3 Ways to Help Hurricane Harvey Victims

After watching CNN's news coverage for a few hours last night, I suddenly became very anxious about the current conditions in Texas. Living in Washington DC puts residents in this strange position where you're weirdly detached from the country while at the center of our country's legislation.

When natural disasters like this hit, I think a lot of us can be guilty of becoming so overwhelmed with the news being reported that we feel as if there is nothing we can do, so we use that feeling as an excuse to do nothing. While it's true that I cannot directly help in any way, I think we're all capable of pitching in a little bit to a larger collective cause.

The problem is, what causes are worth helping with? After spending some hours watching more news coverage, talking to my sister who currently lives in Texas, and considering the limitations my readers may face in an effort to help, I came up with three ways to donate to help victims of Hurricane Harvey no matter your situation.

Texas Diaper Bank

With my sister being a new mom, I've learned just how much work it is to take care of another human being. Diaper donations seem so random but they are very much needed by the most vulnerable members of our society. The Texas Diaper Bank distributes diapers and emergency kits, an expensive and very necessary item victims and victims' children need on a daily basis.

Austin Pets Alive

I don't know about you, but I don't think I'd be able to survive a tragedy like Hurricane Harvey without the support of my pet. Austin Pets Alive is working daily to rescue pets left behind in people's homes, roaming the streets, and those who were in shelters when the storm hit. Many of the animals being recused while require medical attention or temporary rehoming, which requires funds and personnel to make happen.

The Red Cross

Probably one of the simplest ways to donate, you can text REDCROSS or 90999 to donate $10, or visit their website to donate a different amount. Many of us are struggling ourselves, but packing lunch once this week or skipping your morning coffee is all that's needed to make a donation.

If you have any recommendations for places to donate, feel free to share a link below.

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  1. Thanks for sharing these tips and suggesting reputable organizations that will directly help those in need