13 Roommates You'll Have in College (& Early Twenties)

One of the biggest transitions in college is having to share your space with another person, who isn’t family, and who most likely you’ve never met. In my case, I left home to start my new life in a dorm in a small room with two girls named Jessica, both of whom I luckily fell in love with as time passed.

Not everyone is that lucky though, actually, my neighbor to the left was far less lucky. She spent the entire first half of her freshmen year attempting to be reassigned, which unfortunately never happened. Over the course of my college years I had a total of…wait let me count…19 different roommates. That number seems crazy but trust me, if you move around as much as I did the names and addresses will start to blend.

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If you’re unsure of the type of roommate you might get paired with or even which category you fall into, read on to see the 13 roommates you’ll probably have in college, and just maybe in your early twenties. Cause who said roommates have to end at graduation?

1. The Compulsive Snoozer

The one who sets an alarm 40 minutes before she knows she’ll actually wake up.

2. The Chronic Napper

Come home from class and there’s a 60% chance you’ll find her asleep.

3. Thing 1

Her boyfriend is always there, unless she’s not because of course he’s with her. They may or may not have matching sneakers, sweatshirts and/or give each other shout outs on Instagram. You're 50% annoyed, 50% jealous.

4. Sticky Fingers

Hide yo fries, hide yo nuggets and hide yo ketchup, cause this person will “accidentally” think whatever she ate was hers. She's a liar, feel free to attack this person, but not too much because you'll eventually run out of food too.

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5. Shamu

Don't ever enter the restroom after this person has been inside, good chance they splashed water everywhere while washing their face and/or taking a shower. How does anyone get water on the walls?!

6. Your Second Mom

No, she’s not helpful in the wash-your-clothes-cook-your-food kind of way, instead she likes to knock once she’s already entered the room and doesn't understand the concept that you actually like to sleep in. Go away, and close my door!

7. The Brave Soul

The one who kills the spiders, checks for murderers in the backyard and probably hid weapons all throughout the house your first week there.

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8. The Common Enemy

Whether they pee on the toilet seat, never clean yet complain about a mess, or play their music loud enough for the walls to vibrate, your hate for them will only bring the rest of you closer.

9. The Talker

They've already started reciting a play by play of their day before they even had two legs through the door. This I'm totally guilty of.

10. The Hibernator

They claim to have sleeping problems when in reality they stay on Facebook until 4 am, only to sleep past noon everyday and wake up complaining about their sleeping problems. You still love them though.

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11. The Trainer

Constantly chirping in your ear about trans fats, invites to go for a run, followed by zumba class and then stop for some oddly green drink.

12. The Ghost

They go home every weekend and even if they do stay, they are never really around. You love and hate the situation, sure you get lonely but at least you have the whole place to yourself!

13. Your New BFF

You love the same shows, share a mutual hate for a certain type of food, and your napping schedules have become synchronized.

Do you have any roommate horror stories? How about successes? Tell me all about your favorite or worst in the comments below!

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  1. 19 roommates?? Wow, that’s crazy and sounds absolutely exhausting! This is such a true list, and I admit to being guilty of a few of these over the years. Here I am at 26, thinking I’d never have another roommate (except my boyfriend) but surprise! We’re living with his two brothers for a while and it’s so strange adjusting to roommates again (who are boys… and we all share one bathroom. Need I say more?)

    Lexi of Lex Be Livin’

  2. I haven't had any roommates but I am 110% the compulsive snoozer. #oops

  3. I thought I had a lot of roommates with 5! Though it's 8 if you account apartment-mates. I have my fair share of horror stories!