January Goals: Jumping into the Deep End

I'm not sure about you, but December at my house was a whirlwind of emotions. The month started off very motivating with my new planner to help me look forward to every new day. Then somewhere in the middle I fell into a panic about making a decision about my job offers, only to be followed by the feelings that pop up every year around the holidays.

Once in a while on this blog I mention the struggles that come my version of having it all, including not having much of anyone to spend the holidays with. This past Christmas I had the option to spend Christmas with a family I've gotten to know, but for the first time in years I passed on the invitation, wanting to reclaim the belief that I can be whole and happy on my own.

Well, all that free time led to a lot of stress cleaning, which leads to overanalyzing. But here's the thing, I kinda accomplished a lot in December, including a lot of my December goals. Instead of going through them one by one, I'm gonna pick my favorites (and not so favorites) to recap how I did before I jump into my January goals.

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December Goals: So how did I do?

Publish one personal post > Success
I may have left it to the last possible moment but I did it, and that's what counts, right? My last post for 2016 was a year in review style post, where I used my favorite form of social media to recap the most memorable moments of the year.

Host holiday event for org members > Success
Midway through the month I posted that I would be in the city during the holidays, opening up my home to anyone tho found themselves in a similar situation. The night before Christmas I got a message from a new member who shared she too was alone over the holidays, and with that info we decided to spend the day together. We ate way too much sugar, binge watched The OA in one sitting, and for a few hours forgot the fact our family was thousands of miles away.

Promote top performing posts > Fail
Okay, so technically I didn't knock this one out of the park, but I finally realized why this is so hard for me. My name is Rubi, and I hate Twitter. I find it boring, useless, and having to open the app on a daily basis pains me, which is why I often just rather not share my posts at all. So guess what, I quit. Instead of quitting on my goals because I don't like sharing my thoughts in 140 characters or less, I've decided to let my account go and focus on forms of social media that I genuinely enjoy.

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January Goals: Jumping into the Deep End

Blog Related Goals

Create and stick to my editorial calendar

I'm really good at filling a calendar with post ideas, it's getting those posts edited and scheduled where I could use some help. With my new planner by my side and this month already outlined, I'm hoping going to work my butt off to make sure to not slack on my content.

Share my blog IRL

A few years ago I used to promote my articles all over my personal social media profiles, nowadays most of my friends don't even know I write. I plan to change this because 1)I work too hard to not flaunt what I love to do and 2)anyone who doesn't support you doesn't need to be in your life, or mine.

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Everyday Life Goals

Complete decluttering project

The last two weeks of December were spent sorting through everything I own, which meant a lot of trips to the disposal room. What's left is either in its place or in bags ready to sell or donate, so I'm going to push myself to get it all out before the end of the month.

Attempt a pilates challenge

During my Christmas break boredom I started doing pilates, and oh my god it sucked! It sucked in the way that feels fine in the moment, maybe even a bit boring, but you wake up the next day and it hurts to bend over. So if a simple workout like that can kick my butt, I think it's worth trying some more.

What are your goals for the month of January, or 2016 in general? Also, if you know of any online pilates classes, please share them with me!

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