PS I'm Blogging About This: I Thought I Was A Preferred Customer!?!

PS I'm Writing About This is a column that will highlight some of the colorful conversations I have with friends, strangers and inanimate objects in my daily life...

I spend a lot of time at Yogurtland. So much time that I have a rewards card which within two months reached Raspberry Tier. Meaning I eat a lot of frozen yogurt. Because of my rewards card membership and the fact that Yogurtland follows me on both Instagram and Twitter, I thought we had a connection. In the very least I thought I was a preferred customer, the kind that receives coupons for free froyo every once in a while. I was living a lie, because one short week ago my thoughts on my relationship with Yogurtland were forever changed.

Last week I ditched school and everything I had planned for the week to run home and visit my mom. To read more about why I took the impromptu break from school you can click here. Once my mom was out of the hospital and feeling a bit better, we went out to see if we could figure out why my brand new laptop wasn't turning on. After receiving the bad news from Geek Squad we decided to stop for lunch.

With my mom not allowed to eat much of anything, we decided on Subway since it's one of the few places that serves relatively "healthy" food. While my mom told the sandwich artist her complicated order, I made my way to the register and let the cashier know it would be a dine in order. My mom quickly snapped at me to say it was "to go," which annoyed me because 1) I wanted to eat it there and 2) what was she talking about, we both knew we were going to eat in the patio area. I repeated my request to dine in and again my mom corrected me by saying it was for carry out. Too frustrated to deal with this back and forth I asked why she was being so weird, and that's when she told me the horrible news.

Companies like Subway and Yogurtland charge you more if you choose the dine in option. BOOM.

Me not believing a word my mom was saying immediately started interrogating the high school aged boy behind the register, demanding to know if he was going to charge me more to eat there. He admitted yes and had no real answer as to why, not finding my joke about whether they were charging me to sit in their overly air conditioned restaurant funny. I finally stopped attacking the cashier because I knew it wasn't his fault, took my overpriced sandwich and said to my mom, "I am blogging about this, TONIGHT!"

Once I got home my rage had subsided and I decided to do some research on my cellphone. Remember how I had to leave my laptop with Geek Squad? Turns out she was right! I don't know where my mom managed to find this information but she wasn't lying, restaurants like Yogurtland , Subway and basically all fast food chains are charging us an "eat in tax."

Days later I still don't get it. It's not like I make a mess, I'm not too loud, and I do my best to not use too many napkins. I thought I was a preferred customer?! Maybe I'm overreacting, or maybe I just don't appreciate being lied to. While I obviously refuse to stop eating frozen yogurt and an occasional burger, I do refuse to pay some ridiculous tax that no one's ever even mentioned to me. Why wasn't this law written in my history books?! From now on let's make our orders to go, then sit down and enjoy our meals in their too-air-conditioned-restaurants anyways!


  1. that's total BULLSHIT. they also do something in italy. if you have a coffee on the piazza, the price of that coffee is tripled. if you just sit inside or take it to go, it's like 1 euro. ridiculous!!!!

    1. I hated eating in Italy period. Before I was even sitting down they were already asking for my order, like they couldnt wait for me to get up and leave or something!