What Am I Doing With My Life? 2.28.14 + The Last Thing You Did Tag

What Am I Doing With My Life? is a weekly segment where I recap all the things I spent my week reading, watching and listening to. Think of it as a weekly link roundup but better, because it has a much more adorable name... 

These past two weeks have been a stream of cover letters, interviews, catching up on overdue assignments and crying over the fact that Geek Squad still has my laptop. Blogging, doing my homework and getting anything productive done is so much more tiring when you have a dinosaur for a laptop. Since my focus has been on school and trying to find internships before I move to Washington DC in less than a month, there aren't too many links for me to share this week. 

Once I have my laptop again, I'll be back to wasting time on the internet without feeling like I want to pull out all my hair because my browser keeps crashing. Fingers crossed my laptop arrives early next week!

What you might have missed while you were out having a life:
  • Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake teaching us about the history of rap has to be one of the highlights of my week. 
  • The Little Mermaid will forever and always be my favorite of the original six Disney princesses. There's something special about a sixteen year old being brave enough to leave everything she knows behind, plus this all kitten reenactment of the film helps me love it even more. 
  • Speaking of Disney princesses, watch the queen let them know that they don't need a man in this sing along featuring all of your favorite princesses. 
  • Okay this one isn't a video, which was the theme I was going for, but it was too good to not share. Here's something for all the Walking Dead fans out there.
  • From Thought Catalog, one of the best pieces I've read on the site in a long time, "How To Fall In Love With Someone Who's Been There All Along." 
What I spent my week doing:
  • Last week I traveled home to visit my mom for a few days. You can read all about it here
  • For National Eating Disorder Awareness Week I wrote from the perspective of a size zero, explaining how being a size zero doesn't guarantee we are confident with ourselves. 
  • Read this piece to learn about the secret companies like Yogurtland and Subway are keeping from their customers. Prepare to feel very betrayed...
  • Looking for and applying to internships have been a part of my daily routine. If you need a website to find internships with, try Idealist! They update hourly and list internship, work and volunteer opportunities in your area. 
  • Over on Buzzfeed I took a quiz to find out what Boy Meets World character I am. According to the quiz I'm Angela. Do you ever just take a quiz and feel like, "YES, this describes me completely. How did they know?!" Because basically that's what happened when I read my results, "You’ve always chased your dreams and let nothing get in the way. Having a job that lets you travel is the most ideal situation for you, but don’t forget about the people you leave behind."
  • Lastly, today was the last day to take part in my February photo challenge. Check in with tomorrow's Instagram post to see who won the prize!
Plus, this past week Cathy from Hello Cathy invited me to take part in "The Last Thing You Did Tag." I figured why not so here are my hopefully short answers to the questions....

1. Who did you last talk to?
My friend Aaron whom I've known since 4th or 5th grade. Pretty much the only person who calls me besides me mother, but only when he has a missed call from me. Tears.

2. What was the last outfit you wore?
A skater skirt, white v-neck and my favorite utility jacket. I'm not sure why anyone would care about this, I only wore the skirt because I wasn't going to waste having my legs recently shaved.

3. What was the last thing you ate?
Ore Ida Golden Crinkle french fries. Literally the best at home fries you’ll ever taste. Try them!

4. What was the last thing you drank?
A Fruit Punch flavored Powerade that I had leftover from my road trip back to Southern California. I've discovered that if I leave my drinks next to my open window, they stay both cold and within arms reach. Lazy people problems realizations.

5. What was the last sport you played?
I'm not about that life. But I did run a 5K this month, does that count?

6. Who did you last e-mail?
A nonprofit organization that I'm hoping to get an interview with. (Follow up, got the interview. And I rocked it!)

7. Which one of your friends did you talk to last (if they have a blog, put a link)?
Again, Aaron. I swear I have friends besides him, for some reason he's just the person I just like to tell all my relevant and irrelevant news to lately. I tried putting off this post until someone new called/text me but that wasn’t going to happen. Our Snapchat conversations are embarrassingly only ever about boobs, pizza, me possibly moving to Seattle and our shared love for Netflix.

8. What was the last thing you watched on TV?
The last thing I saw on an actual television was last week’s The Walking Dead. But I constantly stream Law and Order SVU. I literally watch Benson and Stabler solve crimes while I cook, get ready for my day, do homework and sometimes even while I pee sometimes. Sorry not sorry.

9. What was the last blog you checked?
I kind of compulsively check Vodka and Soda. I just love the way she writes, it's my go to blog when I'm in need of a pick me up. Definitely check it out after this!!

10. What was the last game you played?
I don't really play games, online or on my phone. But I did play Cards Against Humanity on Valentine’s Day, so never mind, that was the last game I played.

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