The 10 Best Apps for Your Exercise and Health Goals

So you made a resolution to get your butt off the couch and wear leggings to more than just bed, but how the heck does one actually become more healthy in the new year? I've read countless blog posts and articles telling me to spend less time on my phone, not sleep next to it and a bunch of words on how the blue light is somehow bad for my eyes.

I'm sure most of the information I've read is true, but it's 2017, and I use my phone for everything from tracking the next subway car to my next period. Putting my phone down more is not a goal I think anyone is ready to make in the new year, so why not use that device that's always with us to help us reach some of our other goals?

Listed below are some of the best rated apps to help you get your health and body to where you want it to be. Since I know free is always better, I tried my best to include apps that were free of cost or less than the price of your morning coffee.

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1. Blogilates

If you've never head of Blogilates or Cassey Ho, get ready to fall in love. Best known for her Youtube videos that pair exercise with her always upbeat attitude, this is a great way to fall in love with working out. Her app features all her videos plus a monthly workout calendar she creates every month. On top of that, there's a forum to connect with others who follow her plans, recipes and an easy to use workout timer.

Free for iOS & Android

2. Cyclemeter

If biking is more your thing, Cyclemeter is the app for you. This app is great for cyclists who want to get the most out of the time on their bike, with features that allow you to track your heart rate, path, and weather conditions. Plus, the app recognizes when you stop so your stats are always accurate.

Free on iOS

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3. Sleep Cycle

Before beginning pilates I had no idea sleep was as important to fitness as working out and eating healthy, but apparently I've been doing well with one piece of the puzzle. Sleep Cycle not only tracks your sleep, it also monitors movement, can differentiate between light and deep sleep, and can help you wake up at the precise window when you'll feel most rested.

Free on iOS, $0.99 on Android

4. 30 Day Fitness Challenge Workout

This app is just what it sounds like, 30 days challenges that will give your exercise routine some variety. The 30 day programs range from ab, arm, glute and full body workouts. On top of that, each has three different difficulty levels with two plans per program.

Free on Android

5. Fooducate

The hardest part of living a healthy lifestyle for me starts in the grocery store. Fooducate helps by allowing me to scan products to see a quick overview on how healthy each item is. On top of this, the app can help you track your mood, sleep habits and hunger levels.

Free on iOS & Android

6. Map My Fitness

If you're looking for an app that can fit all your exercise routines, this is the one for you. Map My Fitness can log over 600 fitness activities, all while monitoring pace, distance, and calories burned. You can also use the app to find nearby routes and join challenges with other users or friends.

Free on iOS & Android

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7. Zombies, Run!

This app was the highest grossing health and fitness app on iTunes in just two weeks because it managed to take something as dull as running into something you look forward to. Your runs will be transformed into missions where you collect materials, keep humans safe and try to survive the zombie apocalypse.

Free on iOS & Android

8. Daily Water Free

No matter where you are on your health journey, I think we can all agree that we can all strive to drink more water. Daily Water Free allows you to set your own water intake goal for the day, set up reminders, and tracks your water intake over time. The app is simple to use and noninvasive with the scheduled reminders.

Free on iOS, free Android alternative

9. 7 Minute Workout

My boyfriend swears by this app, and he can be as lazy as I am, so there must be something spectacular about it. The app is just what it sounds like, 7 minute workouts that range in duration and intensity. Users can also create their own custom workout routines within the app.

Free on iOS & Android

10. Freeletics

If you're looking for a ton of different workout you can do virtually anywhere, Freeletics offers over 900 that range from 10 to 30 minutes.

Free on iOS & Android

Okay so I wanna know, what's your favorite health and fitness app to keep yourself on track?? Also, if you have any online pilates recommendations, throw them my way!

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