November Goals + Why I'm Setting Them

The beginning of my 2016 was nothing I could have predicted a year prior. If you had told me I would be single, spend months channeling all my energy into my blog only to become completely overwhelmed with everything and disappear I would have believed you. Only because my life has a way of totally giving me the middle finger when things are going well.

See, in early 2016, I was making serious strides towards growing my blog. I wasn't thinking of monetizing or even the next step, my only goal was growing my little slice of the internet into a place where other confused twenty somethings could find some advice, laugh at my mistakes and generally distract themselves from whatever boring tab they had open next to mine.

But shit got messy ya'll. I was fresh out of a relationship, dating a genius who fascinating yet intimidating, my graduate program was getting more difficult and I just couldn't cope with a bunch of my friends deciding to move out of the area. So I gave up. Which is ironic, since my word of the year was perseverance.

Except, I never fully give up on anything. You can ask the dozens of drafts I have sitting unpublished on my computer. Do I ever plan on posting the stuff I wrote in that bad state? Probably not, but part of me knew I'd come back eventually, so I didn't want to lose the talent I stumbled upon a few years ago when I was also at home alone with nothing to do.

Yes, I bailed on my own goal and yes, I've lost a lot of my progress, but my passion for blogging never went away. It took the backseat, but nowhere in those few months did I stop writing. So I'm introducing to my blog monthly goals. A lot of bloggers do these so I get they're kinda boring to read, but these are more for me than anyone else. The embarrassing stories and tips on how to get the job? Those are for you! But these goals are to help me put myself in check when I find myself getting lazy or discouraged again.

Blog Related Goals

Increase my page views by 2,000.

There was a time when I was getting close to 15,000 page views a month, which is substantial when you factor in how unstable my posting schedule is and the very little promotion I do.  I know I can get there again, so this month I want to push myself to hit at least 2,000 more than what I get without any effort on my part.

Write more about me

Sometimes I laugh at how little I focus on myself even though my site is called When Life Gives You Rubi. It's not that I'm embarrassed or anything, I just began writing for websites that taught me to always have something to offer the reader, not just throw some anecdote on the page and call it a day. But this is my space, so I plan to get a little more personal in the coming month.

Update my popular posts page. 

The last time I updated this page far back that I cant even remember. Turns out my readers have some new favorites as of late, so I think it's time to change my recommendations to new visitors to the site.

Everyday Life Goals

Go on a hike. 

Okay so very few people know this about me, but I freaking love hikes. Big long ones where I feel like I may not make it back to the car? No. But the type where you can stop for picture and snacks and don't need to pack your inhaler? Heck yes! Before fall is over I really want to enjoy the season one last time.

Sort through my closet. 

Every morning when I get dressed I feel like I have nothing to wear, even though I have a closet full of clothes. The problem is all the clothes I have either don't fit comfortably anymore or I just plain don't like them. Poshmark is this thing I keep hearing about so I really want to purge my closet of all things I no longer need or want.

Plan at least one meet up per week. 

Early this year I realized I had zero close friends in the city. No exaggeration! For this reason I started a meet up group in my city, and since then it's really grown. While I'm active on the site I don't always host events regularly, so I really want to change that this month to encourage more girls to come out and meet new people.

Do you have any goals for November? Or better yet, how are your yearly goals coming along? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Welcome back! This year has been difficult for me too, and I too often found it hard to blog in those times, so I can totally understand you. But it's great that you're feeling better and are setting goals (which are all awesome). My yearly goals are not going so well, most of them are only half done with and there's just one month to go, so it's unlikely that I'll finsih them, but I think that's ok because I made a lot of unexpected experiences and developments this year which were just as important. I think that even if life isn't going the way we planned, it doesn't mean that we're not on the right track. Stay strong! <3