4 Reasons You Need to Go See a Movie Alone

Today I realized something I wish I had sooner, the movies are a fucking fun place to be on a Thursday afternoon. Seriously ya'll, catching a movie in the middle of the workday gives you the same feeling as skipping math class did in the 12th grade. Trust me on this.

With my boyfriend being out of the country and a day with no homework or work work, I took the opportunity to go watch Dunkirk while it was still in theaters. Quick synopsis of how I felt about it: Tom Hardy could get it, at first I was a bit lost but then it got clearer, it was shot beautifully, and so far it's the best movie I've seen in 2017. And I watch a ton of movies.

The reasons why you need to go see a movie alone ASAP, because your independent woman self deserves it.

My decision to go watch a movie alone reminded me of how it felt to be single a year ago, back when my life was lived selfishly and a large pizza lasted me more than an hour. As I walked towards the bus stop I made a mental note to remind myself to write about why I think every woman needs to take herself to a movie every once in a while. Even if it's not on a weekday afternoon, it's definitely a task we should all pencil into our schedules a few times a year. Here's why.


I mentioned this next statement in my Instagram story and by the responses I received it deserved a mention here too, can we all admit men's movie choices are shit? But really though, how many car chases are really necessary in a film? I'm looking at you Mad Max Fury Road (or whatever the hell it was called). By the way, if you aren't following me on Instagram I definitely recommend you do. It's my favorite form of social media and the best place to get new nuggets of content when I take blogging breaks.

Going to see a movie alone not only ensures you'll sit where you want, but that you'll watch what you want. No shade towards my boyfriend, but he has questionable movie choices at times. Most I will watch with him, but sometimes you just gotta put your foot down, you know? Pick a movie that you know you'll 100% love, grab a ticket, and enjoy watching it without worrying about how much your date is enjoying themselves.

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I cannot stress this enough, going to a matinee movie makes any day feel like a Sunday. Just not a Sunday at the movies, cause that's when the theater is packed, there some child screaming in the row behind you, and piles of spilled popcorn all over the aisles.

If you cant make a weekday matinee, I suggest an early morning movie on the weekend. The theaters are much emptier which means no worrying about long lines, loud laughter at odd times in the film, or not getting the seat you want. Middle of the row halfway toward the back, obviously.

The reasons why you need to go see a movie alone ASAP, because your independent woman self deserves it.
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2016 was the year I blossomed into the independent woman I am today, so much so that Beyonce would be proud. Sure I could always do things on my own, including backpacking Europe and moving across the country, but in 2016 I lost count of how many concerts, movies and meals I went to by myself without the fear of wondering what those around me were thinking.

Learning to be on your own in public spaces is so important for your development, especially if you're someone who at times thinks you're too reliant on friends, family or significant others. You can start small like a meal at a super casual place, but honestly there's nothing hard about sitting in a dark room and watching a movie alone. It's not like you're meant to be interacting with other people anyways.


As crazy as this sounds, watching a movie on my own this week made me realize just how much I enjoy the post movie reflection my boyfriend and I typically do. Our usual routine includes hopping on the bus and dissecting the movie on the way home, him usually looking for reviews on his phone, me giving him the side eye for looking for reviews on his phone instead of listening to my own. Yes doing things alone will lead you to become more independent, but it can also help you appreciate those around you who provide company at times when you just rather not have to do something on your own.

What's the last thing you did on your own, and if you never go out alone, what's stopping you?

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  1. In the fall I travel a lot for work; it has always been a dream to go to the movie by myself. Unfortunately September is not the best time for great movies. One day!

  2. I love going to movies by myself! I'm always doing things by myself. I can't remember the last thing I did alone but I take myself out to brunch a lot!

  3. I have decided this year to make the most of being single and not waste a second sitting at home alone feeling sorry for myself. If my couple friends can go out and have fun...so can I! I have been meaning to go watch a movie solo for ages because it sounds wonderful.
    The last solo thing I did was going to the dance at church which was lots of fun and I'm glad I was alone because it forced me to talk to new people!

  4. Only went to a movie alone once. It was a documentary in a little independet theater. It was fine though I did feel a bit weird.