The Ultimate Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Single Girls

Raise your hand if you enjoy giving gifts more than you enjoy receiving them! *raises hand* Maybe it's just me but what I love most about Christmas and Valentine's Day is taking the time to find an item that the most important people in my life will cherish, which is why it's so annoying when you don't have a significant other to express your love through during the holidays.

Gift giving doesn't have to be reserved for the people you swap spit with though, single people need love too, which is why I decided to stray away from the typical gift giving guide and create a collection of items that will be perfect to treat yourself with this Valentine's Day. And if you're bestie has really been there for you lately, maybe grab her one too. 


Do I even need to explain why you deserve a massage? I didn't think so. 

Mani + Pedi

I'm convinced that if I start wearing sandals and sundresses the universe will take notice and bring summer sooner. Become a part of my cause and treat yourself to a bright colored manicure and pedicure. 


Walking around Forever 21 last week I passed the cutest bralette, then my brain cut me off and said, "and who are you trying to look cute for?" My brain is a bitch sometimes. Don't not buy yourself cute things just because you don't have a guy in your life. Buy yourself that bralette girl, then give yourself the compliment you deserve every time you see yourself in it. 

Visit the salon

Does anyone past the age of 10 get regular haircuts anymore? Or are we all on the same page about stylists not understanding that one inch means one inch? Find someone you trust and give your ends a much needed trim, and if you're feeling bold, try out that hair color you've been pinning all over your Pinterest boards. 

Something to boost your mood

I like spending my money on things I can see and enjoy daily, which is probably why I'll never become a foodie. Treat yourself to something that will brighten up your living space, whether that be a new bedspread or that rug you've been eyeing for months.

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You most likely don't have the money to drop on a full on vacation right after the holidays, but what's stopping you from enjoying everything your city has to offer. Grab a friend or just yourself, rent a hotel room and enjoy all that your city has to offer. Even the smallest of towns have a few places you wouldn't want to live without. 

New clothes

Remember what I said about you deserving that bralette, same goes for that romper that you have no idea where you're going to wear it but damn it you need to buy it now! Okay maybe that's especially specific to me, but you get the point. Go out, buy yourself one fabulous new thing, then plan out somewhere you can wear your cute new outfit. 

Something to make you feel beautiful

Every day I thank my lazy tendencies because they have saved me so much money in life. I can't explain why makeup is so expensive, but I'm sure there's one palette, lipstick, foundation you've been wanting to try. Just for today, splurge on yourself and just buy the freaking thing!

Concert tickets

So many amazing artists are going on tour this year, don't miss out on a night of fun because you rather buy a coffee every morning on your way to work. Staying in just a few nights a month should help you save enough to buy pretty decent seats at any large concert. 

An actual camera

While I love the convenience of the camera on my iPhone, the photos I take with my Polaroid camera are somehow 10x more special than anything on my photo roll. If you rather stay digital, there's some pretty inexpensive options available nowadays that will give you better quality than your phone ever could. 

Are you guilty of only celebrating the holiday when you have a significant other? What are your plans for Valentine's Day this year?


  1. love these ideas! I always think it's fun to treat friends to cute baked goods and some makeup :D thanks for sharing these!

    1. In high school I used to bake everyone I knew cupcakes for holidays, it made everyone I knew always look forward to whatever holiday was coming up next

  2. I love all of these ideas! Valentine's Day is a great excuse to treat yourself!

    1. exactly! I don't think anyone should let their relationship status stop them from doing something nice for themselves

  3. I'm actually taking my boyfriend to get a pedicure with me this Valentine's day. Mani/Pedis are always a great way to treat yourself!

    1. that is so adorable! You have to Tweet or Instagram the experience!

  4. Love this post!!! I've never gotten a massage, so I might just have to gift myself with one this Valentine's Day!

    XO, Rachel

    1. Groupon is THE place to find awesome, affordable places to get a massage! With so many reviews there's no way you'll be disappointed

  5. Such a great post full of fabulous ideas! I'm heading out for a manicure for Galentines Day - I love any excuse to treat yourself!

    xx, Caitlin

    1. I always want to get a manicure but my terrible nail biting habit makes it so that there's no real point. I have the hands of a 10 year old boy