My Cat's Life is the Best Life + Practicing Self Care

I woke up Tuesday morning in complete agony. Instead of my cats waking me up or the sound of construction across the street, I woke up due to intensity of soreness in my legs. You guys, day 1 of being less of a coach potato is kicking my ass.

If you read my last post, you might know that I'm trying to develop healthier habits all around. One of my goals is to be more physically active, which I totally crushed on day 1, but now I'm thinking maybe I went too hard too soon. Not even exaggerating, it hurts to lay in bed.

Since my plan to bike this morning is out the window, unless I wanna end up crying on the side of the road, I decided to make use of the morning sunshine by treating my cat to a walk on the balcony. I know what you're thinking, huh?

Here's the thing, my boyfriend's condo has a balcony which my cat is obsessed with. After a lot of Googling I decided it's way to dangerous to let Max walk out there on his own, so I've decided to let him walk around on the balcony with a harness. No more than 5 minutes into our first "walk" and he was literally rolling on the ground in joy.

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As I sat on the hard ground in pain, I realized just how great a life my cat has. A few weeks ago I was breaking down regularly because of all the medical problems he was saving, but thankfully they managed to go away and we've made some lifestyle changes to prevent their return.

Having a pet seriously makes you notice little things, like birds chirping and just how much black you actually own. Okay, maybe that's just having a cat realizations.

Since apparently Max practices self care each morning by rolling on the patio until he's covered in pollen, I thought I'd recommend some simple ways to practice self care in less time than it takes to convince your cat that a harness is not out to kill them.

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Pack some snacks

Do you ever wake up after a hard night and realize you still have leftovers? That same feeling can be recreated when you pack yourself some snacks for later in the day. The task takes no more than a minute and will boost your mood instantly later.

Listen to some comedy

Spotify is my go to place for stand up comedy, otherwise Netflix is a great option too. As I get ready for the day I always try to listen to something, the more positive the better. If you don't use Spotify, Youtube is a great option to listen to both stand up and late night comedy.

Put on a faves playlist

Comedy not your thing? Try making a playlist of morning only songs, meaning songs you won't play on repeat all day. This way when you listen to your playlist you won't feel the temptation to hit skip.

Make your bed

As a person who never makes my bed, I can admit that when I do I feel so much better about myself overall. Such a small task makes me feel like I've done so much already, which is why it's such a simple self care practice. Plus, slipping into a made bed is one of the best feelings.

Change your phone background

A few months ago I was one of those people who never changed my phone background, but a quote I found on Pinterest made that all change. Now, once a week I'll browse Pinterest for cute images or quotes that will boost my mood and energy whenever I grab my phone. My favorites come from my body positivity board, but otherwise my quotes for twenty somethings is a no fail location to find a new phone background.

What small tasks do you do to boost your mood? Share a self care practice in the comments below. 

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  1. Jealous of Max right now. I just wanna lounge on the patio in the sunshine. I love comedy shows, nothing makes you feel better than a good laugh. Have you heard of the Guilty Feminist podcast? I think you'd like it. I have cried with laughter on multiple occasions while listening to it.

  2. Oh my gosh, I got so freaked out when you commented on this post because I completely forgot I had scheduled it lol. But no I haven't, Im gonna have to download it if it's that funny!