The Best Thrift Stores in Washington, DC

Thrift shopping is like gambling except you always leave a winner. Or maybe that's just my perspective, because my first 30 minutes in a casino was hands down the most disappointing experience of my life.

No I wasn't expecting to be richer, but I at least wanted to have a little fun. Thirty minutes at MGM Casino and I decided I would rather spend my money on a new outfit than playing a game that made absolutely no sense to me. If you live in or are visiting Washington DC, you might have noticed the serious lack of thrift stores.

Love to thrift shop but don't know where the best thrift shops in Washington DC are? Click to read the best 5 thrift shops in Washington DC

Growing up in California meant I was never too far from a Goodwill or Salvation Army, but metro accessible thrift shops are super hard to find. Three years later and I've finally found thrift shops that a) are easy to get to without a car and b) always end with me leaving with a bag full of clothes. Most of the thrift shops on the list I've visited myself personally, but one is a recommendation from a friend who always looks like she just walked out of a magazine, so I'll trust her recommendation.


By far my favorite thrift store in all of Washington DC, and stupid me walked past it every day for months without going inside. Rosario 3x10 is a thrift store located in Columbia Heights, on 14th Street just a few blocks north of Target. Shopping there is pretty simple, everything is 3 for $10 unless otherwise marked.

Typically items that are not 3 for $10 are located on the three front racks of the store, ranging from $1-$8. In all of my months of shopping there I've never paid for than $8 for an item, which was a maxi skirt from JCrew. With the store being small you can shop the entire floor in about thirty minutes, with items including shoes, clothing, linens and accessories.


Frugalista is the sister store to Rosario 3x10, also featuring very discounted clothing items in the Columbia Heights area. The main reason I don't shop at Frugalista more often is because I like how simple the pricing is at Rosario, but Frugalista makes up for it with a more organized store and higher quality items. Frugalista has a larger selection of shoes available and is a great place for men in the District to visit if they are in need of a new work clothes.


If you love getting a lot for your money, Georgia Avenue Thrift Store is a must visit. I love this store for one reason, the books! Books cost around 45cents each, with children's books being even cheaper. In regards to clothing, there is a lot to look through yet there is a visible difference in quality between Georgia Avenue Thrift and Rosario 3x10.

Unlike other thrift stores in Washington DC, Georgia Avenue Thrift Store has a home wares section where you can find small appliances, dishes, vases, and other typical thrift store items. This thrift store also has a variety of furniture for sale, children's clothing and toys, and walls lines with art and mirrors.

Love to thrift shop but don't know where the best thrift shops in Washington DC are? Click to read the best 5 thrift shops in Washington DC


Although I don't typically shop here, my fashion loving friend swears by this place. According to her, items are typically brand name at the Buffalo Exchange near Logan Circle, located on 14th Street. Having never visited myself I can't accurately say all the items you can find in stock, but I am positive this location offers men's and women's clothing, both business and casual.


I think we've all been inside a Crossroads at one point in time, or were we all not broke teens trying to sell our old clothes for movie ticket money? Crossroads is also located on 14th St, just a few feet north of 14th and U St.

Crossroads offers men's and women's clothing, accessories and the option to sell your clothes for store credit or cash. Crossroads' prices vary, depending on the brand and season of the item you have chosen, but the store is two levels so you're bound to find something you like within your price range.

Are you from the Washington, DC area? If so, share your favorite thrift store in the comments below!

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  1. Buffalo Exchange is great! I used to live right near it so it was dangerous haha