How to Get All As on Your Winter Finals

With two years out of college, I'm starting to forget the stress that comes with having four exams all in one week. Thankfully Facebook time hop likes to remind me of all the whiny posts I use to write back before I knew how much trickier adulthood would turn out to be.

If you're struggling to balance all your exams, or just have one that you're convinced you can't pass, take some time to set yourself up for success. Winter finals were always my least favorite, with the possibility of a bad grade hanging over my head until grades were finally released.

Since you're probably low on time and looking for a simple way to ensure you don't forget to review chapter, below are five tips to help you get an A on every single exam you take this winter semester. If you have a little more time to review or need help with studying in the last few days, read my post on the 10 most effective ways to help you study last minute.

1. Use the time in between class to study

To spare yourself those late night study sessions, use the time between your classes to study for your exams. A few thirty to sixty minute intervals throughout the week can add up to an entire night of studying, so take advantage of this time while you're on campus anyways.

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2. Schedule time to take breaks

The hardest part of studying for me was never knowing what it was gonna be over, which is why scheduling breaks was crucial for me. Setting a timer to notify you when to stop and step away from your notes will help you feel less tempted to just quit because you're bored. I recommend a timer on your computer, to lessen the need to grab your phone to check the remaining time.

3. Collaborate with students in class

Working with classmates not only gives you a network of people to ask for help, but also another set of notes and study guides to look at. Find a few people you know in class or send out an email letting people know you're looking to form a study group, you'd be surprised how many people are interested in working together around finals week.

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4. Have a reward to work towards

Nothing is more motivating that treating yourself to something at the end of it all, which is why gifting yourself something is a great way to keep your motivation up throughout finals. Choose an A grade and B grade gift, and stick to this! Once grades are released, you can both celebrate and purchase whatever you promised yourself.

5. Focus your energy on the hardest exams

Not everyone might agree with this, but not all finals are of equal importance. Figure out what classes you are doing well in and which are relying on a good final exam score to boost your overall grade. My advice is to spend more time studying for exams that are in class or cumulative, or worse, both.

If you need more help on finals or college overall, click here for all college related articles. Good luck on finals, and remember, GPAs do not define your college experience!

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