20 Holiday Date Ideas Your Boyfriend Will Love

The holidays can be the most exciting time of the year, with everyone getting together to celebrate and almost everything around us being worthy of an Instagram shot. Even though the temperature is getting colder, there's no reason why date night needs to turn into sweatpants and Netflix, at least not every weekend.

Whether you wanna go enjoy the new season or stay inside and out of the cold, there's plenty of things to do with your significant other than won't empty what's left in your bank account after the holidays. With ideas to get you to celebrate Christmas together and the weeks after, you're bound to find one idea the both of you can agree on.

Or if you're like me and spend way too much time trying to make a decision, have one of you choose a random number out of twenty and commit to that date idea.

1. Watch winter sports

I feel really dumb for saying this but I had no idea so many teams were active in the winter. If you have the money, and desire, try attending a football or hockey game in person. Otherwise you can go my route and find the sports bar with the best food in your city.

2. Go ice skating

Definitely not the best first date idea, unless you're an amazing skater, but long term couples will definitely have fun watching each other fall on the ice. 

3. Throw a holiday party

Holiday parties don't have to be all about family and home cooked food. Invite over all your closest friends and have everyone bring with them food from their favorite take out restaurant. 

4. Build a snowman

Sure this could be done in fifteen minutes, but I was thinking of a more intricate snowman building competition. Or at least who could make their snowman the largest until their hands freeze over. 

5. Attend a winter festival

Not sure why all the winter festivals seem to end when Christmas does, but take advantage of the holiday market season while you can!

6. Visit a museum

If you rather stay out of the cold, I recommend visiting a nearby museum. With so many having cafes inside them, you can turn it into lunch as well. 

7. Attend a play

As much as I love watching people act with a bowl of popcorn on my lap, how often do you get the chance to dress up and see people do it live? Find an option in your city and make a night of it. 

8. Check out the Christmas lights

If your city doesn't have a holiday light festival you can opt to drive around and spot the best decorated homes in your city. Grab some coffee and snacks, turn up the music and enjoy driving around like a creep staring at people's homes. 

9. Host a game night

The holidays don't have to be all about family, but it can be hard to get everyone together around this time of year. Invite over a few other couples or friends for a night in.

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10. Build a gingerbread house

This technically doesn't have to be a competition, but wouldn't it be so much more fun if it was? Stores sell kits ready to build, but if you wanna go the extra mile you can attempt baking the gingerbread house walls yourself. 

11. Watch all Oscar nominated movies

If your significant other is anything into films like mine, spending a night (or weekend) watching all the Oscar nominated films is a fun way to pass the time and have a few arguments over who deserves each award most. 

12. Take a holiday photo

Who says holiday photos are only for families? Grab your significant other and whatever pets you have and take the cheesiest photo you can. Since you probably won't be mailing it out, you can at least post it on Instagram for all your friends.

13. Decorate for the holidays together

Not sure about you, but I live for holiday decorating. My closet was stuffed with decor before Thanksgiving had passed this year, which is why I needed a little extra help to put it all together. If you have a patient boyfriend, enlist him to help you with the promise of drinks/food at the end of it all.

14. Christmas movie marathon

Everyone out there has a favorite Christmas movie, so if you're in a new relationship, spend a night watching each other's favorites. It's a cheap and easy date to keep you out of the cold and help you get to know one another better. 

15. Cheesy Christmas movie marathon

If you want a real challenge for your night in, try finding the most cringe worthy holiday movie on Netflix to watch. With so many made for TV movies on Netflix, you're guaranteed to find something to make you laugh all the way through. 

16. Bake together

Now that summer is over you're free to eat all the dessert you like. Find a recipe you both love on Pinterest and attempt to make it together. You can take your baked treats with you Christmas lights hunting or to eat while you watch your movie marathon. 

17. Attend a holiday bar crawl

To get you out of the house, try searching Groupon or Facebook events for local bar crawls in your city. It's an easy way to not spend too much yet visit a bunch of new places. 

18. Paint and sip night

Believe it or not, boys are kind of into paint nights. Every date I've ever taken painting has become totally engrossed in the activity, so while getting them there may be a struggle, chances are they'll love it once they get started.

19. DIY some ornaments

If your significant other isn't anti-crafts, you can take a trip to the craft store to find some supplies to make ornaments with. 

20. Go to breakfast

When you think of a date what comes to mind? Usually dinner, right? Go the opposite route and get together for breakfast, it's much less expensive and a fun twist on your usual date plans.

What's your favorite date idea to go on during the holiday season? Comment below along with any terrible Christmas movies I should add to my list!

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