December Goals + Ending the Year Strong

What I'm about to say is going to sound completely ridiculous but it's the truth, I swear. I bought one of those Happy Planners over Thanksgiving weekend and I have never been so motivated. It's basically already the new year in my apartment, or at least that's the level of motivation I'm feeling.

Something about having an excuse to use stickers and color code the shit I usually like to ignore has me pumped for the month of December, so I'm going to hold onto this feeling for as long as I can.

During the month of November I set goals, both blog related and personal, to keep me accountable for the things I wanted to get done. Being that I'm writing this post on November 28th, I technically still have three more days to wrap up anything I left unfinished. Below is a quick recap on how I did on my November goals, plus my realistic goals for the month of December.

November Goals: So how did I do?

Increase page view by 2,000 > Success
Not only did I increase my page views by over 2,000, I actually met my yearly page view goal! This one I want to scream from the rooftops because I would have never predicted this could happen after a five month hiatus. 

Write more about me > Fail
So I didn't technically publish any personal posts, life got in the way a bit, but I did write some pieces that I'm excited to publish in the new year.

Update my popular posts page > Success
When I started drafting this post I realized this had fallen to the back of my mind, but thankfully I created a new one just in time. Click here to see the updated popular posts page.

Go on a hike > Success
Mission accomplished. After the election that left the country in shock, a few girls and I unplugged for a few hours and hiked through Rock Creek Park.

Sort through my closet > Success
This took days but I'm so glad I took the time to do it. My next project will be to sell anything of value and donate the rest to a local charity.

Plan at least one meet up per week > Success
Even though I wasn't able to see the girls every week, I made sure to plan enough meet ups for the month of November. December is currently packed with events to help with the feelings of not being around friends and family during the holidays .

December Goals: Ending the Year Strong

Blog Related Goals

Increase page views by 15%

December has always been a great month for my stats, with my gift guides for every type of guy and boyfriend's parents pulling in views with no effort. With a few more similar posts coming out soon, I'm hoping to make this my most successful month this quarter.

Publish one personal post

Last month was a fail, so I'm setting a more realistic goal of one personal post. Gonna pencil this is all over my new planner to make sure I don't forget or avoid it.

Promote my top performing posts

Gotta get those page views somehow, so I'm thinking of ramping up my pins and possibly creating a Facebook ad for my gift guide on what to buy your boyfriend's parents.

Everyday Life Goals

Use Happy Planner entire month

Research shows it takes 21 days to learn a new habit, so what better month to train myself to be more organized than December? I spent a good chunk of money on my Happy Planner, so I'm going to pray to all the deities that I don't toss it in my junk drawer by February.

Start thinking about resolutions for 2017

Resolutions have been a big deal to me since 2012. It was that year that I believe I truly set up my life to be what it is today. Because I care so much about yearly goals, I like to plan them early, which is why I wanna have my resolutions written down before New Years Eve.

Host event for members who cant go home for the holidays

I mentioned last month how a run a group for twenty somethings in the city, mainly girls new to the area who are looking to build a social support system. With so many people leaving the area for the holidays, I cant think of a better time to host a low key event to combat the lonely feelings that come with being in the city during the holidays.

So how about you, do you have any goals for the month of December? If so, leave a comment below with one of your goals or better yet, share you secrets on where to buy all those amazing planner stickers I've seen all over Instagram!

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