20 Small Signs Your Relationship Is Getting Serious

Dating lately for me has been kind of overwhelming. Every time I meet a guy the same thought crosses my mind, "He might be the future father of my kids, he might be a guy I yell 'fuck you' to across a street in a couple of weeks." Fifty-fifty chance.

Navigating the dating scene in my twenties has been a bit odd, because it seems as if I'm walking a thin line between wanting to show my interest without looking like I'm desperate for love. And as a self proclaimed crazy girl, it's kind of hard to find a guy who's okay with my nonstop texts, voice that always sounds like I'm screaming and picky eating habits. But sometimes the universe rewards you by leading you to someone who is just as picky, and that my friends is a nightmare when trying to decide on a place to eat. But I digress.

How do you know if you're simply seeing each other or dating? With dating meaning so many different things to so many different people, how is one to weigh the relationship without officially defining it? Well friends, there's some clues you can look out for. So let's all channel our inner Olivia Benson and start solving the mystery of whether our relationship is getting serious or not.

1. You can sit in the same room and completely ignore each other.
But not in a weird way! Think of it as you scrolling through your Instagram feed in bed while he scrolls through Reddit on the couch.

2. Getting ready together.
So long are the days where he can't see you until your hair is done and your liner is winged. Now you fight over counter space and which of you takes longer.

3. Your deodorant is their deodorant, and vice versa.
When you're dealing with a humid summer like I am, sometimes you're okay with smelling like mountain rain and he won't mind the scent of cucumber melon.

4. Sharing of the Netflix password.
This is so much more than being too cheap to pay ten dollars a month. We're all human, which means we're lazy. Which means that his Netflix password is most likely very similar to the Facebook, Gmail, Snapchat passwords. I told you I was a self proclaimed crazy girl.

5. Not having sex isn't a big deal.
When you first start dating, sex is sort of implied when you come over, at least a little bit. But once things are getting a bit serious, sometimes all the both of you want are to get bloated together and binge watch trash TV.

6. Everything doesn't have to be a date.
Somewhere along the way you two stop going on dates and just start spending time together.

7. You're each other's automatic plus one.
Don't have plans Sunday afternoon? Think again, he didn't ask but he and all his friends are expecting to see you.

8. They buy the snacks you like when grocery shopping.
Forget guys who buy you dinner, look for a guy who remembers which Tostitos bag you prefer and grabs one when shopping for his usual groceries.

9. Stores your clothes in a specific place.
If your bag, dress, tshirt is always put in the same spot, you're in! You're basically two weeks away from having a designated drawer.

10. Doesn't freak out when you leave a toothbrush.
I once accidentally left my toothbrush on a guy's sink one morning when getting ready, to which his reply was, "you're forgetting this." We're not on speaking terms anymore.

11. You no longer worry about how you look in the morning.
Gone are the days of waking up before each other to brush your hair and teeth. Love me in my frizzy glory or get out!

12. Their doorman starts to know you.
Once the security guard let's you in no questions asked, you know it's getting serious.

13. Follow along with your work/friend drama.
Do they know any of the people who you're referring to? Probably not. But that won't stop them from asking how they are and if anything has happened since you last mentioned it.

14. You both delete your dating apps.
Things like Tinder and OkCupid mean you're still open to the possibility of finding someone, so deleting the apps can be a pretty big step.

15. They know your favorite item on the menu.
If you can go to a number of restaurants and not have to tell them what you want, hold onto them and never let them go!

16. Care for your pet without being asked.
Pets in your twenties are like kids in your thirties. Your phone is full of photos of them and you cant stop talking about what they did. If your partner makes the initiative to feed them or pull out their favorite toy, then you know they wouldn't mind sharing the responsibility of caring for them as much as you do.

17. You each have a designated side of the bed.
Sure, his bed is his bed, but if he knows you prefer the right as well as the more firm pillow, you're more than just casually seeing each other.

18. Watches a show only you love.
My ex boyfriend couldn't be paid enough money to sit down and watch the Real Housewives with me. This new guy I'm seeing hasn't missed an episode. So yeah, you can say things are getting pretty serious.

19. You can double text and not be called a stalker.
Call me crazy but if you feel smothered because I'm blowing up your phone with two whole texts, that's a sign that I need to get the hell away from you.

20. Isn't embarrassed by your social media habits.
Anyone who isn't embarrassed by you standing up to photograph your food or using the puppy filter in public is someone who plans to stick by your side through all your weird habits that make being in public with you sometimes kind of hard.

So tell me, what's something you look out for to know if your relationship is getting serious?

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  1. Only a few months in and this explains my relationship perfectly! I love it.