5 Ideas for Celebrating Your One Year Anniversary

Hello you reading this. You might have clicked this post looking for ways to celebrate your one year marriage anniversary. First of all, super happy for you! Seriously, congrats for finding someone willing to love you at your it's laundry day and I'm wearing swim bottoms for underwear worst. Here's the thing though, this post is aimed at one year dating anniversaries, so you're kind of too far ahead of the game for this one.

If you still are looking for some sweet ideas, then totally keep reading. Also, if you wanna drop some of your wise dating advice in the comments below, I think we'd all love to know how you manage to not break up with your significant other when you catch them cutting their toenails on the couch. Just my problem? Okay, never mind.

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How to celebrate your one year dating anniversary whether you're low on cash or creativity.

So a quick background, this coming weekend is my anniversary, which is kind of a big deal because we've been arguing since the day we met. Seriously ya'll, I'm pretty sure the first thing I ever said to my boyfriend was a snarky remark about where in the bar he was standing. Obviously he was instantly smitten.

Because I like to make a big deal out of little things, like where people stand in bars, we are celebrating our one year anniversary. If you're in need of ideas of how to celebrate one year of putting up with each other's quirks and movie preferences, keep reading!


This the avenue we went for on our anniversary. We typically spend all of our time in Washington DC, but for a change of scenery we rented a gorgeous hotel in Alexandria, Virginia and felt like we literally crossed a river and were in a completely different part of the country.

Find a neighborhood you both don't frequent often, get a room, and spend the day finding new shops and local spots to brag about to your friends later.

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Depending on which anniversary you're celebrating, you may not totally remember your first date, or even live anywhere near where it happened. If it's doable, recreating the first date is a simple and romantic way to celebrate how it all started, plus it will most likely bring up a bunch of old memories you had totally forgotten about.

While not my personal pick for celebrating my one year anniversary, recreating firsts is a great pick for couples that have been together a while or known each other a long time!


No, I don't mean run away together and start robbing banks, unless you two are adventurous like that. Going the typical route of a nice dinner followed by some sort of an activity is typical for one reason, it works!

Choose a restaurant you wouldn't usually go for, whether that's because of price or cuisine, dress up and make a night of it. If you live near water sunset dinner cruises are always a for sure winner, or if you're in the city rooftop dinners are a great alternative.

How to celebrate your one year dating anniversary whether you're low on cash or creativity.


Sort of the opposite of be a tourist in your own town, except a little more planning is required. Find a place you are both genuinely interested in visiting in and go there! It doesn't have to be far either, especially with so many sights to see within the United States already.

The trick to taking a trip on your anniversary is to choose a place that you'll have fun in but not be so active that by the end of the night you'll be too tired to celebrate. For example, I could never honeymoon in Disneyland. Too many lines, too much standing, too many people, a recipe for me being in a bad mood. Find somewhere that first your personality, your needs, and your expectations for what an anniversary should look like.


For the adventurous couple, or couple who enjoys making lists, slashing something of a bucket list is a creative way to celebrate an anniversary that will ensure you never forget. Because let's be real, once you get old most will start to blend in together.

You can make this happen by listing off things you've always wanted to do, choosing an item you both have in common or better yet, doing one off of each other's list. I am definitely not here in my relationship yet, because knowing my boyfriend he'd want to do something ridiculous like jump off a bridge with him. No thank you.

How important are anniversaries to you, and if you've ever celebrated one, what was your favorite way of celebrating? Share you story in the comments below!

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  1. Okay new relationship requirement...I need to find me a man who will take me on a sunset cruise or to a rooftop dinner. That's the dream.