What Am I Doing With My Life? 1.31.14

What Am I Doing With My Life? is a weekly segment where I recap all the things I spent my week reading, watching and listening to. Think of it as a weekly link roundup but better, because it has a much more adorable name... 

What you might have missed while you were out having a life:
  • The third season of American Horror Story has finally ended, and I'm not sure how I feel about what went down. Relive the best moments in gif form here
  • Thanks to my friend Aaron I've developed an addiction to Snapchat. I'm a few months late to the fun though which leaves me with one friend to snap until 2 am or until he falls asleep, whichever comes first. This girl's Snapchats make me want to cancel my cell phone service and just give up on life. Or snapchatting
  • Apparently this is the mating dance of the Chilean flamingos. Do you think if I try it on campus I'll nab a valentine?
  • Watch these guys try to guess bra prices and other everyday things women buy.  

What I spent my week doing:
  • Over on Her Campus I wrote about the photo a day challenge I'm in charge of. A twenty dollar gift card is the prize for the winning Instagram photo.
  • I wrote an article for Life at UCR (my school's admissions blog). It's a day in the life of a typical college student at UCR, me of course!
My finished outfit for this weekend's Hippie Run!


  1. This idea of weekly segments is great!! Loving the flower crown of your outfit!

    Thanks for sending your link at the social bloggers chat!

    Anna Czarina

    1. Thanks for stopping by! And as embarrassing as it is, I think we mostly did the run just so we could have fun making the crowns lol. We're not very athletic...AT ALL

  2. I laughed so hard at the video! I'm totally putting that in my next post!

    1. So did I when I first saw it! I'm definitely thinking about doing something similar like it for an article, just to see how clueless some of them are lol.
      Thanks for stopping by :)