February Goals: Do I Get Points for Not Bailing Yet?

How is January already over? Seriously though, does anyone else feel like that month just flew by? I don't know about you, but January was a pretty great month for me, hopefully you're feeling the same way. Since the start of making monthly goals I've been consistently crushing them, well most of them, which is way better than I was doing before.

With February being the shortest month, and chock full of events, I'm going to reel myself in and attempt to set more realistic goals. Like always, I'm gonna quickly recap my January goals, but if you rather skip through to the new goals just keep on scrolling down.

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January Goals: So how did I do?

Create and stick to editorial calendar > Success
Did it, nailed it, couldn't have been any better. Okay it could have, but I'm gonna focus on the positive for the moment.

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Share my blog IRL > Success
Not only did I finally mention it to my friends, I stopped being a wuss and started talking about it on my Instagram account. You can follow me @whenlifegivesyourubi for long rambling Insta stories that I swear will make you laugh at least once.

Complete decluttering project > Fail
Failed at this one epically, mainly because I was hardly home this month. I'm not even going to pretend like I'll have time for this this month.

Attempt a pilates challenge > Fail
Nope, didn't happen. For two weeks I was killing it, then all the bouncing around from work to home to school made me want to do nothing more than eat cookies and watch the news.

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February Goals: Do I Get Points for Not Bailing Yet?

Blog Goals

Send out newsletter regularly

I've found I really enjoy writing my newsletter, what I don't love as much is formatting it every week. By the end of the month I'd like to create a template I can stick with for a while, so that each week I can focus on the content solely.

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Try out Boardbooster

Before newsletters were all the rage, Boardbooster and Tailwind were all anyone would talk about. If you're not a blogger you probably have no idea what these are, but basically they're programs that repin your posts automatically to Pinterest. They're major time savers that do your promotion for you.

Schedule social media posts all at once

I'm terrible at this, TERRIBLE. I try to stay on top of things but life gets in the way and I get lazy. Since my content is usually done a week ahead of time, why not schedule my social media at that same rate? I'm going to try it, wish me luck!

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Everyday Goals

Host one event per week

With receiving at least two applications per day to join my group, I made the decision to extend the maximum group size and also charge an annual membership to help to fund the group. In an effort to give everyone a chance to meet one another before paying their dues, I'd like to host one event per week. With school and work this is going to be incredibly hard, especially since my social life on weeknights is nonexistent.

Think before I spend

Not gonna lie, I'm pretty proud of my spending habits in January. I can't think of one thing I bought at Target that I didn't absolutely need. Okay I take that back, but no spending on stuff that has no real use. I'd like to have a no spend February as much as possible, meaning no random Valentine's Day junk, succulents or other knick knacks that only empty my bank account.

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Develop a routine

My pilates challenge didn't last long because I just couldn't get into the habit of it. I was exercising at different times every day, and usually in different places. I've always thought my life would be easier if I could put my stuff away when I got home, stop snacking after 10pm, and hang my keys in one damn place. I'm really gonna try this month guys, at least with the keys thing.

So tell me, do you have any February goals? Or are you focusing on your overall yearly goals? Share one win or fail in the comments below!

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