The Stages of Watching a Law and Order SVU Marathon

This past weekend was awesome. Sitting around in my underwear eating Magnum ice cream bars for lunch kind of awesome. My boyfriend wanted to go see the new Fast and Furious move and I...did not. So I did what anyone would do, insisted he go see it so I could get a moment for myself. Oh, and the remote.

My Saturday started off like any other, waking up at 10, liking everyone's brunch photos on Instagram and eating my weight in potatoes. When I decided to turn on the television I figured I was going to catch up on Real Housewives or My 600 Pound Life. I know, I have a very random taste in TV. After scrolling for a bit, it happened, stage one of watching a Law and Order SVU marathon.

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Stage 1: Aimless channel surfing

It starts off innocently enough. You decide to watch some TV but don't know what's on. The news is too depressing and you feel too old for anything on MTV. After flipping around for a bit you reach the destination you didn't even know was there.

Stage 2: Realization

Just as you're about to hit the channel button what's on screen catches your attention. Wait, is that Olivia?? Hold on, is there a marathon going on right now? Yep, and you're three hours late to it. To never miss a Law and Order SVU marathon, you can follow xxxx on Twitter.

Stage 3: Have I seen this episode?

Chances are you've seen whatever episode is on, no matter what time it is or what channel you're on. Die hard fans can name what guest star appears or who is Olivia's current partner. Bonus points if you know the ADA.

Stage 4: I'll just watch one

At this point you still feel in control. You've already seen this episode so it's not like you're gonna get sucked in. You sit down to enjoy bad guys getting caught, maybe even text a friend to tell them there's a marathon on.

Stage 5: Okay, I mean one full episode

The episode you stumbled upon has ended. You have less than a minute to decide if you're gonna get up or sit and watch the next crime. Here's the thing, I think if you have the self control to shut it off before the crime is committed you might just be able to walk away. Most of us just have to see what episode it is, and by watching the crime we decide to just watch one more.

Stage 6:But it's themed!

Now that you've spent another full hour watching Law and Order SVU you realized today's marathon is themed. Maybe the theme is famous guest stars or crimes committed by children. I don't know the exact science around this, but a theme makes it so much more fun to watch.

Stage 7: Well, this is my life now

It's been three hours and you're still watching. At this point you are either still in denial but not moving, or have given in and are surrounded by snacks and your phone charger. Settle in for the day, you won't be doing anything productive anytime soon.

When's the last time you got sucked into a Law and Order SVU marathon? And if you have a favorite episode, share it in the comments below! I'm always interested to know which people love most of all!

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  1. HA, I frickin LOVE SVU. I always watch it when there's a marathon AND even fire it up on Netflix. I did find it weird, however, when I went to my Grandma's this weekend and she was mid-marathon. She's 90 :-/

    1. Oh my gosh, in love with the fact that your grandma gets sucked into the plot too! I'm so guilty of starting my own marathon on Netflix, but something about the commercial breaks makes it so that I cant seem to change the channel lol

  2. Replies
    1. The worst part is I dont even remember liking this show, it's just something that happened overnight I guess. It could be worse, I could be addicted to some lame show like Dog the Bounty Hunter (which I also sometimes watch lol)

  3. I created my very own SVU marathon via On Demand the other day! haha Glad to know I'm not alone! :-)

    1. Thanks to my boyfriend's easy to figure out passwords I also have OnDemand now lol. Love how many seasons it has of my favorite shows plus it's the only streaming website my job forgot to block on the server

  4. OMG! I LOOOOOVE watching SVU lol! Netflix has me going through seasons in a few days!:)

    xo, Chloe //

    1. Yes! Thank god for Netflix on the off chance there isnt a marathon on lol