5 Reasons to Cut Your Cable

I can still remember the day I cut my cable. I was sitting at the receptionist desk of my old job, having recently given my notice, staring at my bank account wondering why I was being charged twenty dollars extra each month. After a very annoying call with Comcast I realized they had increased my price, with absolutely no notice.

My anger got the best of me which led to me not only cutting my cable but internet as well, and within a few minutes I had cut ties with the only provider that serviced my area. I bussed home convinced that I would figure out a way around my new circumstance, which is what led me to this post today.

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Learn how to save money each month and live without cable, all without having to miss out on your favorite shows.

Cable is too fucking expensive. Yeah, I said it. Sure it's nice to not have to download anything or really think about what you wanna watch, but I refuse to pay that much money for a service that I really only use like 10% of. Think about it, how many channels do you actually watch? Probably like 5-10, leaving you with possibly hundreds of useless ones you don't even need!

This reason, along with the increased price, led me to cut my cable overnight. As an avid tv watcher I had to figure out something fast, I mean, I am the type of girl who eat, sleeps, breathes television. Below are the things I turned to that have helped me say goodbye to cable permanently, all while keeping up with my tv shows and saving a ton of money along the way.


The obvious alternative, but if you still don't have an account, what are you waiting for? Netflix is great for binge watching sessions and rewatching old favorites that you can quote for days. Thankfully Netflix is now consistently producing content of its own, which means you get so much more than just favorites to watch after the season ends.


If you're anything like me, you have trouble not being able to keep up with your shows as they air. The great thing about Hulu is that they feature old content and episodes the day after they air. The price of Hulu is comparable to that of Netflix, so I definitely recommend you try the free trials to both so you can compare the two platforms.

Learn how to save money each month and live without cable, all without having to miss out on your favorite shows.

Xfinity Online

Stupid me dated my boyfriend for six months before realizing I could have been watching live tv on the go with his Xfinity account. If you have family or friends who have an Xfinity account, they have the ability to make you a login so that you can watch live tv both on your laptop and cellphone.

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For the past six years I've been falling more in love with YouTube, mostly because I can quickly watch a video while getting ready or cooking dinner. Some YouTubers film episode long videos, it all depends on what type of content you enjoy. There are also channels dedicated to live streaming certain shows 24/7, all you have to do is search the name of your favorite show and 'live' to find the account. Best of all, YouTube is totally free, and there's new content every single day. 

Amazon Video

If you're an Amazon Prime customer, don't forget that you have access to Amazon Video to watch films, tv episodes, and access music all as a prime member. I prefer Amazon for films, but my sister swears by this streaming service.

What are your favorite streaming platforms? Also, let me know what your fave new shows is, my watchlist is in major need of new shows!

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  1. We have both Netflix and Hulu, and my husband and I love them both! I just saw your post for "The Stages of a Law and Order SVU Marathon." My husband just started watching it a month ago. We have finished seasons 14-17 and part of 18. We then have to watch seasons 1-13 :)

  2. Great post! I do think cable is way too expensive for what most people watch. I only have Netflix right now, but in the future, I might have to look into things like Hulu. I'm definitely hoping to become an Amazon Prime member sometime soon too because just the perk of two-day free shipping would be amazing!!


  3. I don't even remember the last time I watched cable and saw commercials... I looooove Netflix and a part of me is happy our content list isn't as big as America (or have multiple streaming services as well) because it'd be getting very expensive to have all these streaming services and it'll probably force me to stay home every weekend, haha. But I completely agree with all your benefits of cutting cable out - I honestly don't see the point of cable anymore.