6 Things to Do on the First Day of Your New Job

First days of work are hard. Don't believe me? You must not have read my last post on how I cried in my office, twice. You can read all about that embarrassing moment here.

As someone who likes to prepare for every possible situation, first days of work are a mix of anxiety and excitement, with a whole lot of caffeine added throughout the day. If you're starting a new job soon or just moving to a different department, it's important your first impression be the best represenation of you.

In my last poisiton it was my job to get new staff memmbers acquainted with the office, as well as answer any questions they had about everything from copy machines to lunch recommendations. I'll admit that seasoned staff members have a lot to say about new people, and it's not always kind. Make sure you put your best you forward by makng your first day in the office a productive one, here's how.

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Introduce yourself to everyone

I know, I know, having to get to know a whole new office of people sucks, but it's so important you get this out of the way on day one. The reason you want to do this on your firsty day is because people are most receptive to talking to and helping you when you're new, so use your inexperience as an advantage. Plus, people are most likely talking about there being a new person anyways, so make sure you make yourself known with a good impression.

Don't pack a lunch

Before my first office job I had no idea that it's typical for someone from the company to take you out to lunch on your first day. Besides making a friend in the office, going to lunch with a coworker is a great way to ask questions one on one with someone who isn't your boss, and learn a little more about what's both inside and outside the office.

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Take an office tour

As someone who used to give office tours, I know firsthand how beneficial they are to those who accept them. Avoid the stress of not knowing which printer to select of where the supplies are kept two weeks into your new job. Plus, on most office tours you're introduced to people who you might otherwise not meet, which is another great way to make sure you meet most everyone.

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Dress for an interview

Figuring out what to wear can be hard, especially if you don't have much experience dressing for a office environment. My best advice is to dress as professionally as you did when being interviewed. Once a week has passed, you can either replicate the style of your coworkers or ask any questions to any friends you've made in the office.

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Arrive early

Most likely your first day in the office will be full of orientations and training, which is why it's important to arrive early rather than just on time. Leave some wiggle room in your commute for traffic or getting lost, especially in those first days where you're doing more than just your normal work. If something does arrive that will make you late, don't hesitate to call the office or send an email to notify your supervisor.

Take notes

Eventually your new coworkers will stop thinking of you as the new person, meaning they'll expect you to know basic office tasks and practices. Taking notes not only prevents you from remembering vital information, it also shows everyone how prepared you are on day one. Don't be shy about pausing to make a note, it will benefit you in the long run.

So tell me, what's thing you always do on the first day of work? In my case, I always wear black, it's a no fail wardrobe decision. 

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  1. These are great tips! As a supervisor, I love when new staff doing these things when they start!