Celebrate National Frozen Yogurt Day (For Free!)

Up until last July I was living under a rock. I was existing in a world where I had never visited a frozen yogurt restaurant, I literally didn't know what I was missing. Because of my lack of love for traditional yogurt I never bothered to give frozen yogurt a chance and now I live with regret that all that time passed.

Maybe this is a bit dramatic, but I really didn't taste frozen yogurt until fall of last year. But when I did, I developed an addiction that all my friends are well aware of. An addiction that is evident through all the froyo Instagram posts. Don't believe me? Here's my proof.

Just of the few of the many froyo Instagram posts.
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Like any true fan I liked the Yogurtland page on Facebook, probably in an attempt to receive even more rewards points. This weekend while being a bum on my laptop I saw that this Monday is National Frozen Yogurt Day, and to celebrate, Yogurtland is giving away SIX FREE OUNCES to anyone that pops in with a printed coupon.

All you have to do is visit their Facebook page and click on their free yogurt offer. You'll get an email with the free froyo voucher and voila, you get to celebrate one of this nation's best holidays for free!!

Click here for more details about the challenge
Besides the free frozen yogurt offer I should probably mention the February photo a day challenge I'm in charge of. Myself along with Areeba from I Have A Messy Bun, (literally the sweetest blogger I've met), Dylan from Sartorial Spice, Her Campus Montclair and Her Campus UC Riverside are hosting a February photo challenge where one lucky person will win a $20 gift card just for Instagraming! Pretty sweet, huh?

You can read more about the challenge here and click here to be taken Yogurtland's free froyo offer.


  1. I love frozen yogurt! Didn't know they dedicated an entire month to it!

    Please check out my blog!

    1. Yeah I didn't know either, but I was beyond excited to hear it existed lol.
      I checked out your blog and followed on Bloglovin, thanks for stopping by :)

  2. LOL this is literally me from like freshman year of college. My friends basically forced me into buying frozen yogurt and my entire world changed.

    1. True friendship is bullying your friends into trying the foods you like and watching the shows you love lol