Look What You Made Me Do: Twenty Something Edition

Unless you are one of those people who pays zero attention to pop culture, you may not know that Taylor Swift released her long awaited new music this past week. After three years of silence from one of the most talked about celebrities, we all witnessed what may be the beginning of Taylor's not giving a fuck era. And I'm 100% here for it.

If you step back and look at everything as objectively as possible, Taylor Swift is very much a celebrity who is picked apart for doing all the normal twenty something things. Casual dating, occasional lying, trying hard as hell to look professional when her life is really a mess, and overall figuring herself out. I am by no means a super fan, but I also am not a person who hates someone for dating a ton of people and profiting off of those relationships. Hell, maybe I'd do the same thing if anyone would pay attention.

Taking Taylor Swift's new single and comparing it to all the things 20 somethings are guilty of doing because of their age.
Her new single is unlike any of her previous music, and love it or hate it, it's full of references to all the scandals that have been attached to her in the past three years. As your typical twenty something, I too am guilty of uttering the phrase, "look what you made me do," while blaming someone for something I definitely played a part in.

Because Taylor's new single has been stuck in my head all weekend, I thought I'd write a post to highlight all the shit being in my twenties has made me do. The good, the bad, and the pieces I'm still trying to figure out.

Ate popcorn for dinner multiple times a week, and not in a fun way, but out of necessity.

Bused/walked home way too late at night because my Uber budget was used up before the month even started.

Facebook stalked an old high school boyfriend to see if any of your curses ever worked.

Fallen into the trap of Facebook stalking every person you went to high school with, even those you didn't graduate with. 

Changed all the settings in your Facebook to private any post written before 2014. The old you can't come to the phone right now, because she's too busy writing how she feels on a very public website.

Not having your life figured out, but your Instagram feed is cohesive as hell.

Freaking out about having to get off your parent's health insurance in a few years, like where does one even buy insurance?

Stumbling home after one too many mimosas at brunch, on a Saturday, at 1pm. 

Not knowing a single new artist nominee at the VMAs for the past five years.

Wanting to literally fight someone when they say Britney Spears is not the princess of pop and an American treasure.

Ignoring your taxes for months in the hopes that the IRS will forget your name and number.

Falling more in love with the 'hide from newsfeed' feature on Facebook with every year that passes. 

Wondering how all these lame people are getting engaged, then instantly feeling bad. But really, how does one have someone give them a diamond. How?!

Coming to terms with the fact that packing your lunch and wearing shoes with arch support is your future.

Tell me, what is something being in your twenties made you do? Share what you're guilty of in the comments below!


  1. This is so great. I especially relate to the 'my life is falling apart but look at my pretty instagram feed' one. My twenties have made me addicted to dry shampoo :P

  2. OMG yes this is wonderful. My 20s have made me spiral into multiple crises about what do I REALLY want to do with my life and why does everyone look like they have their ish together?