Why I Don't Introduce Everyone I Date to My Pet

When this post idea popped into my mind I immediately filed it under the crazy category. The type that sits in my notes app until I upgrade my phone and completely forget it ever existed. Except this time something in me decided this was a topic that needed mentioning, at least for us single gals who see our pets as more than just an accessory in our home.

Max is more than just my cat, he's my roommate, best friend and strongest ally on those lonely nights where the city feels much bigger than I would like. Most people say they rescued their pets from the shelter, but in reality, he rescued me. Without this cat I certainly wouldn't have made it this long in DC, especially not after the breakups, long weekends without friends and rent bills that continue to climb. But despite what was happening in the world outside our tiny studio, I have one little guy who is as happy to see me as the first day I met him. So yeah, I don't just like to bring anyone home to meet him. Call me crazy.

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I don't tolerate animal haters

This is 100% a personal preference, but I have trouble getting close to people who hate animals. With disliking cats being the new cool thing, finding someone who says they think all cats are boring, mean, stupid is a major turn off. If they can't be happy around something as innocent as an animal, I have all the information I need to make a decision on where the relationship is headed.

You have to earn both my trust and my cat's

Much like cats, I'm the kind of person who isn't automatically friendly to everyone I meet. While I'm not rude, I definitely keep my guard up until I know I'm around a person who won't turn their back on me. I've noticed a trend that my cat is pretty great at predicting the people in my life who are there to stay, usually completely ignoring those that don't stick around for too long. Maybe he's psychic, maybe I'm crazy, either way, we've got our eye on you.

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My cat gets attached just like anyone else

If I had to describe Max, I'd say he is a dog in a cat's body. He runs to the door when I get home, drinks out of the toilet and stares out the window just as much as a dog begging to be walked. Because he's so social, he has no trouble getting to know most people who come by our home. The problem is, I've witnessed firsthand how Max deals with people no longer being a part of our routine. To make sure he doesn't feel rejected or wonder where so and so went, I strive to not bring too many people by him that are only temporary.

My cat is a window into my personal life

It's pretty much a given that if you're gonna meet my cat, you're coming over to my home. Besides getting to spend time with my furry best friend, you're getting to witness the space I spend most of time in. In an effort to not let potential strangers into my home, my cat is both a great reason and excuse to keep people from coming over too soon.

Are you protective of who you let spend time with your pet? I know it's totally different with dogs and cats, so lemme know what you think/practice!

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  1. This is SO true! I feel the exact same way about my dog and when I was single, I’d get hesitant to introduce a new guy to him. However, because my dog drools so much, I’d know whether the guy was worth it if he accepted that it’s just the way my dog is. I knew I found a keeper when my boyfriend met him and said, “It’s okay, buddy, you can’t help it!”

    Lexi of Lex Be Livin’

    1. You know what? Cat hair might just be the equivalent of dog drool when it comes to meeting new guys. I once had a guy come over and ask for a lint roller before we left. It very much did not work out for us.