366 days long instead of 365. Unfortunately my extra day will be spent at work, because the 29th falls on a Monday (boo). So instead I am celebrating my extra 24 hours this year by committing to something I wouldn't usually do in the future. My celebrating will have to wait because grown ups can't just call off work for no reason other than wanting to enjoy leap day.

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If you are lucky enough to have the day off then I am all for you taking advantage of it, and if not, here are some ways to enjoy the feeling of anything can happen that comes along with leap year, but on a day that's more suitable for you and all your adult responsibilities.

Purchase some concert tickets

Concerts are this thing that we all wanted to attend when we were younger but either didn't have the money or permission to go. Now as twenty somethings we put up excuses like ticket prices or being too tired for a concert on a Wednesday night. Skip a night at the bar and use that money instead for an actual experience, trust me, you won't regret it.

Address your relationship status

Are you unhappy in your current relationship? Do something about it! Every time I think about all the gut feelings I got in my last relationship I get so irritated I didn't just blurt out one time how incredibly unhappy I felt at time. If you're on the other end and can't stand to spend another Friday night without a date, take a step towards changing that. Download an app, ask your friend to set you up or simply strike up a conversation with the next cute person you cross paths with.

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Book that Groupon you've had your eyes on

I swear I'm not sponsored by Groupon, I just really love how they have so many things you would normally pay full price for at a discount. Treat yourself on this extra day by booking a massage, fancy dinner or an all inclusive trip. It's crazy how inexpensive travelling with a Groupon voucher can be, seriously, look it up. You'll be reconsidering whether or not you have the money to travel after just a few scrolls.

Follow up on your resolutions

We all make new year's resolutions whether we choose to broadcast them over social media or not. With us being only two months into the new year it's not too late to start taking steps towards meeting our goals or checking in to see our progress. I can admit that the past week of work was so busy that I haven't written a single post or replied to any comments or emails, but without taking time to reflect on my slips, I wouldn't know in what areas of my blog I needed to focus on more to continue towards my ultimate goal.

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Do something out of your comfort zone

Jumping out of an airplane is not what I'm implying, unless you're into that sort of thing. What I mean is that you do that thing you always want to but talk yourself out of. We all have a restaurant we want to try to or movie we want to see, but we let the lack of support or enthusiasm from those around us. On Wednesday I am going to a concert alone, to see a band I never head of before a few months ago, with the tickets I bought my now ex-boyfriend. The old me would have sold them or just given them away to avoid going to a rock concert by myself, but I'm trying to live a little more, so I'll be there, a good 10 ft away from any potential mosh pits.

Are you doing anything special for leap day? If so, let me know what you have planned in the comments below!


  1. Great post! Concerts are a great idea!! :)

  2. OMG I was seriously feeling like this is an extra day this year!

  3. The last leap day I was at Walt Disney World and they had the park open for a full 24 hours. It was awesome. This leap day I am in bed with a cold. Not so awesome. On the plus side, you did remind me to buy that coffee tasting tour Groupon, so thanks!!

  4. This is such a fun post! I hope you had an awesome Leap Day :)